Yellow journalism courtesy of the Vancouver Sun

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Yellow journalism courtesy of the Vancouver Sun



This guy nails it. And read the comments following his article as well.


I, as well, am so disgusted by the constant sick bullshit that is spewed out by the Vancouver Sun almost on a daily basis, who discredit journalism everywhere.


Yellow journalism courtesy of the Vancouver Sun

Hence today’s above the fold story: a full on made up piece of transcribed trash fresh from of the lips of the BC Liberal campaign chair MLA Bill Bennett.

Bennett claims, and the Sun writes, that the NDP broke the rules to create a caucus fund to pay for a partisan outreach program earning a condemnation from the Auditor General in his report on Legislative spending.  To back it up they quote from a draft of the report.

It’s a full on smear, and Bennett know’s it.  More importantly, the Vancouver Sun knows it.

The Sun knows that the Auditor withdrew his draft and they know why.  The AG learned that the fund was set up on the advice of the Legislative comptroller, the guy hired to oversee Legislative accounts, and a guy who reports to Liberal Speaker Bill Barisoff.

The Sun also knows that the NDP went on its own accord to the Comptroller because they wanted to ensure that the fund followed all the rules.  The Sun knows that the Comptroller, not the NDP, administered the fund.

And they know that the Comptroller signed off on the activities the fund was used for – translation services, writing in Chinese, commentaries, South Asian outreach, advertising, caucus advertising.  All things the NDP Caucus is entitled to do.  The Sun knows that no money was spent on any party activities.

How does the Sun know that the fund was completely on the up and up and the Comptroller signed off on it and administered it?  Because, Vaughn Palmer wrote on it in their paper two months ago.

“The auditor general routinely circulates preliminary drafts of his reports to affected agencies” Palmer wrote about this report, adding, “and he routinely makes revisions in response to the feedback.”

In this case once the AG found out the Comptroller, not the NDP was responsible for the design and administration of the fund he removed any accusations and altered the body of the report to reflect the truth of the matter.

The final report came out today, as per Palmer’s description.  The Liberal smear that appeared this morning above the fold is a lie.

Yellow journalism is the name for this.  According to Wikipedia  It’s a type of journalism “that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headline to sell more newspapers”.

Or in this case, to sell a corrupt government.


Really another new thread on the BC election? How many have you opened now?


I encourage people to post comments on his blog.


one of the dead-on comments.


deeby says: March 14, 2013 at 10:03 am

At least the Globe had the stones to leave comments enabled. The first article by Dirk Meissner got a lot of negative comments, many of which pointed to AGT’s debunking of this three weeks ago. Same for the second piece by Ian Bailey.

However when Meissner’s piece was picked up by Canadian Press, it ran in both the Sun and Times Colonist with comments turned off…giving no chance for readers to respond and point other readers to more accurate sources of information.

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Hi NorthReport, good article, but perhaps you could repost it in one of the existing BC election threads. We want to focus the conversation whenever possible. Thanks!

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