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Life, the unive...

M. Spector wrote:

Life, the universe, everything wrote:

If you are going to attack people could you at least get their name right.  It is Horwath.

So the best counter you can come up with is to attack me for a typo? Not surprising.


It is something you did several times, but I see now you have corrected it.  

Life, the unive...

M. Spector wrote:

Boom Boom wrote:

If there are polls showing that bringing down the government on a budget vote would result in a McQuinty or Hudak majority, then what's the point? If, on the other hand,  polls show the ONDP becoming government, then go for it!

I wish you'd quit spamming us with the same post over and over again, Boom Boom. We get it already.

The NDP has to vote for the Mike Harris agenda until such time as the polls predict an NDP majority. Got it.

Sure ignore that he said what he was worried about was a Hudak government, because that sure would be better for everyone.  Figures that you would continue to misrepresent what others say while you keep saying the same things over and over.  Must be fun at the cool kids table.

Freedom 55

@ M. Spector

Now we're members of babble's [url=]'asshole club'[/url] AND the cool kids' table.

Wilf Day
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Can't find a link to Drummond's comment - I guess you'll have to watch the P&P video from tonight on the CBC archives.


Life, the universe, everything wrote:

Try 73, 75 and 79.  But I'm not one of the cool kids so I'm not allowed to sit at the table.  I just have to sit here while the cool kids get to fling whatever they want at others.

What I see in those posts are responses to your hostile and insulting language. 

Anyway, closing for length.


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