Federal Polling - April 25

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Conservative 38%

Liberal 31%

NDP 23%

Green 8%



NDP 39%

BLOC 25%

Conservative 15%

Liberal 13%

Green 6%


Atlantic Canada

NDP 35%

Conservative 28%

Liberal 30%

Green 5%


Lens Solution wrote:

SRB wrote:

Why is Ekos a terrible pollster?  Wasn't the sample size large (3000 or something)?  Is there something wrong with their methodology?


I'm not saying they are a terrible pollster, but up until this month, many posters here such as North Report have said they are a pollster whose numbers shouldn't be trusted.

I think people have been saying that various pollsters seem to have a built in bias, which may be partly due to their methodology. What is most important is the trend, which is at this point is favouring one Party in all of the polls, even those that would indicate a Conservative majority.


Oddly enough - up until the past week, Ekos was consistently the polling company that gave the NDP the LOWEST results!!


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