David Chen unsure new citizen arrest powers will change police attitudes

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David Chen unsure new citizen arrest powers will change police attitudes

I remember when this was big news a few years ago. Olivia Chow was a big propenent of these new powers. I'm conflicted.


OTTAWA—David Chen, the Toronto grocer who inspired the Conservative government’s draft of new “citizen arrest” powers, is not convinced the proposed law will help him much.

Testifying at a senate committee, Chen said his shop is the victim of “repeat offenders” who shoplift, flee and elude the police who often do not show up for hours. He and shop-owners like him must spend time and money to pursue charges, or to defend themselves, or “suck it up” and write off the losses, he said.

“We believe the law should be on our side,” he said. “Because those are the criminals.”




Already being discussed [url=http://rabble.ca/babble/canadian-politics/ndp-will-support-conservative-... and in previous threads:




In April, when we last discussed this, Elizabeth May was the lone member of the House who was publicly opposing this tough-on-crime bill.



I can sympathize with him, but I think his analysis is pretty simplistic. 

As for the new law, I'm not sure how much it will help; sounds more like a good way to get himself shot or knifed.




maybe if the cops weren't so busy beating up protesters and homeless people and busting grow ops and handing out traffic tickets they'd be able to respond to actual crimes.... 

not to mention the best way to combat small time theft is to have a society that doesn't leave a whole bunch of people in a situation where they have to steal from grocery stores.


with face recognition software and the public availability of Facebook mugshots you'd think opportunity criminals like the middle-high schoolers from the school two blocks away would learn quickly to look elsewhere

not much the honest "have nots" like Mr Chen can do about other "have nots" who can't/won't stop