Canadian Troops Cleared for Combat in Afghanistan!

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Canadian Troops Cleared for Combat in Afghanistan!

Canadian Troops Serving with Allies in Afghanistan Cleared for Combat  -  by Murray Brewster

"National Defense successfully pushed the Harper government last year to ease the prohibition on Canadian troops from setting foot in Kandahar and participating in combat operations by establishing an exemption for those serving with allies, internal documents reveal.

The much-heralded end to Canada's five-year guerrilla war in southern Afghanistan produced the iron-clad policy that barred soldiers from taking part in combat operations and being anywhere near war-torn Kandahar province after December 31, 2011..."


It's the same deal as with Iraq, where personnel on exchange postings were exempt from Chretien's decision to send the troops to Afghanistan, instead of in support of the AIPAC/Neocon driven war in Iraq.