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aka Mycroft
Attention Catchfire

I've been trying to reply to a PM you sent but I keep getting error messages. Is there an email address I can write you at?



aka Mycroft

Nevermind, it did go through. I'm not used to the "new" PM system (it would be useful if it gave you some sort of confirmation that your message has been sent rather than just giving you a blank screen ;)


The blank screen is a transitional improvement on the cybergeek gibberish that we used to get!

Our glass is half full.

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Hee. Yes, thanks for the PM, Mycroft. Sorry about the glitch. Would it help to say that it's being looked at? A lengthy, thorough look...

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Drupal is murder on us rural folks with dialup. How is it on broadband or satellite?

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Pretty grim, BB. Pretty grim.


Yes, I once bombarded Rebecca West with multiple PMs in two minutes because it kept making it look like the message didn't go through the first time