Venezuela opposition will consider privatizations

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Northern Shoveler wrote:

Snert you are using right wing propaganda to claim a democratically elected President is a dictator . . . There is no validity to the claim.

Of course, if any and all discussion regarding the democratic nature of Venezuela's government (or lack thereof) is supressed and banned, how can one know whether any claim is "valid" or not?  It would seem that there would need to be an opportunity to test an argument before passing judgment on it.

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Snert you are using right wing propaganda to claim a democratically elected President is a dictator.


I claimed that he's enjoying a FALSE MAJORITY right now, and I didn't make that claim based on brainwashing by the MSM, I'm making it based on the very simple math involved:


1.1% more votes = 50% more seats (and a false majority!)


All I've heard so far in rebuttal to that is some chin music about the poor rural voters [read: Chavez supporters] and some gladio crap. And of course the assertion that criticizing Chavez = Imperialism. I'm really not hearing anything about how that electoral result is, in fact, progressive or proportional. For the record, I'm not really all that interested in why Chavez would want to rejig things to give extra influence to rural voters [read: his support base]  -- as if it's not ridiculously obvious anyway.

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Snert here is a link to a thread on Canadian imperialism.  Since you haven't posted in it maybe you haven't seen it yet.  Read some of the links so you can understand what most of the rest of us accept as imperialism.  Our Howe Street mining companies and the Cowtown oil patch are imperialists and operate in undemocratic and murderous ways in many countries. The Venezuelan right wing opposition wants to open up their citizens to the imperial order that Canadian companies represent.  

Your favourite targets are all countries that are not within the NATO and the IMF sphere of influence.  I have yet to see from you any critical analysis of the nasty right wing opposition in Venezuela.  Seems to me a balance view would not always pick on one side and give a free ride to the corruption and vote buying on the other.  To me if one side is using dirty tricks to help the rich and powerful and one side is using dirty tricks to help the poor and marginalized I know which side is the progressive side.  How come you seem to miss that obvious point?  Like many things in life imperialism can be seen in terms of follow the money and you find the criminal.




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