Arrest Israel's New Defence Attache Eden Attias as a Gaza War Criminal

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@ kropotkin

It seems to me the question is not what one sees on the ground (since we all have many many sides and many values),

What is important is what the editorial cartoonist draws as things to be hated and ridiculed in the limited space of a cartoon. 

I presume the Nike swoosh and the pistol  were there as a statement, not just an irrelevant bit of fashion sense drawn from life. As for the kipa and locks, well if it wasn't an intended attack, there is certainly the possibility that one might infer guilt by association, even though there are plenty of orthodox believers who oppose Zionism.

After all, as with any editorial, the obvious assumption is that the content means something. It isn't just a cartoon.



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Closing for length. Perhaps any new thread could limit itself to discussion of Eden Attias himself.


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