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What's interesting is it shows the libs are not progressive - again pointing to progressive Quebecs that the progressive federalist option is the NDP!


Has anyone else noted nothing has been written by Brain Top since thebegining of the election, does anything thinks is is simply an accident, the Globe is afraid for there boy Iggy.


Topp was on as a commentator on CTV last nite.

Sean in Ottawa

bekayne wrote:

Green candidate resigns over facebook rape comment:


I am sad that any person would say this. He is gone thankfully but why people can even think this stuff amazes me.

I feel sorry as well for the many progressive Green Candidates who must feel soiled by association. I'm not gloating -- dumb candidates can get through for any party and cause embarrassment but this is so incredibly offensive.

I have spoken with E May a long time ago. I suspect she is personally horrified and hurt by these comments as well.

I will have to add that this kind of attitude can only be repaired when there is gender balance in those running in winnable ridings. The House of Commons is mostly still an old boys club and there needs to be some fresh air there. Only when we elect enough women to the House of Commons will we truly send a message that this garbage cannot be said. At the same time we will get better policy and better governance.

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I suspect that Brian Topp himself does not see the kind of columns he generally writes for the Globe as being something he wants to put out in the middle of the campaign, and/or that right now he only wants to write the kind of somewhat one dimensional partisan rah-rah that he would know the Globe understandably does not want. He already did at least one such piece.

Not to mention that he has a day job, plus a volunteer role in the campaign that would be pretty busy even if it is much more secndary to his past full time roles.


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