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I personally am happy with this "bounce". I would have been worried if we hadn't gotten one after the convention. I mean the days to come will tell the tale, but over all I tend to see all of this as very encouraging.


Policywonk wrote:

Hunky_Monkey wrote:
And early 1990 under his successor.

Didn't wet get that federal bounce in late 1990 and early 1991 AFTER the Ontario win?

I don't think so.


I think there was some before/after symbiosis there--I seem to recall Bob Rae boasting that he was the only provincial party leader for whom campaigning with his federal counterpart wasn't a liability.  (That's back when Mulroney was at his nadir, Chretien was still a coarse "yesterday's man" and the bloom wasn't yet off Audrey's rose.)

David Young

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yeah, on Statistics Canada says 5.5 millions who are under 14 age in 2006 (they born pre-1997) turns 18 yrs old

5.5 million youngers gonna vote in 2015


Great graphs and very exciting numbers. There is still a lot of ground the NDP has to make up in Ontario to really get the Conservatives worried. I don't envy Mulcair the task of winning over Ontario at all, I think if he succeeds though, it could be shades of 1990.

One lesson I hope the NDP will take from these numbers is there is nowhere in the country where they CANNOT win, if the party sets its heart to it. Connect with local concerns, attract political skills, invest the resources, and show we have the competence to govern (and deserve people's trust!).


Yet another Forum poll post-federal budget:

CPC - 36%, NDP 34%, Libs 19%

In Quebec the NDP has soared back up to 42% and the BQ has sunk back to 22% - that means that if an election were held today the NDP would win about 60 seats in Quebec AGAIN :-)

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Well, that is encouraging. I hope this can hold, but I wish Forum would stop polling over and over. Be ready for the next Nanos poll that will show the Libs ahead of the NDP by 5 points, and Bob Rae's approval numbers in the high 40s, though, Wink