Is Charest gona trigger election this fall?

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Is Charest gona trigger election this fall?



The PQ is in chaos good oportunity to trigger election when you are unpopular!


That would be a ballsy move. The Liberals lead the latest polls, but still at only 27%, and Charest has only a 30% approval rating. Hard to see him get another majority mandate out of that, while he still has a couple of years left on this one.


He would also look very opportunistic. He has a majority government that was elected in Dec. 2008 - what possible rationale is there for an election over a year early?



1. Get himself declared in contempt of the National Assembly.

2. Get some compliant member to propose a non-confidence motion.

3. Declare that because his honour is at stake, he will deem this a totally free vote and not whip his caucus.

4. Get some compliant caucus members to vote non-confidence.

If anyone is interested in engaging my services for political manoeuvring and manipulation strategies, please call 1-888-UNIONIST.


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If Charest and Christy Clark both call snap elections this fall, then along with the other provincial elections expected (most based on fixed election date legislation) there will be seven(!) provincial elections (BC, SK, MB, ON, PQ, NL, PE) and two territorial elections (YK, NT) this fall with a further provincial election expected in Alberta the following spring. Along with the federal election this past spring, I don't know if there has ever been as many elections at the senior levels of government in Canada within a one year period as there may be coming up.


I guess if that happens, NB and NS would be the only by-standers!


And Nunavut


[url= Press: No snap election this fall; Charest mocks rumours he may rush to the polls[/url]

QUEBEC — Quebec Premier Jean Charest dismissed speculation Friday that he might call a snap election this fall, mocking the idea and those spreading it.

Speculation has been growing that Charest might pull the election trigger barely two-and-a-half years into his mandate.

Charest moved to halt the rumour mill Friday. He told reporters he couldn't understand how it even started.

"I don't know who's been telling you that. He must have extremely acute hearing, to have heard me say that," Charest said, jokingly holding his hand to his ear...

"There will be no election this fall. There never was a question of having an election this fall. We're at mid-mandate."

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Sweet zombie jesus. A new right-wing party could gain control. Dissasisfaction with the plq and pq could lead to a devestating new landscape.

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From above:

Current voting intentions: PLQ 30%, PQ 30%, ADQ 17%, QS 11%, GRN 6%, OTH 6%
w/Legault's new party: LEG 33%, PQ 21%, PLQ 20%, ADQ 11%, QS 9%, GRN 3%
w/Legault, ADQ merger: LEG 41%, PQ 21%, PLQ 21%, QS 9%, GRN 4%

A PQ minority without Legault in the race (like that will happen now). I imagine a large Legault minority with him in the race (though who knows how the vote splits). A majority with his party merged with the ADQ.


Legault currently has no party and no platform, just a lot of buzz. I suspect his numbers will come down a fair bit once Quebecers are forced to actually evaluate what he has to offer under the bright lights of an election campaign. That being said, the right-wing "autonomist" threat to the dominant parties has been a foreboding force for at least three election cycles now, and certainly should be taken seriously in the current context. Legault's best bet is to try to take over/merge with the ADQ and build on whatever they have in terms of organizational infrastructure. Quebec Solidaire seems stuck as an also ran even after the orange surge. Although I imagine if the left PQ dissenters actually joined QS, that could shift the ground again. Or Marois could resign. A lot can happen in the next one or two years, assuming Charest really means it when he says "no election this fall."