We're all in this together, you fucking plebs.

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We're all in this together, you fucking plebs.

Top cop calls for Tory Chief Whip to quit over pleb rant [Warning: Sun link]

“Only a few days ago the Government was expressing support for the police in the wake of the officers’ deaths in Manchester, and then we have a very senior member of the Government saying that officers are plebs and morons.

“I know Mr Mitchell has apologised and that’s good, but it’s not enough."

The cycling Tory’s outburst came the day after two women PCs were shot dead.

Foul-mouthed Mr Mitchell yelled the four-letter abuse at cops because they wouldn’t let him pedal his bike out of Downing Street.

He exploded with fury when armed police guarding No10 refused to open the street’s famous gates.

The PC targeted by the tirade reported to his superiors that Mitchell told him: “Best you learn your f***ing place. You don’t run this f***ing government.

“You’re f***ing plebs.”

An eyewitness said Mr Mitchell, 56, also branded them “morons”

The United Kingdom: where right-wingers grapple their class bias to their hearts with hoops of steel.


So the story is really about cops perishing the thought of being classified as Plebians by certain ingrates, after all the loyal and dedicated service they've rendered.


A little short sighted of them isnt it?  Those that rule always look down on the ruled, even if its one of the people helping you achieve that rule

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Well, Cop's arn't plebes, so I don't have any problem with cops being po'd about being called as such.

As Leon Trotsky wrote in [url=http://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/works/1944/1944-fas.htm]Fascism: Waht it is and how to fight it[/url]

Consciousness is determined by environment even in this instance. The worker who becomes a policeman in the service of the capitalist state, is a bourgeois cop, not a worker. Of late years, these policemen have had to do much more fighting with revolutionary workers than with Nazi students. Such training does not fail to leave its effects. And above all: every policeman knows that though governments may change, the police remains.