What Exactly Did Duceppe Say on This?

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What Exactly Did Duceppe Say on This?



Ian MacDonald today:


In St.-Jean-Port-Joli on Monday, Duceppe said he wouldn't support Jim Flaherty's budget if the government brought it back, even if it had the $2.2 billion of HST money in it.

"I said in the beginning that if the ($2.2 billion) wasn't there, then we would never accept it. If it was, then we would look at it. We have, and we won't be voting in favour."

I'm not surprised that Duceppe would be planning to go that way. But I am surprised he would be publicly boxing himself in.

I'm curious whether he really did say that, and/or if he has since said anything else on the topic.

My comprehension for reading French isn't good enough to catch if there are subtelties or ambiguities in what was said.

Don't want to get into a discussion now about what can happen after the election, just want to catch what was [is] said.

But if Duceppe is going to box in on this, it cuts out Harper's single strongest option for continuing to govern in a minority position. The next strongest option being that the Liberals get a big enough blow to internally de-stabilize them again. I suppose what Duceppe said wouldnt rule out Harper coming up with additionla goodies for Quebec.

Anyway, I would just like to confirm what Duceppe said.... and hear if he speaks to it again in the future.