American Imperialism and its Supporters

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Fared Gaderi
American Imperialism and its Supporters

Link: American Imperialism and its Supporters

Though all segments of American society which profess support for the imperialist policies of their government need to equally distance themselves from the imperialist policy of their government, the largest burden does not lie on their shoulders. The biggest peddlers of imperialism today are the globalist elites who control the American mass media, banking system, universities, and entertainment, and who continue to justify their suppression of the popular masses and their invasions of foreign countries through mass media. It is this same imperialist clique which are the kingpins of degenerate American culture and the deplorable social situation which affects people of all races in the United States. These individuals are the true supporters of imperialism, and its staunchest advocates. I do not call them "American imperialists," because in reality, America too is occupied by these same people who wish to use American blood and American resources as a springboard for their attacks on the rest of the world.

The lessons to learn here is that that America is a "prison of nations" which will only be dismantled by an active resistance to the the monstrous system of rootless cosmopolitanism. Furthermore, it is in the self-interest of peoples all over the world to actively support their brothers and sisters in foreign lands on the front lines against the American imperialists today, particularly as they undergo armed struggle. This includes those peoples living in the United States itself who are under occupation by the Washington-DC based regime. Those in the various regions of the United States themselves must take it on themselves to initiate the revolutionary spirit against the globalist agenda and its propaganda presented to them by the powerful elites, and re-establish the spirit of national independence.


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Nice attempt at a trolling. But seriously, try for some subtlty next time.

the monstrous system of rootless cosmopolitanism

You really think that on a left-wing message board, no one is going to know where the term "rootless cosmopolitan" comes from?


voice of the damned

And in the unlikely event that anyone is taking this guy seriously, check out his page on Men And Women...


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