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Hipster Science

kzelnio: I keep my pipettes in organic wool hand-woven napsacks made by local free range shepherds in Big Sur #hipsterscience

kzelnio: I was into the coalescent before it went mainstream #hipsterphylogenetics

upulie: I don’t publish on the “major journal” labels, I only tweet my work #hipsterscience

I don't buy into "big agarose"


Papal Bull

Too many followers. Sell out.

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How did you check the feed, PB? Surely you didn't visit Twitter? #faddict

Personally, I don't even have a computer. I communicate all of my emails, babble posts and other e-transmissions via semaphore to a local stable of homing pigeons who then fly my missives to Portland where they are diseminated through independent bicycle couriers to the corners of the interwebs.

Papal Bull

I log onto ARPAnet through a small node in the sewers near Austin, Texas. It fulfills my unkempt, sewer dwelling (edit; CHUD II chic) look that gives me all the cred you can imagine. Not to mention it is tres vintage.


And all my fonts are displayed with extra serifs, it's a special font called Hellahelvetica. Because it is so ironic.




(translation: my cat's breath smells like catfood)

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This thread was better before everyone started posting in it.

Vansterdam Kid

This thread was better before it became so mainstream by existing. Like, hello? It isn't as if we haven't seen that show before.

Well, I guess I should be happy that people are finally starting to understand the banality of mainstream science. But of course most people who will end up posting on this thread will probably want to bring it back to the ironic (yet totally unaware) banality of a cliche pseudo-psycho-physical-socio analysis. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7VgNQbZdaw]You can read all about that phenomenon right here.[/url] Although I probably shouldn't even be telling people this, so if you do find out about the underground event, you had better not make it obvious I told you or you'll make me look like a total American Apparel wearing dweeb.

Brian White

My theory is that the brain is for a lot more than just thinking.

When humans are involved in sexual persuit or social leapfrogging, what happens?

Imagine Jack and Jill.   Jill glances at Jack, making sure that Jack sees her glance.  Jack feeds her a line that they both hope she has not heard before.  She giggles so that he thinks that she thinks he is smart.  He moves closer............

Thats all a dance where there is no need for thinking. It is just rehearsed moves and memory.

And we can prove it!

Have you ever looked at a lover at the end of a relationship and thought   "what the HELL was I thinking?"

And that is the thing. The brain automatically turned off the thinking process for the duration because it would interfere with the other process that was going on.    Reproduction.

And it turned it off WITHOUT informing the user that it was turned off!  That is the real nasty bit.  Lots of times your gut instincts are just not logical, they are things that worked in the past to help the species (not necessarly the person with the gut instinct).

Lots of times you brain is telling you that you are in thinking mode when if you actually wrote the "train of thought" down, you would see that there are no tracks or no bridges over ravines and a crash is certain.

Hows that for cliche?



I think the hormone induced insanity and "chemistry" are just nature's way of introducing two birds, bees, moose, people or whatever. There are far more important things that happen between introduction and the end of the deal that define the relationship. Partners often grow experientially at different rates over time. After reproduction come the good years if they are lucky. But the lovers experience is merely two ships passing in the night scraping hulls. Chemistry doesn't last. There has to be more in between. Compatibility counts for a lot.

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There’s also a single mitochondrion and a bunch of other small crap that a eukaryote ought to have

Out-of-context science


This thread was way better in the original German.

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The inaugural hipster, original and best:


Nice catch.

The waistcoat isn't quite yellow, but would young Werther have dressed like this?