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Commemorating More Than 18 Years of Terrorism in Central Africa - by Keith Harmon Snow

"Eighteen years after the historic '100 days of genocide' in Rwanda, the US Government has produced never-before-seen-images to support the genocide extradition trial of a former Rwandan now US citizen in New Hampshire (USA). The existence of satellite imagery from 1994 would enable the 'international community' to further explore heretofore hidden facts about the double presidential assassinations of April 6, or massacres committed before, during and after 1994.

As the world commemorates the official Rwanda genocide story on the 18th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide, the people of Central Africa continue to suffer the brutal terrorism of the Kagame military regime [that Canada helped install!].

Instead of celebrating, we should be asking: who are the real victims, who are the real crimnals, and what really happened in Rwanda."


'O Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo?' - Shakespeare


Imperialism and the Political Crisis in Mali: Is Foreign Intervention Possible? - by Abayomi Azikiwe

"Junta leader requests assistance in defeating secessionist movement, Islamists in the north.."


The Looting of Nigeria  - by Thomas Mountain

"As Western oil companies loot some $140 Billion a year of Nigeria's black gold two thirds of the country's 100 million people live on less than $2 a day..."


Good Riddance to the African-Hater on the International Criminal Court (ICC)  -  by Glen Ford

"For nine years, Luis Moreno Ocampo has dedicated the resources of the ICC to the exclusive task of prosecuting Africans. In the process, he has actively fomented imperial war on the continent and encouraged the breakdown of fundamental principles of international law. He ends his term in office as he began it, as a lawyer for neocolonialism.."


Thnx NDPP, Wink

Kenya has discovered more oil reserves And so Gladio-style terror is spreading.

George Saitoti was the Kenyan security minister dealing with attacks in Kenya blamed on the 'CIA-linked' Shabab terrorists.

Kenya's troops have been fighting Shabaab in neighbouring Somalia since October 1011.

Saitori was also involved in the CIA's rendition programme.

Nigeria has oil. And so Gladio-style terror is spreading...


Fidel wrote:

Thnx NDPP, Wink



here's the link:


US Escalates Military Penetration of Africa  -  by Glen Ford

"The Americans are preparing to establish a network of bases in Africa, initially to serve a 3,000 troop roving brigade to be deployed on the continent, next year. The brigade has all the markings of a permanent presence on African soil.."


Canada Could Be Drawn into Mali Civil War

"Canada faces the possibility of being dragged into a new war against Islamic extremists - in the West African nation of Mali, where al-Qaida insurgents have taken over the north of the country and declared independence. The Conservative government says Canada is ready to provide support as calls for military intervention grew Thursday over fears the takeover gives the jihadists a base of operations, plus airports and military equipment from which they can launch attacks across the region and against Western targets.."

what they don't say is that the Tuareg people's largely successfull independence battle to eject the Malian occupation and take back  traditional territories is being used to advance the imperial drive into north Africa secured by the NATO regime change operation  in Libya.


Mali, Al Qaeda and the US Neo-Colonial Agenda  -  by Eric Draitser

"...Recent developments in Mali illustrate both the way in which the US and its Western allies directly project military and political power, as well as the role of terrorism as a necessary pretext for imperialist, neo-colonial domination.l It has become clear that the US has now managed to successfully destabilize West Africa and achieve many of its long-term strategic objectives in the region.."


Thanks NDPP. From Draitser's American-Qa'eda-o-rama in the Maghreb:

US Objectives
The US imperialist ruling class has a multitude of reasons for their desire to destabilize the Sahel and Africa more broadly. First and foremost is the desire to block the continued Chinese economic penetration of the continent. It is no secret that China has become, by far, the most significant investor in Africa. With the mutually beneficial arrangements wherein China engages in large-scale economic development while receiving, in return, access to raw materials, the Chinese have entrenched themselves in many African nations. Because of this, the United States must find ways to slow down or stop altogether these relations by any means necessary.

1. Prevent Chinese investment in Africa

2. Keep them down and out, divided and poverty-stricken.

3. Murder all hope for a better life for Africans in general.

That's imperialism.

ETA: Africa's leaders held the Summit of African nations in Beijing for the first time a few years ago and vowed never again to meet in a western country to discuss trade and investment. I believe the Washington consensus is falling apart. A new world order really is in the making apparently.


NDPP wrote:

The Looting of Nigeria  - by Thomas Mountain

"As Western oil companies loot some $140 Billion a year of Nigeria's black gold two thirds of the country's 100 million people live on less than $2 a day..."

Add to that the destruction of the Niger delta and the expulsion and murder of the Ogoni people who are indigenous to the region.  All applauded by Western Oil and their political buddies in the West.  Security firms hired by these oil companies happily kidnap, disappear and murder activists at the behest of both their employers and the Nigerian government.  Anyone who speaks out against this grotesque injustice runs the risk of being charged with some trumped up charge and executed.

Dutch Shell Oil has, historically, been the worst of the bunch and set the precedent for environmental destruction and human rights abuses when they first began exploration and extraction, but many more Western oil companies have jumped on board the gravy train.


Ethiopian Regime Crumbling: Enter CIA  - by Thomas Mountain

"...With the end of Ethiopia as a regional power and policeman on the beat for the imperial interests of the USA all bets are off in the Horn of Africa and America will be left to scramble for a solution to maintain their control of one of the most critically strategic areas of the world."


DRC and ICC: New Developments

"...An example of the evidence in the hands of the ICTR, (the Hourigan Report being another cited above) is the testimony of defence witness Abdul Ruzibiza, a former officer of the RPF, who testified in the Military 1 trial that teh assassination of the Rwanda and Burundi presidents in 1994 was planned and committed by the Rwandan Patriotic Front under command of current President Kagame and that he was a member of the shoot down team..."

Canada's Louise Arbour and Romeo Dallaire deeply and disgracefully involved in this...


Low Intensity Warfare in Africa  - by Keith Harmon Snow

"The US 'policy wonks' behind covert warfare and Humanitarian Fascism, Part 1 of 2.

see the complete essay and relevent interviews also at:

Canada of course is with the predators...



How The Marikana Movement Stunned Neoliberal South Africa  -  by Patrick Bond

"How long can the amazing upsurge of class struggle in South Africa go on? Living here 22 years, I've never witnessed such a period of vibrant, explosive but uncoordinated worker militancy. For some, this is potentially the breakthrough event that independent progressives have sought, so as to unveil the intrinsic anti-social tendancies associated with the ANC-Alliance's elite transition from revolutionaries to willing partners of some of the world's most wicked corporations..."


Clinton Visit to Algeria Prepares War in Mali  -  by Kumaran Ira

"...Preparations for another war are proceeding in defiance of public opinion in both France and the US, which is hostile to wars in Afghanistan and Libya and the ongoing proxy war in Syria. Washington and Paris, cynically present their plans for war in Mali as part of the so-called war on terror..."

John Baird has also indicated probable Canadian involvement..


War is Peace

"Francophonie summit exposes Canada's hypocrisy towards the Congo. Mining companies - including many Canadian firms - have allegedly been complicit in the civil war in the DRC..."


A Second Wave of Genocide Looms in Congo, with Susan Rice on Point

"Susan Rice is a woman of ghastly accomplishments: suppressor of the facts on genocide in Congo, and chief US warmonger in Africa. Susan Rice has abetted the Congo genocide for much of her political career.."


US Deploying Troops to 35 Countries

"The US Army will deploy troops to nearly three-dozen African nations in the coming year, citing a growing threat from extremist groups, including those with ties to Al Qaeda..."

Watch for Canada to render support: 'Ready aye ready!' And for Canadians to barely notice or care...


The War on Terror Spreads to Africa - US Sends Troops to 35 African Nations

"In a must-watch interview, Dan Collins of the China Money Report agrees that the purpose of the deployment is to challenge China's rising prominence in Africa.."


Canada Contributing to Fight in Mali by Training Niger Forces

"...The Harper government has publicly rejected a direct military mission in Mali, but this assistance to Niger allows Canada to contribute to the campaign.."

like Iraq, later we will maintain we weren't involved...


Canadian mining companies are once again at the epicenter of conflict in a foreign land. 


The French military intervention on Friday, a dramatic shift from earlier plans for an African-led force, was a sign of the world’s growing fear that the Islamist rebels could topple Mali’s weakened government and turn the country into a haven for terrorists.

In a sign of the desperate mood, Mali President Dioncounda Traore declared a national emergency on Friday and called on Canadian mining companies and other miners to contribute their trucks to the fight against the rebels.

Canadian companies are among the biggest investors in Mali. One of the largest mining companies in the country, Toronto-based Iamgold Corp., said it has not formally received a request for its vehicles so far. The company said it has temporarily closed its office in Mali and moved out some of its non-essential staff.



Night of 'Drugs and Sex' Allegedly Kills Canadian Official in Ghana   -  by David Akin

"A Canadian bureaucrat is dead after a night of 'hot sex and drugs' in a four-star hotel in the capital of the West African country of Ghana, a newspaper there reports.

Back in Ottawa, officials were being tight-lipped abnout the circumstances under which Darrell Prokopetz, 54, died.."

Just another Canadian hard at work in Africa..


US Troops to Niger: A New Stage in the Scramble for Africa

"...Plans for these interventions were well advanced before the first bombs were dropped on Tripoli. [RCAF Lt General Charles 'the Butcher' Bouchard presiding, with the unanimous consent of ALL Canadian MPs]

The region has been a focus of US strategic calculations for the past decade, beginning with Washington's Pan Sahel initiative in 2003, followed by its Trans-Saharan Counter-Terrorism Partnership in 2005.

In this context, the role played by a whole layer of pseudo-lefts internationally in justifying and promoting the war against Libya, touting it as a humanitarian intervention, a crusade for democracy and even a 'revolution' also becomes clearer than ever."

lots of that last around these parts...


UN Hasn't Learned Lesson Almost Two Decades After Rwandan Genocide  - by Simon Kent

"...If more nations followed Harper's lead and held the UN to would also never again have to witness the genocide the UN failed to prevent in Rwanda back in 1994 or the misery that is Syria today under a dictator like Bashar al Assad."


"Dear Simon Kent,

The Rwanda story is very different from the one you have learned and the one you are retelling. For starters, please have a look at the video on this link.

'Apres Moi, Le Deluge' (and vid)

There are several major exposes on my pages there that go into great detail about the roles of the Pentagon and Dallaire, who facilitated weapons transfers, and things like that. The man is a criminal.

Thank you

Keith Harmon Snow


[url= of the transfer price: A scandal in Zambia[/size][/url]


Is it possible that mere accountants have become the most successful money launderers in the business world, far ahead of other traffickers? In an analysis of the audit reports concerning Zambian mines in Mopani, several financial methods used by the shareholders raises questions about the quality of international regulations.

In summary, Glencore International AG and First Quantum Minerals Ltd have been accused of using the following accounting strategies to conceal their true records:

  • Overstating their operational costs: In 2007 alone, auditors estimated the cost at $381 millions (Out of $804 million).
  • Understating the amount of copper production: The revenue data from the Mopani mines states that it’s producing at half the rate in comparison to other mines in the area.
  • Manipulating the transfer price: Between 2003 and 2008 auditors estimated $700 million were lost, which is suspicious when compared with traditional accounting practices.

Those three maneuvers have a common objective: pay the least amount of taxes as possible by leveraging the differences in international tax rules. Yet it has been 15 years since the OECD blew the whistle that these large companies are manipulating the transfer price. The rule is simple: if these exchanges are in line with the market price, they are legal – if they are over or under the international market price, then they are illegal. The OECD refers to this as the arm’s length principle.

"At arm's length" is code for let's cheat and rob and thieve like nobody's watching.


How the ANC's Faustian Pact Sold Out South Africa's Poorest

"A veteran of the South African freedom struggle and its Black-led government says the African National Congress' soul was eventually lost to corporate power;

'We were entrapped by the neoliberal economy - or as some today cry out, we 'sold our people down the river.'


Africa Crashing  -  by Patrick Bond

"Washington dictates to Pretoria how to play the game."



Canada And The Wars in Central Africa  - a Preface by Keith Harmon Snow

"...Is the average Canadian citizen culpable in these genocides? How do they proceed, if not with the collusion of the average citizen? How are they accomplished, if not with the support of the 'good Canadian'. who allows genocide to unfold on a global scale merely because they are not paying attention, or they do not know what to do to address the problem, or because they prefer to buy their dimand and love it too, or perhaps it is because they cannot manage their personal affairs at home, overflowing as they are, with junk commodities, never mind the affairs of some black savages in central Africa.

Obliviousness is not acceptable, and it is the very problem that must be confronted..."


Canadians Die in Kenya Massacre Claimed by al - Qaeda-Linked Group (and vid)

"Two Canadians, including a diplomat, are among the 39 people killed and more than 150 wounded after Islamic extremists gunmen raided Nairobi's top mall Saturday, lobbing grenades and firing assault rifles.

The Prime Minister's Office released a statement identifying 29 year old Annemarie Desloges, an official in the Department of Citizenship and Immigration who served in Canada's High Commission to Kenya, as one of those killed.

'Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms this cowardly, hateful act that apparently targeted innocent civilians who were simply out shopping,' Prime Minister Harper said in extending his condolences to the victims' families.

'Acts of terror cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Canadian staff at our mission are offering Kenyan authorities every possible assistance to bring the perpetrators of this heinous attack to justice,' Harper said..."


'No Negotiations Whatsoever!': Al Shabab Gunmen's Press Office Live-Tweets Mall Attack

"By land and sea, Kenyan forces invaded our Muslim country, killing hundreds of Muslims in the process and displacing thousands more.

The attack at Westgate Mall is just a very tiny fraction of what Muslims in Somalia experience at the hands of Kenyan invaders..."


Israeli Forces Enter Nairobi Mall: Kenya Security Officials

"A Kenyan security official says Israeli forces have entered a shopping mall in the capital Nairobi where Somali militants have already killed dozens of people and an unknown number of hostages are being held."


Al Shabab Claims Nairobi Attack, Warns Kenyan Troops to Leave Somalia

"If you want Kenya in peace, it will not happen as long as your boys are in our lands..."


Kenyan Shopping Mall Siege: LIVE UPDATES

"Most of the hostages have been rescued and security forces have taken control of most parts of the building. FBI is investigating whether Americans were involved in Nairobi mall attack. Militants threaten to kill hostages as army moves in..."


What's the Connection Between Israel and the Kenyan Mall Attack?

"Kenya's enemies are Israel's enemies,' Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said..."


Israel Acknowledges Involvement in Kenyan Attack

"Since Israel is involved and al-Shabab is not exactly what the West likes to claim, allow me a short introduction about a related event..."


US Military To Strike Targets in Kenya and Other African States

"The United States is reportedly preparing a list of targets for possible military strikes in Kenya and some other African countries. Former US Army Vice Chief of Staff, General Peter Chiarelli said the strikes are aimed at targeting militants involved in Sunday's deadly attack on a shopping mall in the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi..."


US Interests in Somalia Hinders Stabilization of the Region: Azikiwe (and vid)

"Kenya does have over 2000 troops in Somalia and they entered under Operation Linda Nchi almost two years ago...The intervention of Kenya into Somalia had been planned two years prior to 2011...Kenya has very close ties with the US as well as the state of Israel."


Kenya Bloodbath: Reaping the 'Benefits' of US AFRICOM Collaboration  -  by Tony Cartalucci

"Kenya: proxy for US aggression in Africa..."


Fighting Continues For Third Day in Nairobi, Kenya Mall Attack

"A posting on the Council on Foreign Relations website Monday morning titled 'Is the Nairobi Mall Carnage Bigger Than Just Kenya?' raised the possibility that similar acts of terrorism could be staged in the US.

Whatever the immediate cause of such attacks, they will be exploited to justify further moves toward dictatorship at home and imperialist militarism abroad."


Kenyan President: Nairobi Siege Over, 61 Civilians, 5 Terrorists Dead

"Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that the siege in Nairobi's Westgate mall is over. A total of 72 people were killed in the attack, including five terrorists, the president said, declaring three days of national mourning.

He said he could not confirm intelligence reports that suggested Americans and a British woman were involved in carrying out the attack. A total of 240 people were either killed or injured.

Despite Kenyatta saying that the situation at the Westgate Shopping Center was under control, ITV News reported that the sound of gunfire and explosions could still be heard coming from the mall.

'We will make them suffer what we suffer in southern Somalia,' Ali Mohamad Rage, an Al-Shebab spokesman, said in a video released by the terrorists.

'We are giving a warning to the Kenyan government and to all who support it.'..."


Investigators in Kenya Work to Identify Victims, Attackers (and vid)

"...CBC's Derek Stoffel, also in Nairobi, said it's not clear yet what the Canadian role in the investigation is, beyond being involved in the reconstruction of the Saturday attack..."


Understanding Kenya's Westgate Mall Attack

"Allowing governments and the mainstream media to determine what terrorist acts like Westgate mean is somewhat akin to allowing one's murderer to give their eulogy..."


This report is showing up in a few places.  Fucking savages.


And for that matter, fucking savages:


Kenya: The Unspoken Attack That Came as No Surprise   -  by Jean Paul Pougala

"It is still early to draw lessons from the attack on the supermarket in Nairobi, but we can still ask some questions without being conspiracists.

Why now?

Why since Kenya set sail eastwards, to Beijing and Moscow?

Now trade between Kenya and a number of countries will be in Yuan rather than US dollars.

Kenya has discovered in its territory, one of the largest deposits of freshwater in the world.

Water coveted by Europe..."

[the article is in French, this is just a partial translation.]


Kenyan Bloodbath: State-Sponsored Sophistication and Motivation  -  by Tony Cartalucci

"...That Kenya's new president was elected in what could be easily interpreted as a major slight against the already teetering legitimacy of the ICC and the corporate-financier interests that contrived and currently perpetuate the institution, appears to be the most compelling motive behind the recent attack in Nairobi.

If nations are allowed to openly defy and erode the West's status as self-proclaimed international arbiter, the very large house of geopolitical, socioeconomic cards built upon this shaky table will fall with it.

Indeed, just as the West used listed terror organizations, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Libya, and now the al-Nusra Front in Syria, to target and overthrow governments of their disliking, al Shabab, who maintains direct ties to both of these terror organizations appears to have been turned loose on Kenya.

The attack in Nairobi represents a scale and level of sophistication that requires state-sponsorship and intelligence on a par with at least that inside Kenya in order to target and murder the president's family members.

That state sponsorship most certainly is not somewhere in Kenya's northern neighbor of Somalia, but more likely in Washington, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Doha and/or Riyadh.

As the facts continue to emerge, and with Western leaders calling the world to once again quickly and collectively react based on emotions of rage, hatred and fear, the basic questions of 'qui bono?' and who actually possessed the operational capacity to carry out or at least steer such an attack, must be asked and answered..."


Kenya To Quiz Security Bosses Over Mall Failings

"Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenko has declined to give any information about the suspected attackers, saying: We do not discuss intelligence matters in public..."


Kenyan Authorities Had Been Warned About Threat To Buildings 'Day Before Attacks'

"Intelligence agents are said to have been in Westgate mall just hours before killings, as criticism over government grows..."


Was an American Security Team Inside Kenya Massacre Mall?

"Harvard graduate claims she was rescued by 'Americans' after she saw man next to her shot dead..."

False flag anyone?


Video: Mugabe's UN Speech 2013: 'Shame, Shame, Shame On US and Britain..' (and vid)

"Address by his Excellency Robert Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe at the general debate of the 68th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (New York, 24 September - 1 October 2013).

full speech bottom screen


Imperialism Destabilizing Africa  -  by Arthur Vitchek

"The African continent is being ravaged as it was in the darkest days of direct colonialism..."


BAR: Send Killer Kagame to International Criminal Court - Rwandan Invasion Congo (podcast)

About 25 min in...


Ethiopia's 10 Million Human Tsunami  -  by Thomas C Mountain

"Every year for more than a decade or more a million Ethiopians, 10 million and counting, have left or fled their homeland. How is it you might ask that this 10 million human tsunami remains almost unknown to the world?

Ans why, why would ten million Ethiopians, one in every 8 people in the country, risking their lives in many cases, seek refuge in foreign, mostly unwelcoming, lands?"


More Congo Propaganda: M23 & The Unseen High Tech Genocide  -  by Keith Harmon Snow

"The western propaganda system is again trotting out the refrain that 'rebels in Congo have been defeated.' The latest so-called 'rebels' -- the M23 forces-- are actually Rwandan government troops, not rebels. Reports appearing in the western mass media that the 'M23 rebels' have 'surrendered in Uganda' or 'turned themselves in' in Rwanda. This is nonsense.

Meanwhile western multinational corporations operating in eastern Congo have deep ties to the criminal extortion, money-laundering, racketeering and theft behind the plunder and depopulation in the Great Lakes countries..."

this includes Canada - bigtime.


France Playing Dirty Game in CAR (and vid)

"France cause of colonial crisis in CAR"


UN Sanctions 'Immediate' Military Intervention in Central African Republic

"French President Francois Hollande announced 'immediate' French military action..

'We have to end this humanitarian catastrophe and restore security,' Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister told BFM-TV..."


Michael Andrew Hourigan Has Died

"...In early 1997, Hourigan presented ICTR Chief Prosecutor LOUISE ARBOUR with his evidence that the RPF was responsible for the shootdown.

But to his shock and surprise, Arbour quashed the investigation and buried the evidence..."

another pair of dirty, bloody, Canadian hands helping US imperialist  regime change designs in Rwanda.  Now working for George Soros' International Crisis Group (ICG)


French Troops Continue Operations in CAR, Capture Town (and vid)

"I don't think you can talk about this region sensibly without talking about the resources that are at stake here...One of the most significant resources in the CAR is uranium...the most densely concentrated uranium in the Sahara..." - Annie Garrison, KPFA


Crisis in Kenya

"Hundreds of families are already fleeing from Embobut forest in Marakwet, Kenya, where the government has deployed riot police to evict more than 15,000 indigenous forest people - referred to by the Kenya government as 'squatters'.

Elgeyo Country Commissioner Arthur Osiya says the families will not be given any extra time and that the evictions will proceed as planned. This is now expected to take place as early as Monday of next week.

Reports from community members in Embobut tell of a chaotic situation..."


France Achieves 'Regime Change' in Central Africa  -  by Finian Cunningham

"...Obviously, the French wanted rid of Djotodia and his administration - and now they have gotten their illicit way. Lest we forget, such interference in the sovereign affairs of another state is illegal..."


CAR Crisis To Engulf Africa in Colonialism (and vid)

"Press TV has conducted an interview with Jahi Issa, former professor of African Studies at Delaware.

'It is estimated, that on the border of Chad and the CAR there may be two billion barrels of unexploited oil. And so this seems like what this is all about..."