BCers want a public inquiry into the sale of BC Rail

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BCers want a public inquiry into the sale of BC Rail



Robin Matthews has written quite a bit about this on vive - his latest at http://www.vivelecanada.ca/article/235930888-the-long-long-coverup-in-th...


Come hell or high water, there will eventually be a public inquiry into the Sale of BC Rail by the BC Liberals. The smell is permeating so bad that it kinda reminds me of the raw sewage floating out to sea from the City of Victoria. Shame on Campbell and shame on Victoria.

Without answers, B.C. Rail smell lingers



And the Liberals were always quick to pawn-off profitable public utilities to rich friends of the party here in Ontario, too. Traditionally they were bigger sellouts than the conservative party who were, until Mike Harris, for publicly owned power and utilities. Can't trust the "Liberals". No such thing in Canada.


This is how it works folks so the people of BC will never find out what is going on.  Have a Liberal supporter, Gerald Gerrand, investigate a Liberal, Christy Clark.

Many BCers are looking forwary to the public inquiry where everything will be on full public dispaly and the witnesses will be under oath to tell the truth.

 Clark outruns conflict of interest train, but BC Rail still runs

Before I get into how Premier Christy Clark scored a rare victory in the final week before the official election campaign and how independent MLA John van Dongen has serious reservations about how the game was refereed, you must see this.

It is a letter to me from the private contractor who handles Freedom of Information requests for BC Rail. 
Yes, BC Rail still exists as a legal entity, even though CN took over the railway after the controversial 2003 privatization. (Read the A-to-Z primer on the BC Rail scandal from The Tyee here. Listen to The Investigators documentary from CKNW AM 980 here.)
BC Rail doesn't want you or me to know what happened at board meetings from 2003 and 2004, until sometime after the May 14 provincial election. It wants to consult with an unspecified public body before deciding what, if anything, it will release by May 29. Some of these records are now a decade-old. Why should they be kept secret? 

The reason was not given, but I am very curious. The BC Rail board of directors in 2003 included Jim Shepard, the former forestry, pharmaceuticals, military and construction equipment bigwig and Clark loyalist behind the Concerned Citizens For B.C. anti-Adrian Dix ad campaign. 
Don't forget how the BC Liberals fought tooth-and-nail to block Auditor-General John Doyle from seeing a copy of the $6 million indemnity agreement that forgave aides Dave Basi and Bob Virk of their legal bills after their surprise guilty plea in October 2010. That's the same John Doyle that a Liberal-dominated committee chose to replace as Auditor-General. Doyle has a habit of asking tough questions and offering critical opinions that don't correspond with the government's desired spin on topics ranging from BC Hydro's funny math to the folly of carbon offsets