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Breaking News: USIsrael=NATO Designs A False Flag to Discredit Russia in Syria  -  by Christof Lehman


"According to an unnamed Russian military diplomat some of the allies behind the Syrian 'Opposition' are in the planning stages of a false flag operation to discredit the reputation of Russia as an honest broker in the Syrian crisis..."


Your Tax Dollars Fueling 'Al Qaeda' - Syrian Rebels Praise OBL (and vid)


Syrian girl explains...


'Mr Obama, Tear Down These Danctions!'  -  by Franklin Lamb


"A cri de coeur from a student at Damascus University.."

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 Syria rebels capture key Idlib airbase


Syrian opposition fighters have overrun Taftanaz airbase, the largest in northern Syria, after several days of fierce combat, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said.

Anti-government activists said fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) and other groups opposed to President Bashar al-Assad seized control of buildings, ammunition and military equipment in the sprawling Taftanaz airbase in northern Idlib province on Friday.

More big loses for Assad and more weapons and equipment for the rebels. The FSA had been fighting to take this base for three
months. When the international afiliated Islamist brigades joined in the fight they took it in about a week. The attached video even proves some of them are affiliated with al Qaida which are the the most experianced and hardest fighters in the rebel force opposing Assad.  

Notice how ineffective the Syrian air force was at bombing that airbase. They pretty much missed.


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Todays my 53rd birthday and your saying my kind and I are over the hill... Thanks man.Wink

Ouch, sorry I missed it... Happy birthday!


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Todays my 53rd birthday and your saying my kind and I are over the hill... Thanks man.Wink

Ouch, sorry I missed it... Happy birthday!


Bashar Assad, Iran's Red Line: Velayati


"Ali Akbar Velayati stressed that nobody outside Syria is allowed to decide for Assad to leave. Earlier on Sunday, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al Muallem said any discussion of the removal of Assad in a future transitional government is 'unacceptable'.."



The Bared Teeth of The Syrian War: Qatar Feels the Brunt


"The 'Arab Spring' instigated by Qatar and its allies in Syria is slowly but surely beginning to subside, and the real people behind the terrible spectacle known as the 'Syrian Revolution' are being mercilessly and cynically exposed. High ranking officials in Qatar who wished to remain anonymous told Arabic news agencies that the Qatar monarchy was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the Syrian rebels and the Syrian opposition.

Widespread instances of bribery and the dissipation of funds by rebel leaders, who are spending more and more of their time in hotels in Turkey, Europe, countries in the Gulf and Egypt instead of performing combat missions are responsible for this change in the attitude towards those behind the Syrian revolution.

To avoid its funds going up in smoke, Qatar has decided to dole them out on the basis of the actions carried out. As a result, the FSA began staging its most spectacular and deadly attacks to the detriment of its real military objectives..."


West Wants No End to Syria Crisis: Chandan (and vid)


"An analyst says the Western countries do not want the ongoing crisis in Syria to come to an end so that they can use it as a 'feeding ground' for terrorists across the region."


Syria Has Right To Use Chemical Weapons Against NATO Invasion: Scott Rickard (and vid)


"Assad's been extremely patient not using them up to this point but he has every right to use them in the event that NATO forces continue their illegal attack on Syria..."

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Chemical weapons for Assad are a paper tiger and a trap all rolled into one. They will do him no good in the end and using them would only guarantee his demise.

Seeing how NATO has trained to fight in a chemical environment for over 50 years against massive chemical attacks from the Soviet Union then Russia Assad, using his limited arsenal with his ever more limited delivery systems, would do little to stop or impede the advance of modern NATO ground forces. He’d more than likely end up killing his own people, including his own soldiers than any NATO soldier rolling into Syria (which is not going to happen).




kropotkin1951 wrote:

  ... Syria was not a failed state until the Western powers and their Saudi allies became involved.   The people have already spoken in a referendum last year saying they want a new constitution and new elections based on it.  The foreign backed terrorists refuse to do anything except fight until the country is a replica of Libya and Iraq. 

just curious: what was your employment before taking that post in the Assad press office?


kropotkin1951 wrote:

  ... Syria was not a failed state until the Western powers and their Saudi allies became involved.   The people have already spoken in a referendum last year saying they want a new constitution and new elections based on it.  The foreign backed terrorists refuse to do anything except fight until the country is a replica of Libya and Iraq. 

just curious:

what was your employment history before taking that post in the Assad press office?


Syria: Islamist Nusra Front GIves BBC Exclusive Interview (and vid)


"It is widely believed in ALeppo that the bread shortage was caused by the FSA stealing flour to sell elsewhere. An FSA officer confirmed as much when I asked him if this had been done by individual fighters or was ordered by commanders to fund their operations.

'Both,' he said, 'including my own brigade', He added ruefully: 'We are all thieves.'

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Also from the above article...


The United States calls you a terrorist group, I said.

"The West is afraid of our long beards - even though the Jews grow their
beards, too.

"Muslims are portrayed in the West as savages. The West is conspiring against

"When the US placed us on their list of terrorists, it did us no harm, it
elevated our reputation. The Syrian people hate the American government. Thanks
be to God, we consider this a medal of honour."

Are you al-Qaeda, I asked.

"We both use the same language, the same terminology as we are all Arabic
speakers. But there is no connection [between Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaeda] - we
are Syrians."

What if the US and others wanted to bomb the regime?

"We are not campaigning for or against this. Of course, if they destroy the
regime's military posts, that is in our favour. But we don't want an
intervention because we are the people of this country and we are able to defend
our own country."


Syria: Subversion Stalls While Government Succeeds With Reconciliation and Reforms  -  by Christof Lehman


"A successful subversion of the Syrian government by militants becomes increasingly unlikely.."

howeird beale

Russian prime minister suggests Syrian president's days could be numbered, according to interview transcript


"I think that with every day, every week and every month the chances of his preservation are getting smaller and smaller,"



howeird beale



Noam Chomsky: 'Assad is Facing Assassination No Matter What'


"Syria is moving towards a kind of suicide and there doesn't seem to be any easy way out..."


Israeli Warplanes Bomb Research Center Near Damascus (and vid)


"The Syrian army's general command issued a statement saying that the airstrike was launched by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) against a military research center in Jamraya, rural Damascus. 'Israeli fighter jets violated our airspace at dawn today adn carried out a direct strike on a scientific research center in charge of raising our level of resistance and self-defense,' SANA quoted the army statement as saying.

The strike caused material damage to the center and a nearby building, killing two workers and wounding five others, the statement added. The Israeli warplanes flew low to evade radar detection and 'snuck in from the north of Al-Shakh Mountain,' according to the report, which called the strike a 'blatant act of aggression,' against Syria and accused Israel of supporting terrorism in the country..."

Just think, if Canada's present Israeli military attache in Ottawa, Eden Attias, was still commanding IAFB Nevatim, from whence this bona fide warcriminal involved himself in the bombing of Gaza and the attack upon the Mavi Marmara, he could now add Syria to his list of warcriminal accomplishments. This doesn't bode well for Syria, since the Zios never ever attack anyone who may actually be capable of fighting back...Has Mulcair, 'an ardent supporter of Israel in all situations and circumstances' extended his congratulations yet?

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I think that was only half the stoy...

Israel bombs Hizbullah-bound Syrian military convoy


Regional security officials said the strike, which occurred overnight on Tuesday, targeted a site near the Lebanese border, while a Syrian army statement said it destroyed a military research centre northwest of the capital, Damascus. They appeared to be referring to the same incident.

US officials said the target was a truck convoy that Israel believed was carrying sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons bound for Hizbullah in Lebanon. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak about the operation.

Regional officials said the shipment included sophisticated Russian-made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles, which if acquired by Hizbullah would be “game-changing,” enabling the militants to shoot down Israeli jets, helicopters and surveillance drones. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to brief the media.

In a statement, the Syrian military denied the existence of any such shipment and said a scientific research facility outside Damascus was hit by the Israeli warplanes.

Looks like they hit the convoy AND the site the convoy came from (a military reseach center).



So all reports agree that Israel committed an unprovoked act of war against Syria.

I too am interested to hear what our government and the rest of parliament will have to say about this blatant aggression.



I'm going to ask the mods to change the title of this thread to something like "Syria" or "The War in Syria", unless someone has a better idea. The current title was grossly inaccurate when the thread was opened, and it just looks dumb now.


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kropotkin1951 wrote:

So all reports agree that Israel committed an unprovoked act of war against Syria.

Yes, Israel actually violated several nations, Lebanon and Syria, airspace to do this.

Also just in...

Syria warns of "surprise" response to Israel attack


 Syria warned on Thursday of a possible "surprise" response to Israel's attack on its territory and Russia condemned the air strike as an unprovoked violation of international law.

 Damascus could take "a surprise decision to respond to the aggression of the Israeli warplanes", Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul-Karim Ali said a day after Israel struck against Syria.

 "Syria is engaged in defending its sovereignty and its land," Ali told a website of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Syria and Israel have fought several wars and in 2007 Israeli jets bombed a suspected Syrian nuclear site, without a military response from Damascus.

Assad has a problum: he has to look strong but he can ill afford a conflict with Israel that will drain allot of his conventional forces from the fight with the rebels. Both his elite armored (tank) divisions are currently engaged in fighting in southern Syria. They are doing a good job of it but if they have to devert back to sitting on the boarder things in southern Syria could change towards the rebels.

Iran and Russia have also condemed the attack but I doubt they will help Syria attack Israel over this.


Seems to me that Israel is trying to provoke a counter attack and that would likely trigger a NATO military response.  NATO probably wouldn't even bother going to the UN for a new fig leaf to cover its naked aggression.

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It could well be but so far Assad has been smart enough to avoid any traps set for him.

We’ll have to see what the “surprise action” Syria might take is; I can only speculate as to what it might be.


Thread title changed, as requested.


Israeli Attack on Syria Sought to Provoke Retaliation: Franklin Lamb (and vid)


"An analyst says Washington green-lighted the recent Israeli attack near Damascus because the US cannot win a proxy war in Syria and needs to provoke direct retaliation to go to hot war status.."


US-Israeli Claims on Syria Full of Inconsistencies (and vid)



The Suffering in Syria  -  by James Abourezk


"The US can end the pain by ending its interference.."

'If you want to have real sanctions that work, you have to do it where it hurts' - Helene Laverdiere NDP


Oil Prices Hit New High After Israeli Attack on Syrian Research Center



Israeli Attack: Desperate Bid to Save Failed Syrian Campaign  -  by Tony Cartalucci


"Israel should be expected to commit to increasingly desperate acts to provoke Syria and Iran..."



Israeli Airstrike on Syria (and vid)


With George Galloway MP


NATO Missiles in Turkey Will Facilitate Western Military Interventions (and vid)


Interview with Ken Stone, Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War


International and Arab Condemnation of Israeli Aggression on Syria


"If the reports are true, then we are facing unjustified assaults on the territories of an independent and sovereign country, which constitutes a blatant violation of the UN Charter whatever the justification,' the Russian Federation said in a statement on Thursday. The Arab League condemned it as 'an outrageous aggression.'


Israel Deliberating Further Strikes on Syria - Reports


"Various reports have indicated that the Israeli military warned Washington prior to the attack. Citing US officials, Time magazine reported on Friday that 'multiple targets' had been struck by the Israeli aerial assault, and that Israel received a 'green light' to execute such strikes in the future..."


Israel-US And Their Puppets Co-Plotted Strikes in Syria: Ralph Schoenman (and vid)


"A political commentator tells Press TV that the Israeli airstrike on Syria's soil is a premeditated and joint action by the US and Israel.."


Israel Aims to Destabilize Syria with Jamraya Strike: Assad


"In a letter to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said Thursday that 'Israel and those who protect it at the UNSC are fully responsible for the repercussions of this aggression.' Also on Thursday, Syria called on the Security Council to issue a 'clear condemnation of the flagrant Israeli attack on the territories of a sovereign state and the Israeli violation of the UN Charter, international law, the 1974 Agreement on Disengagement...and the relevant UNSC resolutions..."

Israel and FSA Proxies Attack Syria - 'Retaliate or Perish!'


Mimi al-Laham - Syria Partisan Girl: "The Israeli attack against Syria, what may have happened, and what I believe Syria should do about it. The treasonous complicity between Israel and the FSA in the destruction of Syria and her defences. Retaliate or perish!"


Israel, al Qaeda, Two Sides of Syria Crisis: Analyst (and vid)


"The Israeli regime and the terrorist group of al-Qaeda are two sides of the turmoil that has gripped Syria for more than 22 months, an analyst says. Israel is planning on making a buffer zone stretching 10 miles inside Syria. Interview with analysts including Eric Draitser of Stop Imperialism."


The Volatility of Gas, Geo-Politics and the Greater Middle East


"...The root cause for the attempted subversion of Syria is the $10 B USD PARS gas pipeline project from Iran, via Iraq and Syria to the Eastern Mediterranean Coast. The most important factors are the political leverage Iran would acquire if it, together with Russsia, provided more than %40 of the gas consumed in the EU over the coming 100-120 years, and a US and UK attempt to sabotage the further integration of the continental European and Russian national economies and energy sectors.

Both high ranking members of the Workers Party Turkey and retired Turkish military officers accuse the AKP government of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of being involved in the implementation of the Greater Middle East Project developed by the RAND Corporation for the US Defense Department in 1996. This plan includes the 'balkanization' of Turkey into smaller states. We discussed a possible plan to establish a NATO corridor from Turkey to India..."


A 'Kurdish Corridor' To Be Set Up by the US & Israel


"Those who decided to establish a 'Kurdish Corridor' are the USA and Israel. These two are after fragmenting Syria. An advisor to Obama wrote that Syria was to be divided into 4 in the forthcoming period (NYT)..."


Israel Violates Lebanon Airspace to Attack Syria



KSA: UN Council Must Not Fail Syrians, Palestinians


"...The king added: 'The international community, especially the Security Council, has to take necessary measures and decisions to deter these crimes and violence against the Syrian people and achieve the transfer of power by all possible means. The Security Council is the international entity in charge of bringing about international peace and security..."


Mali, Egypt, Syria, Algeria Analysis: Part 1 - Sheikh Imran Hosein (and vid)


This regional overview from an Islamist perspective, includes Syria at approximately 10:00 minutes


Part 2 OIC Islamic Nations Bow Down to Zionists: Sheikh Imran Hosein (and vid)


"But these leaders do not represent the views of the Muslim People. Iran was one of the few countries at the OIC to voice reservations on referring Syria to the UNSC. (The UN is not an Islamic body)"


NATO Proxies Back Pedal - Seek Negotiations With Syrian Government (and vid)


Interview with analyst Webster Griffin Tarpley


Foreign Backed Militants Losing Momentum Across Syria (and vid)


Interview with analyst Webster Griffin Tarpley


American Fighting with FSA in Syria (and vid)



45 People, Mostly Women and Children Kidnapped in Syria


"A group of armed men have attacked a bus in Syria and kidnapped 45 people, mostly women and children..."

Don't worry Canada, they're on our side..


'ICC Is The Enemy of Liberty' (and vid)


"UN investigators call on the Security Council to refer Syrian leaders to tlhe ICC over allegations of war crimes. But observers who spoke to RT warn that such treatment of Assad and his government will only see a replay of the Yugoslavia War tribunal..."


Turkey Bolstering al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq (and vid)


"An analyst says that Turkey's Erdogan is hell-bent on winning the role of the former dictator of Egypt in the ME by instigating sectarianism..The comments came as Turkey has reportedly struck a massive oil and gas agreement with Iraqi's Kurdistan Regional Government.."


53 People Killed, Over 200 Injured in Damascus Car Bomb Blast (and vid)


"At least 53 people have been killed and over 200 wounded in a massive car bomb blast that hits the Syrian capital of Damascus, according to Syrian state TV." Commentary by analyst Tariq Ali


US Blocks UN Resolution Condemning Damascus Terror Bombings  -  by Alex Lantier


"Yesterday, the US officially blocked a Russian-sponsored resolution at the United Nations Security Council condemning Thurday's multiple terror bombings in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Whatever tactical differences exist in Washington over how extensively to arm Al Qaeda and the broader, Islamist-dominated Syrian opposition, the US government stands behind terrorism and mass murder as tools of its Middle East policy..."


New Video Shows Syrian Militants' War Crimes (and vid)


but don't worry they're on our side...



Israeli Licence to Cheney-Linked Energy Firm on Golan Heights Raises Eyebrows  -  by Jim Lobe


"...Israel has reportedly granted a US energy firm with heavyweight political connections to explore for oil and gas in the occupied Golan Heights. The company is a local subsidiary of New Jersey-based Genie Energy Ltd. The Strategic Advisory Board of another subsidiary, Genie Oil and Gas, includes former VP Dick Cheney, media magnate Rupert Murdoch, and former Republican Rep. Jim Carter.

It also includes several prominent investment managers, such as Jacob Rothschild, chairman of the J Rothschild group, and Michael Steinhardt, a major contributor to Jewish and Zionist causes, notably Birthright Israel, a multi-million dollar program to bring young Diaspora Jews to Israel.

The granting of the licence by Israel's Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, which was initially reported by Dow Jones Thursday, comes amidst continuing civil war in Syria, which has demanded the return of the Heights, since Israel took them in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war..."


US-Led Militants Committing Worst Human Rights Violations: Mimi al Lahan (and vid)


"It's ironic that the West is painting this insurgency as if it's a democratic struggle against human rights violations when they are responsible for even worse human rights violations


Damascus Ready For Talks With Armed Groups


"The Syrian government is ready for negotiations with the opposition, including armed groups, Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said while in Moscow for talks. The opposition is divided with rebels refusing to talk until President Assad steps down..."


US State Department's 'Syriasly' Campaign Reaches New Levels of Absurdity  -  by Michael Cartalucci


"While the West and its Arab partners, the brutally autocratic regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are now admittedly funneling heavy weapons to Al Qaeda's stronghold in Daraa, southern Syria, the US State Department and its extensive network of faux NGO's funded by the same corporate-financier interests that write its policy, have rolled out a front organization they call 'Syriasly'..."


Washington Escalates Syrian Bloodbath  -  by Bill Van Auken


"Meeting in Rome with so-called Friends of Syria - [Canada,] fellow NATO powers and the reationary Syrian monarchies of the Gulf states - Washington's new Secretary of State John Kerry, announced on Monday, that for the first time the US will begin funneling 'non lethal' aid directly to the armed militias seeking the overthrow of President Bashar al Assad.

'We're doing this, but other countries are doing other things,' Kerry explained."


NATO States Signal Direct Intervention In Syria: Russian Scholar


"Friends of Syria decisions herald direct Western intervention..."


Why Israel Should Think Before Attacking Lebanon  -  by Hassan Nasrallah (and vid)


"In a speech made on the 16 of February, 2013, in Beirut to the honor of Hezbollah martyrs, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has responded to those who believe they could attack Lebanon during the Syrian crisis. 'Lebanon is no longer a picnic ground for Israel..."


'Slamming Syrian Reform, But Backing Saudi Arabian Regime, US Unmasks Own Hypocrisy' (and vid)


"...It's very interesting to compare US policy towards Syria with that of Saudi Arabia. Because last February, the Syrian government announced a new democratic constitution that was going to allow a multi-party system, free elections and etc. And what was the US response? It denounced it as a 'sham': 'President Assad is playing games.'

It was dismissed entirely. And the Saudis haven't done anywhere near as much as that in terms of democratic reforms and yet the US has praised Saudi Arabia. So I think it shows - if you compare Syria and Saudi Arabia - the glaring hypocrisy of the US..."


Syria Militants in Cahoots with Israel: Analyst (and vid)


"An analyst says that the Syrian nation must be informed that the armed rebels are working hand in hand with their Zionist enemy.."


Syrian Militants in Tremendous Disarray (and vid): Tarpley


"Foreign backed militant groups in Syria have fallen into tremendous disarray says an Amerian author..."


Arab League Authorizes Arms to Syrian Rebels  -  by Jason Ditz


"Intense debate at the Arab League today ended with a resolution pushed by Qatar primarily, to authorize member nations to provide arms to Syrian rebels for the purpose of regime change. The resolution also invited the rebels to take the Syrian government's former seat at the League.

The resolution was pushed by members of the Saudi-led GCC, while Iraq, Lebanon and Algeria opposed it and refused to endorse the final statement.

In other news, Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague  has announced his own nation will engage in 'active efforts' to back Syria's rebels after the EU relaxed an arms embargo on the nations. This will include providing the rebels with armored vehicles and body armor."


Guardian Exposes West-Jordan-Syria Axis...But Only 15 Months Late  -  by Sibel Edmonds (and vid)


"Syria and censorship a la Mainstream - Quasi Alternative Media..."


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