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It's essential that the number of countries having nuclear weapons does not spread. How this is to be achieved is the question.

Israel isn't likely to strike Iran's nuclear program - this time
Israel's belligerent talk is likely to be just that - talk. But that doesn't mean the regional upheaval couldn't make the nuclear threats facing us much, much worse.

Washington implied this week that Turkey - from which thousands of Armenians fled to Aleppo in the early 20th century, and which annexed the Alexandria region - might invade Syria and overthrow Assad. But Obama won't publicly encourage this. He will have to wait until it is over and done with before bestowing his blessings.

A new, weaker Syria, under Turkish influence, would undermine the Iran-Hezbollah-Hamas constellation, somewhat ease the threat posed by Iran to the Gulf states, and delay the fall of Jordan's Hashemite regime. But it also might create an alliance between Iran and Egypt, presuming the generals let an elected government take control.

That would be even worse than the Syria-North Korea nuclear ties, exposed in 2007. Israel would not know how to respond were Iran to give Cairo nuclear know-how and equipment. Until now, Israel has attempted to block hostile Muslim states from going nuclear. All it took was one good wallop every 25 years or so, first against Iraq and later against Syria, or so the foreign sources say. Israel would have trouble combating progress in two places at once, especially when one happens to be its large neighbor with whom it has a peace treaty.

Under Mubarak, Egypt was already trying to cast Israel as as great a nuclear threat as Iran. Danieli and his colleagues are still explaining at International Atomic Energy Agency meetings why we first need comprehensive peace before it will be possible to demilitarize the region.

Meanwhile, Israel will face a tough choice. If it does in fact consider nuclear arms in the region to constitute an existential danger, and there is no military way to go from state to state and destroy said weapons, then what does it prefer: Nuclear for everyone, or nuclear for none?




Israelis Continue General Strike Over Salaries

"The general strike in Israel has entered its third day after negotiations between labor representatives and Israeli authorities failed. The strike, called by the trade union Histadrut has paralyzed Israel's public sector and shut down transportation."


Anonymous: 'Israeli Government, Expect Us'

"You are unworthy to exist in your current form and will therefore face the wrath of Anonymous...

Step one will be initiated after the release of this video and will be comprised of systematically removing you from the internet..."


Israel Media Publish, Retract, Then Confirm Calls for Destruction of Al-Aqsa, 'Cleansing' of Israel's 'Enemies'  - by Ali Abunimah

"Before this post was first published, Israeli media had reported claims that Moshe Feiglin, a Likud leader, was planning to go up to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in occupied Jerusalem to call for the destruction of the Mosque and its replacement with a Jewish 'Third Temple'.

The Hebrew edition of Ynet reported A Jerusalem police official explained: 'Feiglin's people going up to the Temple Mount is nothing new and happens almost every month. The difference this time is spreading calls through the media to 'cleanse the place of the enemies of Israel'..."


Israel Seeks Multi-Year US Military Aid

"Israel is in talks with the United States to secure multi-year US military budget aid, which will obviate Washington's annual approval. The US already grants Israel about USD$ 3billion in military assistance annually. Israel's request seeks about USD$ 1billion in aid from the US to purchase 4 additional Iron Dome batteries and to fund the development of David's Sling, another missile system..."

Rocket Explodes in Israeli Town of Eilat

"A rocket fired from the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula has exploded in the Israeli town of Eilat, but it has caused no injuries or damage..."

And just as Israel was putting the touch on Uncle Sam to increase their allowance too...what fortuitous timing!


Uprooting 30,000 Bedouin in Israel - by Neve Gordon

"It is not every day that a government decides to relocate almost half a percent of its population in a programme of forced urbanisation,' Rawa Aburabia asserted, adding that, 'this is precisely what Prawer wants to do..."

Israeli Forces Attempt To Arrest 2 Year Old Palestinian Child

"Mo'man Shtayeh, your little two-and-a-half-year-old self highlighted the absurdity, the idiocy, the shameful nature of the Israeli occupying army. May the force of John Cena be with you.."


I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out what this thread is all about, other than your personal soapbox

M. Spector M. Spector's picture

Keep reading. You might learn something.


M. Spector wrote:

Keep reading. You might learn something.

Unlikely as that may seem.



Tisme asked a question. The response he received is sadly all too typical of the attitude displayed on some threads. Simple courtesy would be nice even if you disagree the a poster. Although here I have no idea what there was to disagree with. And yes Tisme should not have been judgemental on NDPP's issue.


MCsquared wrote:

Tisme asked a question. The response he received is sadly all too typical of the attitude displayed on some threads.

I thought it was a good answer. If he wants to understand the thread, read the posts and the links. Is that an illogical answer? I said it was "unlikely", because Tisme attacked NDPP under the flimsy pretext of asking a rhetorical question.

When I ask questions, it is to seek information. [url=, for example, both you and Tisme provided links that you allege lead to documentaries about the Romani genocide. I pointed out that I found nothing at those links. You and Tisme never had the courtesy to answer my question and assist me. Perhaps now that you're both back, one of you may help?

Thanks in advance,



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Tisme, babble is my personal soapbox. Please do not attribute to NDPP what is clearly mine.


Catchfire wrote:

Tisme, babble is my personal soapbox. Please do not attribute to NDPP what is clearly mine.

Excuse me, [push, shove, squeeze], I want some acreage on that box! I demand! I orate! I declaim!


Actually Unionist if you scroll down to October 2nd on that link you will see "The Forgotten Holocaust". Best I can do and I just figured you were unable to manipulate the link.


BTW you're welcome Smile


MCsquared wrote:

Actually Unionist if you scroll down to October 2nd on that link you will see "The Forgotten Holocaust". Best I can do and I just figured you were unable to manipulate the link.

There's no link there - there wasn't then and there isn't now - and Tisme told you the same thing. I guess if you keep repeating it, it becomes true?

Thanks for nothing.



and actually I myself mount the soapbox very seldom. I mostly post things that are of interest to me with the assumption they might be to others. And if anyone has anything to add, subtract or rebut, they do so. Otherwise I assume they are otherwise engaged in  other matters of concern to them.


Gunter Grass Addresses Israel's Nuclear Threat - by Stephen Lendman

"On April 4, Haaretz headlined "German Nobel Laureate Gunter Grass' New Poem: Nuclear Israel is a Threat to World Peace..."

Buddy Kat

This poem sure has Israel on edge...that's for sure ..EXPOSEDEmbarassed 


What Must Be Said by Günter Grass

But why have I kept silent till now?

Because I thought my own origins,

Tarnished by a stain that can never be removed,

meant I could not expect Israel, a land

to which I am, and always will be, attached,

to accept this open declaration of the truth.

Why only now, grown old,

and with what ink remains, do I say:

Israel's atomic power endangers

an already fragile world peace?

Because what must be said

may be too late tomorrow;

and because – burdened enough as Germans –

we may be providing material for a crime

that is foreseeable, so that our complicity

wil not be expunged by any

of the usual excuses.

And granted: I've broken my silence

because I'm sick of the West's hypocrisy;

and I hope too that many may be freed

from their silence, may demand

that those responsible for the open danger we face renounce the use of force,

may insist that the governments of

both Iran and Israel allow an international authority

free and open inspection of

the nuclear potential and capability of both.




New New





Unionist wrote:

MCsquared wrote:

Actually Unionist if you scroll down to October 2nd on that link you will see "The Forgotten Holocaust". Best I can do and I just figured you were unable to manipulate the link.

There's no link there - there wasn't then and there isn't now - and Tisme told you the same thing. I guess if you keep repeating it, it becomes true?

Thanks for nothing.


Actually don't mind doing the work for you since it is for a good cause. But really it wasn't difficult

Try "The Forgotten Holocaust"

Try, "Roma website"

Try " Forgotten Holocaust Roma Sinti"

Try "Voices of Memory"

I hope this is helpful. Have a good Passover.


Israel Has Murdered More Political Opponents Than Apartheid South Africa Ever Judicially Executed  - by Adri Nieuwhof

"Former Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Professor Dugard draws a parallel with the treatment of militant political opponents by South Africa's apartheid regime and highlights the similarities between the two regimes."


VTJP Headlines: Occupied Palestine and Israel News 4/7/2012


Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land (and vid) - 79 minutes

"US media and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. How Israel manipulates and distorts American public perception.."


The Disgusting Attacks on Gunter Grass - by Tariq Ali

"...Why no sympathy for the Palestinians..?"


Good News! Israel Might Still Have Time to Annihilate the Planet. (these people are sick.) - Norman Finkelstein

"IF recent reports of a Netanyahu promise to postpone an attack on Iran until the fall are true, a possible strike would correspond with the pivotal weeks just before the Amerian presidential elections. Announcing that Israel may decide to attack Iran at the worst possible political time puts pressure on Obama and could potentially lead to some valuable American concessions to Israel, in exchange for an existential commitment not to strike..."


'Every time we do something, you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear; don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it. - Ariel Sharon (2001)


Qadam Children: 'You Arrested Our Fathers, So We Lead the Demonstration Today!' (and vid)

"After Israeli Army nightly incursions into Kufu Qadum accompanied by the massive arrest of villagers, the children of the village have come out in protest with a message to the occuping army AND THE WORLD.."


Amira Hass Explains Why Israel's US Model of Ethnic Cleansing Failed, and Why 'Jewish Regime' will 'Crumble'. - by Philip Weiss

"...It is very common these days to hear supporters of Israel seek to justify ethnic cleansing by saying that You did it -- you Americans. Amira Hass has a fabulous piece up at Haartez that takes on this model head on. She exposes the Israeli desire to defeat the Palestinian people, as the US defeated the Native Americans, and then only have to deal with the 'remnant.'...

And she explains why this is not possible, and why we are now in the endgame of 'the Jewish regime' because Israel did not want a two-state solution. Read this amazing true line. 'The question was, and is, how much more bloodshed, suffering and disasters will be needed until the Jewish regime of discrimination and separation, which we have created here over the past 64 years, crumbles.'

This is a frankly anti-Zionist piece, written by a child of Holocaust survivors. Amira Hass is thirsting for the DeKlerk to lead her society out of its racist dead-end.."

or the Mandela..


Israel Is Expanding Its West Bank Settlements Again and Nobody Has Noticed

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is moving to expand Israeli settlements in the West Bank at a time when international attention is focused elsewhere, with President Obama gearing up for reelection and the West targeting Iran's nuclear program. Netanyahu said in an interview published in Haartez newspaper Friday, that an agreement with the Palestinians is important so that Israel can remain a Jewish state and avert becoming a binational one that includes the large Palestinian population of the West Bank."


Canadian Champions Sephardi Heritage

"A select group of individuals is slated to be honoured for their personal achievements within Sephardi society and among them will be a Canadian, Yehuda Azoulay of Toronto, who will be recognized for his contribution to Sephardi literature and his involvement in Sephardi causes. He'll stand out as the youngest honoree of the May 16 luncheon which is being organized by the Friedlander Group, a public relations firm that specializes in working with American Jewish groups and will feature members of US Congress. But Azoulay will be in heady company, the event will also be honouring two prominent Sephardi rabbis, Israeli Internal Affairs Minister Eli Yishrai and fellow MK Nissim Zeev.

Brimming with optimism and vigour of youth, Azoulay is enthusiastic about discussing this seminal project and directs me to his compact home office. Tidy but crammed bookshelves cover every vertical space, except for a portion of wall showcasing a life-size portrait of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. The former chief rabbi of Israel is considered by some to be the foremost present-day Sephardi leader and a reviver of Sephardi identity and pride.

Rabbi Yosef is certainly a fitting spectator of this room's activity. Not only does Azoulay maintain a close relationship with him, but, in Azoulay's words, 'We share the same goals, same mentality, same agenda.'

And here it is :

Rabbi Calls for Annihilation of Arabs

"It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable. They Lord shall return the Arabs' deeds on their own heads, waste their seed and exterminate them, and vanish them from this world,' he said..."


'Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world - only to serve the people of Israel,' he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbad. According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews. 'In Israel, death has no dominion over them...With gentiles, it will be like any person - they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one's donkey would die, they'd lose their money. This is his servant..That's why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,' Yosef said.

Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created he added."

What a disgusting old hate-monger. How shameful that such beliefs are 'honoured' wonder so many Israelis are so cruel and unmoved by the barbarism of Gaza and  other ongoing tortures and suffocations of the Palestinian people.


Take Action on 17 April: Call for Freedom for Palestinian Political Prisoners (and vid)

see events listed for Toronto, Vancouver, etc.


Israel's Fear of Three Simple Words: Welcome to Palestine!

"What happened yesterday was beyond even Palestinian expectations.."

Israeli Officer Hits Unarmed Protester in the Face with Rifle (and vid)

for bike riding in Jericho


At Israel's Request, Woman Removed From Air France Flight For Not Being Jewish

"Air France demanded to know the religion of a passenger on a flight from Nice to Tel Aviv and removed her because she was not a Jew. The 15 April incident, confirmed by an Air France official, may violate international and European law by subjecting prospective passengers to illegal religious discrimination...

'Are You Jewish?'


Israel's Real Easter Pilgrims

"Their intent was quite innocent -- to visit beleagured Palestinians in the West Bank; in one case, to help locals build a school. But the fact that 2,000 such do-gooders were planning to do so en masse as part of the annual Flytilla was a red flag to the Israel bull. The world might take notice, the Palestinians might take heart, and Israeli crimes might finally be stopped.."


VTJP Israel-Palestine newslinks

UN: A Serious Stake on Israel or Another Diplomatic Bluff (and vid)

"The UN Human Rights Council has passed a resolution ordering a first probe into how Israeli settlements may be infringing on the rights of the Palestinians."


Diaspora: Plight of Palestinian Families in Exile (and vid)

"Since 1948, millions of Palestinians have been forced into exile from their own lands..

Abu Dhahab Family"


Welcome To Israel: Where Protesting Racism is Dangerous

" MK remarked: 'Non-Jewish migration to the State of Israel is no less dangerous than the military threat from Iran. Welcome to Israel - a frightening place where not being racist is dangerous."


Barghouti to US Jews: I know you don't like the word apartheid, but what do you call a system that gives a settler 50 times more water than a Palestinian?


TRN: Right Wing Billionaires Push Israel's Agenda in 2012 Election (and vid)

"..we the Jewish people control America and the Americans know it." PM Ariel Sharon


Israel Ready to Strike Iran, Lebanon, Gaza if Ordered, says Military Chief

"In an extract from an interview with the top-selling Yediot Aharanot daily, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz said that 2012 would be a critical year in efforts to halt what Israel and much of the international community believe is an Iranian nuclear arms program. 'We think that a nuclear Iran is a very bad thing, which the world needs to stop and which Israel needs to stop - and we are planning accordingly,' Gantz said. 'In principle, we are ready to act..."

Skinny Dipper

There is now Google Street view in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa.  Google Street view goes through East Jerusalem.


Eight Children Injured by Israeli Settlers - by Saed Bannoura

"Palestinian medical sources reported Monday that eight school children were injured when a group of extremist Israeli settlers of the illegal Yitzher settlement, attacked them in Orif village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. The Wattan News reported that the settlers invaded the village, and attacked dozens of schoolchildren wounding eight.

Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene and instead of removing the invading settlers, fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at the students.."


The Artist Taxi-Driver Talks to Israel (and vid)

M. Spector M. Spector's picture

[url=]Israeli Apartheid: A Socialist View[/url] (.pdf)


Two Israeli Spy Drones Violate Lebanese Airspace

"Two Israeli reconnaisance planes have penetrated Lebanese airspace and flown over parts of the country, in flagrant violation of a UN Security Council resolution.."


Israeli Intel Ex-Chief: Netanyahu's Policy on Iran Misleading, Messianic

"Top Israeli ministers are misleading the public about the circumstances of preemptive military action against Iran, former Israeli security chief Yuval Diskin has warned. 'They tell the public that if Israel acts Iran won't have a nuclear bomb,' he explained. 'This is misleading. Actually many experts say that an Israeli attack would accelerate the Iranian nuclear race. 'I don't have faith in the current leadership of Israel to lead us to an event of this magnitude, of war with Iran,' Diskin explained.."


Chorus of Criticism: Netanyahu's Politics Puts Israel 'In Mortal Danger'

"Former PM Ehud Olmert and the recently resigned Kadima leader Tzipi Livni have joined the chorus of past and present senior Israeli politicians criticizing the government and its warmongering policy against Iran. 'Israel is on a volcano, the international clock is ticking and you should not be the 'chief of Shin Bet' to understand that. The real danger is a politics that buries its head in the sand.' Livni said."

US Students Protest Israeli Ambassador's Lecture

"A group of students from a university in the United States have shown their protest against Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren by leaving his lecture. The ambassador was giving a lecture about 'Ultimate Allies': Israel and the United States.' The US has allocated close to USD 3Billion per year to Israel, entirely devoted to the purchase of US weapons.."


Defence Chiefs Deepen Canada-Israel Relationship

"That memorandum laid the groundwork for expasion of co-operation between Israel and Canada in the areas of counter-terrorism, training, search and rescue, intelligence, command and control.."



For The Sake of Settlers  - by Khaled Amayreh

"The expansionist Zionist project continues to enjoy immunity before Israeli law as settlers grab daily more Arab land. Resorting to a combination of legal tricks, repeated procrastination and brazen deceitfulness, the Israeli government of Binyamin Netanyahu has been trying to legalise dozens of colonial outposts built on private Arab lands...'

The Man with Messianic Tendancies  - by Uri Avnery

"Only in Israel..."


The Legalization of Outposts in the West Bank: A New Provocation from Israel (and vid)

more illegal settlements by Israel..

Canada and Israel: Allies in Apartheid, Allies in Colonialism (and vid)

"How does the Canadian government's support for Israel relate to Canada's own historical and ongoing colonization of indigenous people here?"


Ex CIA Agent: US Israel Lobby Drags Washington into Wars (and vid)

Michael Scheuer interviewed


Alan Hart: Time For A Military Coup in Israel?

"The mounting public criticism of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu by past and present members of the Zionist state's defense and intelligence establishments triggered the recall of a comment made to me by one of its former Directors of Military Intelligence: The comment was: 'if we had a government consisting of only DMI's, we'd have had peace with the Palestinians long ago.'.."


Israel: Stronghold of US Military in Mideast (and vid)

Interview with ANSWER Coalition Richard Becker and others


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