Decoding Glenn Beck

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Kaspar Hauser
Decoding Glenn Beck

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Fox gives Glenn Beck's show the boot

Completing a swift rise and fall from TV stardom, controversial host Glenn Beck will lose his once-popular Fox News show later this year, the network announced Wednesday.

Beck's 5 p.m. program, which earned scorn from liberals for its attacks on President Obama as well as its devotion to sometimes-obscure right-wing thinkers, was a top cable draw in 2009 and a signpost for the populist "tea party" movement in last year's midterm elections, which dealt a ballot-box rebuke to the White House.

But ratings plummeted and advertisers bailed as Beck — a cherubic, salt-and-pepper-haired longtime radio host who has compared himself to a rodeo clown — increasingly pursued a hard-to-follow agenda that many found too conspiracy-minded. He also chafed his bosses at Fox News, who faulted him for spending too much time on his far-flung business operations and not enough on honing his TV presentation.



I'm always fascinated about why Canadians obsess about talk tv/radio south of the border and yet if you want to talk about Canada, it's sort of like, the usual suspects and we don't talk about them.

I mean, isn't Canada just as bad if not worse? At least the U.S. does have a spectrum of voices. Al Franken, Bill Maher, MSNBC. What does Canada have? CBC on one side, and talk radio with the supposed alternative tv channel that is going to poop all over the airwaves very soon?

Glenn Beck is pretty much a discredited idiot who got a platform because he knows how to rant and rave on cue. Irrelevant.


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I'm perplexed by your post, K2A. Does this thread, a year old and just breaking 4 posts, constitute "obsessing"? Doesn't this entire board concern iteself with talking about Canada? Has anyone has equated Glenn Beck with America in this thread except for you?Are Franken, Maher and MSNBC supposed to represent a "spectrum of voices"? I just don't understand.

Also, there's no need to sign each one of your posts. We see who you are.


 If Fox's biggest beef with Beck was spending too much time on business interests etc., WTF is wrong with Fox?

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I'm in LOVE with Lewis Black.

"Glenn Beck has Nazi tourettes"

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Sadly,Canada has Glen Becks,Rush Limbaughs and Anne Coulters.

Take a listen to any Canadian open mouth radio shows.

I've always referred to this extreme right wing populist phenomena as an aggressive cancer that would inevitably spread north of the border.

The current election race proves I wasn't paranoid and that my theory was (is) correct.

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The theory that empathy led to the eugenics movement and then to genocide has some merit.  Except the problem is not with the empathy but rather with the "good intentions" that lead us to hurt others for their own good.

Caught the Daily show last night with a send off of Beck. It was hilarious.


[url= Beck replacement admits he is a 9/11 Truther[/url]

Justice Napolitano could be a switch from 9/11 truth denier Glenn Beck - right wing denialists all in a lather.

Kaspar Hauser