Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami II

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PraetorianFour wrote:
I hope all of you take the time to make a bug out bag. Something you can grab incase of emergency and go.

Some water, food, basic first aid supplies. Emergency blanket.  Map and compass. survival book. Phone card, some money. am/fm radio that works on a crank. Flashlight and batteries.


And just where would people be bugging out to?

Last I heard we did not have interstellar travel.


We do Remind but it hasn't filtered down yet.


Depending on peoples geographical locations they can with a little effort relocate.  Get to higher ground. Go farther in land.  If a city goes to shit they can try to go to another city or head someplace rual.  


Are you suggesting people stay put during natural disasters? Or that having water food and medical supplies on hand is a waste of time?


Run to the hills...


A_J wrote:

Noah_Scape wrote:

Wind power, for example, will never have these kinds of liabilities.

Windpower is great and all, but let's not pretend that it doesn't have its own liabilities.  For one, apparently it's killed more people than have been directly attributed to Chernobyl.  Plus, where are you going to find the hundreds and hundreds of square kilometers of space to put the turbines that would be needed to make up for nuclear?


 Gee, I gotta try to keep up... sorry this is so far behind but I just have to say OFFSHORE is where 1000s of sq kms of wind exist.

  And how did windmills kill people?


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