Head of International Monetary Fund Arrested for Sex Attack

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Catchfire wrote:

Fidel wrote:
What else is there to say? He's been accused of sexual assault full stop. And no one seems to be able to find a list of prior convictions.

This is the language of courts which have a 5% conviction rate for sexual assault. You are getting it wrong. If you have "theories" and want to be "overly realistic," keep them to yourself. It's fine to preserve the assumption of innocence, but dismissal of this woman's (I repeat) credible allegations is out of order.


Please, don't put words in my mouth - I haven't presumed anything you claim I have.

An accused is always presumed innocent until at least the time of fair trial, or at least this is true in democratic countries where there are laws and basic human rights to fair trials in courts of law.

And some of us don't appreciate those comments above about sex-addicted French people allowed to slide above. While youre here shadowing me you might as well check that out, too.

ETA: And you have some babblers posting false and misleading medical advice about cell phone safety in another thread.

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Fidel, I'm not shadowing you. I've made two posts in this entire thread.

At any rate, closing for length. Please keep my comments in mind when you start a new thread.


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