Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger's planned trip to Israel

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2dawall wrote:
Does the pact actually force the provinical NDP to label any criticism of Israel as 'anti-semitic?'

When an Israeli diplomat, Ilan Baruch, retiring early in disgust with his own government, ridicules this view - a view that is shared by the NDP, Liberal and Conservatives alike I might add - as simplistic, provincial and artificial and thereby takes a view on the left of all three political parties ... then we know that those political parties are completely out of touch with reality on this issue. They are all aping the pro-colonial, pro-imperialist position.

The only point in the NDPs favour here is that they are as stupid and evil and the Liberals and Conservatives on this issue. Here is yet another proof of the worthless "choice" that voters are often given. They're all bad.

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