Defining Muslim feminist politics through Indigenous solidarity activism

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Defining Muslim feminist politics through Indigenous solidarity activism

Defining Muslim Feminist Politics Through Indigenous Solidarity Activism


"[T]his labeling of Muslim bodies as terrorists was the legacy of a white supremacist settler-colonial governmentality that continues to label Indigenous peoples of the land as terrorists, and then targets them for disappearance and death. As I reflected on this, my politics became guided by this question: How could I live on this land that did not ethically belong to me, and talk about violence directed at my body, and at my people, without situating that violence and my work for social justice within the history of a nation-state literally founded on the dead bodies and erased nations of Indigenous peoples?"

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If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.


Yes a million times.



going to edit this 'cause i have read and listened to a bit more of her stuff. then i ad an awakening this weekend about who my allies are.

my values and awareness are  way closer to her personal activism than...too many others who say they are allies. the fuckin disconnect  in some alleged allies minds is mind challenging.



While we may share some histories, it is critical for us Muslims and other non-Indigenous people here to not fall into the trap of equating the struggles of Muslims with that of Indigenous peoples in white settler colonies, where Indigenous people who have been living here since time immemorial have now been outnumbered by whites through illegal land grab, dispossession, and outright genocide.

This passage really spoke to me. 




don't understand what happened. how  it didn't edit and made new one.

still don't feel like there is shared histories. think when she said it she really was "equating" while pretending not to.

it doesn't matter though. there're many gems in her words. found myself sharing some this week end. they just seemed to fit in the discussions in a icy cool way. IMV it means truth was resonating from her to me.