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Hi There,




I am immigrating to Canada soon and want to support the Idle No More Movement and I believe in Unions and "true" democracy.


Is there any immigrant site were people can know Canada from a Union/Public perspective? I would like to understand them further because I believe in their cause and no one "sane" trusts media.


I just want to say Amy Goodmean's - Democracy Now website/channel is one of the main reasons I am enlightened. I would love it if there was one focused on Canada issue mainly. The podcast collection in Rabble.ca is very good too.


I'm looking forward to having a postive role in society but that is a big phrase because I haven't a clue how to best focus my efforts "as an immigrant" except talk about these things to people who do not really follow these types of news and encourage Canadians to vote. 


I'm currently holding an Iraqi passport and living in Dubai for the past 12+ years, so it's best I start speaking about things with those communities (living in Canada) because it's easier. 



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Hi Ayman, welcome to babble! Obviously, I'd recommend rabble.ca to look for info. You might also want to check out the Immigrant-rights group No One Is Illegal. They have chapters across Canada, so depending on the area you are moving to, you should investigate one of those. Here are the websites for the Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal chapters.

Hopefully other babblers can chime in with some suggestions too.


Thanks. Luckly I'm docummented immigrant. I think that I had the same rights except for right to vote?



Coming from the middle east, erm.. comming from humanity I'm very concerned about the environment and the attack on the middle class. Because it wasn't the intellects that brought the public equal rights, they were more concered with singing to power. It was the common stupid farmer who did the math and said "humanity shouldn't live like this". Remove stupid please, that was sarcasm.