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Thousands demonstrated across Canada on December 10 in support of this movement - [url=]Idle No More[/url]. I thought we could have a thread to support and follow the movement as it goes forward.

Idle No More began with 4 ladies; Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, Jessica Gordon & Sheelah McLean who felt it was urgent to act on current and upcoming legislation that not only affects our First Nations people but the rest of Canada's citizens, lands and waters.

The focus is on grassroots voices, treaty and sovereignty, it began in the early part of October when discussing Bill C 45.  All 4 women knew that this was a time to act, as this bill and other proposed legislation would affect not only Indigenous people but also the lands, water and the rest of Canada

With the focus on the most urgent bill knowing it would initiate attention to all other legislation, the 4 ladies held rallies and teach-ins to generate discussion and provide information. They then decided a nation wide event was garnered so all could participate, thus, The National Day of Solidarity & Resurgence was called for December 10th, 2012, to oppose all legislation and to build solidarity while asserting inherent rights and nationhood while protecting our lands for all people.

These colonial forms of legislation that the government expects to unilaterally impose on us has brought us together, to stand together - Jessica Gordon

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Why national media’s IKEA monkey coverage overshadowed Idle No More rallies

Monday’s rallies seemed hard to miss with the drumming, chanting and marching in some of Canada’s largest cities.

But somehow, for the national mainstream media, the demonstrations were invisible.

As APTN National News reporter Ntawnis Piapot finds out, another story dominated the headlines that day.

And it pushed aside a few thousand angry Indigenous people.


Good! Rabble is advertising its coverage of Idle No More:


And an item by Derrick O'Keefe on the MSM's wall of silence:

[url= the mainstream media's shameful failure to cover #IdleNoMore[/url]


Good to see that [url=]Al Jazeera[/url] is more in tune with important news in Canada than Canadian mainstream media.



I plan on visiting Ottawa this week and dropping off some wood and other items.

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#IdleNoMore - VANCOUVER in solidarity with OTTAWA

Friday, December 21, 2012

11:00am until 1:30pm

Vancouver Art Gallery

750 Hornby Street



Sunday, December 23, 2012

10:00am until 1:00pm

Vancouver Art Gallery

750 Hornby Street

Rally to STOP Bill C-45
This gathering will be to bring information forward in regards to the implications of what this means to the people and the earth. Many women living in the area are involved in putting together this gathering. we will give thanks to the creator, and speak to the issues. Ocean Side Dakota Drum will sing for our Mother Earth. We are asking that the people make signs, invite your family and friends, ask non-indigenous peoples to come and hear what is going on and to support us in our Legal right to fight for our lands, the waters the air. If we are in solidarity, if we stand with one another and only think about the future generations and the responsibility we have to them we will not fail. We are all our relations voice at this time.

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First Nations “war drums” will “ring loudly” if Attawapiskat Chief Spence dies: Nepinak

The “long silent war drums” of First Nations people will pound again if Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence dies from her hunger strike, says the head of Manitoba’s largest chiefs organization.

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Chief Derek Nepinak issued the statement Sunday, the same day Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo released an open letter calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Gov. Gen. David Johnston to agree to Spence’s demand and meet with First Nations leaders to discuss the treaties.

Spence is into her sixth day of a hunger strike and she’s spending her days and nights in a teepee on Victoria Island which sits in the Ottawa River and in the shadow of the Supreme Court of Canada and Parliament Hill. Temperatures in Ottawa hovered between -6C and -10C over the weekend....


Round dance during Saturday’s Sandy Bay First Nation Trans-Canada blockade in Manitoba.


#Idle No More: Support The Fight For Native Rights!

Stand With Toad, Six Nations Land Defender - Tuesday, 18 December, 2012

Rides leave from Keele Subway Station at 12:00 PM

More Info:


Treaty Six Chiefs reject C-45:

As Indigenous Nations, the Confederacy of Treaty No. 6 First Nations do not recognize laws and enactments of the Government of Canada, including but not limited to Bill C-45, which do not fulfill their constitutionally recognized and affirmed Treaty and Aboriginal rights; as well as the Crown’s legal obligations to meaningfully consult and accommodate First Nations.

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On P&P, one of the guests - I forget who - said John Duncan dismissed Idle No More as a "social media phenomenon" and nothing more. I see a confrontation brewing.

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It’s Political Unrest. No, It’s a Resurgence


The movement has begun, as we see a united front of our indigenous nations with their fists raised in the presence of waving flags.  We are in a critical time- a time where you recognize microphones and megaphones waiting to be utilized to motivate, inspire, and rally our people.  It is legitimate to say that a sleeping giant of Indigenous presence has been prodded by the pitchfork of Canadian legislation.  The blankets of comfort have been ripped off our people as many are awakening to the realities of the state of our Indigenous nationhood....


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..awesome video!!!!

FlashMob2 #IdleNoMore #CornwallCenter #Rg

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Driftpile Cree Nation launched Idle No More Alberta highway blockade

In Alberta, Driftpile Cree Nation members also held a peaceful blockade of a major highway running through their community this past weekend.

Organizers say they want to show their support of the Idle No More movement in opposition to Bill C-45 and to bring awareness that all Canadians are being impacted by the proposed bill.


Idle No More protests continue, from one community to another

Hundreds more took the streets in Lethbridge and Regina as part of the ongoing protests against Bill C-45.

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Blocking the 401 in Ontario

Welcome to Indian Country!

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News Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                               

18 December 2012

Thousands expected at Ottawa protest on Friday

First Nations people and their supporters are uniting under the banner Idle No More against the federal government’s changes to legislation which will affect treaties and traditionally used lands.

At noon on Friday, December 21st, a grassroots led protest is expected to attract thousands of Aboriginal people to a ceremony at Victoria Island, who will then march in solidarity on to Parliament Hill. Idle No More Ottawa will feature voices from many nations and political stripes in a speakers rally that will last until dusk. 

The peaceful event page, which organizers simply posted on facebook and twitter, has elicited support for change from around what’s known as Turtle Island and follows several similar protests held across Canada.

On the following page is a timeline and speakers list for Idle No More Ottawa.

Here is a link for Idle No More Ottawa on facebook:

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Idle No More protest brings more than 1,000 to the street in London

They halted traffic for 90 minutes on Canada’s busiest highway Wednesday, more than 1,000 protesters from area First Nations. They’re part of a grassroots movement — Idle No More — gaining momentum across Canada....



I am so excited about this movement.  Thank You.  

Hope to see in my neighbourhood soon.


gr8 to see all this!!!!!!!!

media in Canada is a big problem. the pipelines pay them millions to vomit propaganda at us so they don't say a thing.

like yesterday there was a huge pipeline blow up in AB do we hear a thing? nope.

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Mapping Idle No More Teach-ins, blockades, rallies, flash mobs and hunger strike

click on this link.

Idle No More is a multi-faceted movement spear headed by First Nations communities to oppose several bills being pushed through parliament, including the Bill C-45, and to unite communities in their opposition to colonialism and its attacks on indigenous peoples, and damage to the land and water.....

Mapping Idle No More


Just finished listening to Gian Gomeshi's Friday media panel - it was all about coverage (or lack thereof) of Idle No More.  Media pundits were Judy Rebick (eloquent as always), a guy from TorStar, and some fascist from the Post.


I also found it odd that the CBC morning National news talked about protesters disrupting shoppers.

That's not how the round dances in shopping malls have been playing out here. It's more of a show of unity, an invitation to draw in others to the fact that while this is primarily about Native rights, it has a great effect on all of us.


... and that would be the well-dressed Jonathan Kay.





6079_Smith_W wrote:

I also found it odd that the CBC morning National news talked about protesters disrupting shoppers.

That's not how the round dances in shopping malls have been playing out here. It's more of a show of unity, an invitation to draw in others to the fact that while this is primarily about Native rights, it has a great effect on all of us.


... and that would be the well-dressed Jonathan Kay.

Ah yes, Jonathan "my suit costs more than you earn in a year" Kay.  

sknguy II

6079_Smith_W wrote:
I also found it odd that the CBC morning National news talked about protesters disrupting shoppers...

I caught a bit of Newsworld just a while ago and an Idle No More newsbite came on. The Reporter did a good job describing the movement and how, after "decades and centuries", it's boiled down to the need to reset the relationship. After the story they introed a newstory about how and where the Ikea monkey was going to spend Christmas Undecided. We all know how important Christmas is to Ikea monkeys... no pun intended. And, I mean no disrespect to the victims of crap "pet owners" but this story is becoming a bit symbolic for me at the sometimes farsical nature of popular media.


6079_Smith_W wrote:

I also found it odd that the CBC morning National news talked about protesters disrupting shoppers.



I was reading the feedback about the Idle No More protests on the NovaScotia highway on a CBC website and I feel it validates my opinion on roadblocks- they don't work. They actually do more to damage to this cause than anything else.


In the most general terms blocking off a highway pisses people off. A lot. Memebsr of for example will not only understand but sympathize and support these roadblocks.  It's not (and friends) who protesters need to get support from. It's the average day to day citizens who don't really know what the issues are about or haven't been educated yet.

Inconvieniencing them for 2 hours doesn't make them want to get home and read up about the issues it just annoys them.

Reading the comments from this CBC page   2 seem to support the protesters setting up roadblocks and 11 were upset or annoyed about it. I would say unsupportive.

Here are some key comments.

-I don't think delaying traffice will make the public more sympathetic to your cause. Just sayin.

-I am willing to listen to and consider anyone's point of view...until you block the way of people who are simply trying to carry on with their lives.

-Honestly. Timing is idiotic. Busiest travel day of the season. You eally think you won any hearts or minds for your cause?

-I spent two hours trying to find out what they were protesting and I'll be darned if I could. It is all very vague, especially here where the only treaties are peace and friendship. The very treaties they are breaking at the worst possible time to step onto a roadway. (No not Christmas. Dec 21, the darkest day of the year)

-1) making people angry cannot be a good way to gain their support

-So if I understand things, at least part of the idea here is to raise environmental awareness by causing hundreds of cars to sit or creep along the highway for long periods, burning fossil fuels inefficiently.


And a comment supporting the road blocks.

-What Harper is doing to Canada affects every Canadian, sadly it seems only the Native Canadians care enough to do anything about it. To everyone else they think it is a bit of inconvenience to sit in traffic a little longer. If everyone joined in the protest maybe harper would get the message that Canada belongs to all of us not just him.




If everyone joined the protest harper WOULD get the message I agree. The problem is  the average Canadian isn't going to support this when their first exposure to these issues is to sit and wait in traffic for 2 hours.  To you or I it may be a slight inconvienence for a bigger greater cause. To others it's a nail in the coffen whether they get on board or not.


Serviam6 wrote:

6079_Smith_W wrote:

I also found it odd that the CBC morning National news talked about protesters disrupting shoppers.



I was reading the feedback about the Idle No More protests on the NovaScotia highway on a CBC website and I feel it validates my opinion on roadblocks- they don't work. They actually do more to damage to this cause than anything else.


In the most general terms blocking off a highway pisses people off. A lot. Memebsr of for example will not only understand but sympathize and support these roadblocks.  It's not (and friends) who protesters need to get support from. It's the average day to day citizens who don't really know what the issues are about or haven't been educated yet.

Inconvieniencing them for 2 hours doesn't make them want to get home and read up about the issues it just annoys them.


I've never been under the assumption that roadblocks are intended to get the average citizen to care about an issue, because even if you have a majority or plurality of the public on your side, that doesn't necessarily force the government's hand. I've always thought of roadblocks as economic disruption. In an age of just-in-time delivery, blocking a highway can seriously fuck with a business' production schedule, and subsequently, their bottom line. I think the capitalists have more influence on the government than the average citizen, so if these disruptions start to effect their profits, [i]they're[/i] the ones who can put in a call to Stevie to tell him that he needs to do [i]something[/i] to address the situation.


ETA: I also think that at this point in our colonial history, First Nations folks just gotta do what they gotta do, regardless of what the people who post in the CBC comments section think. I mean, just yesterday there was a report on CBC Ottawa's website about the government of Ontario [i]finally[/i] reaching a draft agreement on a land claim with the Algonquins of Ontario. Much of eastern Ontario is unceded Alqonquin territory, and yet most of the comments were incredulous that the government was "giving away" our (i.e. settlers') land to the Algonquins, showing zero willingness to acknowledge that this was never "our" land to begin with.

I'm not saying that it's a good idea to deliberately allienate the general public, but I don't think First Nations folks should let our unwillingness to own up to our colonial past and present stand in the way of justice.


THe rest of the local coverage on CBC radio today - of events in Ottawa, and the demos in Saskatoon and Regina -  has actually been incredible, making the links between First Nations concerns, the fact that we are all signators to the Treaties, and that these issues affect us all.

And no mention at all about the "inconvenience" except one traffic tip that drivers might want to avoid downtown Saskatoon today.


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Idle No More: Interview with Darla Goodwin


vastly understated reporting of the actual demonstrations, which occurred all across the country, in both large and small communities

I noticed that this was the top news story on CBC (in the wee hours of the morning), but it still has more comments than any other so-called "news" on the corporate sites.

National chief urges Canadians to 'stand with us' (

First Nations Idle No More protests continue across Canada (

On eve of national ‘Idle No More’ protest, hunger-striking Attawapiskat chief pushes Harper to lead change (

‘We believe our future is at stake,’ Idle-No-More movement founder says (

Idle No More vs. Bill C-45: First Nations Leaders Launch National Protest In Ottawa As Movement Grows (

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Speaking of unceded native land in eastern Ontario, the ontario government has this on their website:

Overview: What is the Algonquin Land Claim About?

Land claim territory

The Algonquin land claim covers a territory of 36,000 square kilometres (8.9 million acres) that fall within the Ontario portion of the Ottawa and Mattawa River watersheds.

The area that is the subject of the Algonquin claim includes most of Algonquin Park as well as CFB Petawawa and the National Capital Region, including Parliament Hill.

Of the area within the claim territory, approximately 59 per cent is privately held patented land, 21 per cent of the land mass is within Algonquin Park, 16 per cent is land held by Ontario as public lands and by provincial Crown corporations, and four per cent is federal Crown land.

This is the geographically largest and one of the most complex native land claims in Ontario under active negotiation. More than a million people reside and work within the claim territory



Sean in Ottawa

Perhaps we can place for a moment, these circumstances in an international context.

If you compare Aboriginal people in Canada to other dispossessed, oppressed peoples around the world you notice something truly remarkable.

Aboriginal peoples in Canada tend to be of the most peaceful, most constructive, most desiring of a positive relationship with those people who have been oppressing them, most open-minded of alternatives and options through negotiation, most open to dialogues...

Idle No More may be a change in being more assertive. I hope it is and that it lasts but still it remains a positive movement which when you look at the global history of repression is extremely rare.

Canadians should welcome this and respond positively to the hands held out in peace and reconciliation. That Teresa Spence would arrive in Ottawa within sight of the Peace Tower and have to go on a hunger strike in order to get a meeting with the leaders of Canada is shameful. As the leader of her people she is on a hunger strike to get something that she was already entitled to have.

One of the challenges is the number of people who are ignoring this, not just the media, but ordinary Canadians who go about their day. Take a moment and register publicly everywhere you can your support for change, dialogue and immediate action on concrete issues. It matters. Don't let voices of reason be shouted down by bigots and small-minded greedy people. Even if the government of Canada cannot speak out and act in the interests of justice, the people who live here can. Be louder when the voices of intolerance and ignorance are loudest.

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The Aamjiwnaang First Nation are blocking the CN rail in support of the #idlenomore movement until Harper meets with Spence.

From a Facebook post: Aamjiwnaang Citizens are indicating they will continue the blockade until Chief Teresa Spence is granted a meeting with Prime Minister Harper, and there is recognition of the historical injustice inflicted upon the community. Following a community meeting this morning, and a meeting with the Mayor of Sarnia, Chief of Police and CN Rail representative, citizens of Aamjiwnaang have determined to maintain the blockade until community demands are met. Aamjiwnaang citizens are calling on all allies to come support the blockade. Bring WARM clothes and good intentions. Accepting food, wood and warm clothes donations

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Naomi Klein

As Chief Spence starves, Canadians awaken from idleness and remember their roots


But Chief Spence’s hunger is not just speaking to Mr. Harper. It is also speaking to all of us, telling us that the time for bitching and moaning is over. Now is the time to act, to stand strong and unbending for the people, places and principles that we love.

This message is a potent gift. So is the Idle No More movement – its name at once a firm commitment to the future, while at the same time a gentle self-criticism of the past. We did sit idly by, but no more....


A demonstration / ceremony at the pine woods - la pinède - at the heart of the Oka protest over 20 years ago (my, how time passes, eh?)

Local Mohawks protesting at the site of the Oka Crisis (the Pine forest that was to be made into a golf course):

Funny thinking how long ago that was. We cycled down to the Hydro-Québec headquarters (also the office of the Québec PM) after work, and some of us travelled to Oka when we could to show our solidarity with the cause. It was funny how the Zapatistas picked up on their Northern cousins' fashion sense some time after... Long time ago, that. These were important milestones in the re-emergence of an Indigenous movement throughout the Americas and beyond. 

Don't hesitate to comment - the first comments were quite good, but the usual mouthbreathing crew has come along to tar Indigenous demands. Yes, of course there are corrupt chiefs and gangs using Native demands for their own purposes, but those are hardly limited to Aboriginal communities...

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thread drift...

as of dec 21st the zapatistas are back : see video

 “to be heard, we march in silence”

...end thread drift.

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture's some aptn video. good to see settler support.

Kahnawake takes to Mercier Bridge in Idle No More rally

For one hour this morning the Mohawks of Kahnawake peacefully shut down an on ramp to the Mercier Bridge near Montreal.

They want to show solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence and put more pressure on the government.



Not thread drift at all - just a bit of a geographical shift southwards. Magnificent. 

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There's good comments. I'll be adding mine when I retrieve my CBC password.


AIM Co-Founder, Elder Clyde Bellecourt Arrested at Idle No More Protest in Minneapolis

"A peaceful flash mob round-dance organized to bring attention to the Idle No More movement from Canada ended with the arrest of Clyde Bellecourt..."

Free Elder Bellecourt!

Email to Minn Governor Mike Dayton

[email protected]


One tiny article on stupid, ignorant comments...Frown 


I missed that one as I think it only appeared in the Ontario regional site of Radio-Canada (which does not include Ottawa). But I can't abide the racist anti-Indigenous comments these articles always attract, even on CBC and Radio-Canada. 

I just "liked" the decent comments and "de-liked" the racist, ignorant crap. 

Mohawk people and friends staged a round-dance flash mob at a shopping mall in Lasalle (southwestern Montréal). They didn't disrupt shoppers, by the way... 


Further to lagatta's post:

#IdleNoMore Flash Mob Round Dance Angrignon


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Published on Dec 25, 2012

On December 23rd, 2012 we the people took to the Park Royal shopping center which is located on Coast Salish territory to show our solidarity with IdleNoMore. We drummed and sang songs while playing hands games as well. What a great day and way. #Idlenomore.!

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[url= No More is a Christmas gift to us all[/url]

Instead of big signs of advertising for perfumes and shampoos, Idle No More is filling our shopping malls with posters and signs against Harper. I’m incredibly inspired by the young Indigenous women who began Idle No More to not only build in opposition to Bill C-45, which would reduce protections over waterways, but also to build a revolution for Indigenous sovereignty and to defend the earth. Idle No More is exposing the ruthlessness of the Harper government. Chief Theresa Spence is risking her life for all of us. Harper is letting Chief Spence starve, refusing to meet the simple ask of a meeting. But the strength and resolve of this leader in her 14th day without food is galvanizing opposition.


But, for the first time ever, I shared the joy of democratic demonstration with my family — my Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, and brother-in-law. There was nothing more special than huddling near the sacred fire with my brother in-law to listen to a former soldier speak in support of Idle No More. There was nothing better than making signs with my grandpa that read: “Harper, have you packed your bags yet?” and “Support Aboriginal Rights”. What an incredible joy!

Many gifts, think laptops and iPods, often make me feel further away from the people who are dear to me. But by joining in Idle No More, I feel closer now to my family and closer to a place of shared understanding.

And in the wake of the Idle No More demo we’d just participated in, at our family dinner this year, we didn’t just talk about the gravy, but about the ugliness and destructiveness of some of our history and our reality, and the incredible opportunity of this moment to be part of creating a brave and bright future for us all.

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 Idle No More: Indigenous -Led Protests Sweep Canada for Native Sovereignty and Environmental Justice - Democracy Now (and vid)

"...We, First Nations people, have been subsidizing the wealth, prosperity, programs and services of Canada from our lands and resources,' Palmater says, and that's the reality here that most people don't understand..."


MNN: Idle No More MapQuest

"As Sitting Bull said, 'Money soon gone but land is forever'...No one in the world can stop us from becoming free."

ilha formosa

I agree with everything Serviam6 said in post #25 about how roadblocks hurt more than help the cause of Idle No More, especially with such bad timing.  A highway or railway is blocked during the busy Christmas season - this gives ammunition to those who would say "You see, their demands are unreasonable."  

Sean in Ottawa wrote:
One of the challenges is the number of people who are ignoring this, not just the media, but ordinary Canadians who go about their day.

Those not well informed of the issues (ie, most Canadians, busy with their lives and inundated by corporate media) then become less inclined to support indigenous causes.  

The more confrontational, and violent, protests become, the more it helps Harper.


It seems that they have been following advice like yours for sometime but they are now choosing to be Idle No More.  Being civil gave them Harper ripping up their treaty rights. Most Canadian settlers merely think that they stole the natives land ages ago so why the fuss now.  Maybe if they get stuck in traffic they might give it at least one thought because without the protests FN's were sure not getting a mass outpouring of support from their settler neighbours.


More happening here in Québec - no longer only the Mohawk Nation. There have been actions in Québec City, in Mikmaq towns in the Gaspé (as among Maritime Mikmaq) and I just heard about an event in the tiny Wendake reserve (I have friends there):

And at this Innu reserve in Lac Saint-Jean! 

Rally Dec 21 2012

Idle no more Mashteuiatsh
Manifestation contre la loi C-45 
21-12-2012 a 13h

Plus the Native Friendship Centre in Val d'Or, Abitibi!

Rally - Dec 21 2012Par le mouvement "Idle No More", les Premières Nations font entendre leur voix, en toute solidarité et de façon pacifique, afin d'exiger un respect de leurs droits et de l'obligation de consulter avant de faire des changements aux lois qui les concernent eux ou leurs territoires.

Le Centre d’amitié autochtone de Val-d’Or vous convie à joindre ce mouvement historique au cours d’une manifestation pacifique:

Manifestation « IDLE NO MORE » à Val-d’Or


peeps who are stating here road blocks don't help are no allies. neither here nor in society at large. 

maybe the same ones who are out there agreeing with the racists who want to continue stealing FN land and resources instead of calling them on it.

rail line gets blocked here all the time 'cause of avalanches or rock falls.  and omg in the busy season...too. how dare mother nature close the rail lines its Christmas!!!!!!!! ffs

 like the poor busnesses are more important than First Nations and their rights or what? like what are people thinkin when they say shit like that?