Geopolitical Dance Cards and Who's Making Nice - or Not - With Who - Now?

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Geopolitical Dance Cards and Who's Making Nice - or Not - With Who - Now?

NATO Head in Moscow for Partnership Talks

Medvedev noted that positive changes are taking place in the bilateral ties...'On the whole, relations between Russia and NATO have become more productive and intensive,' the president told the NATO chief, Interfax reported.

'This allows us to expand cooperation more attentively and to build a more solid security system in Europe and in the world.'

Head of Military Coup Col. Gen. Achalov Appeals to the People of Russia

"An appeal to the people of Russia by Colonel General Vladislav Achalov, head of a possible military coup scheduled for Nov. 7, and Chairman of the Russia Union of Paratroopers, has been posted on the Internet. Col Gen. Achalov said:

'The Russian Minister of Defense Serdyukov and his cronies created a direct threat to the security of our country. In this situation, the Union of Russia Paratroopers is forced to call for a mass demonstration in support of the rule of law...

We proclaim the Minister of Defense, Serdyukov as a person who is not entitled to give orders to the military and demand his dismissal, from the Russian President. We expect the participation of everybody who is not indifferent to the fate of the Army and the Navy and finally to the fate of our Russia..'

Ahmadinejad Slams Russia For Selling Out to 'Satan'

"They want to sell us off to our enemies and unilaterally breach a contract that they had been paid for. The Iranian nation will stand firm in the face of arrogance. The Iranian people do not need missiles to defend the nation.."

new twists in the 'great game'



UK, France Sign Nuclear Deal

"Setting aside their historic rivalry, Britain and France on Tuesday signed an unprecedented 50 year nuclear deal that would see them share nuclear facilities and jointly develop technology..

They also agreed to create a joint rapid reaction force of up to 5,000 troops deployable at short notice and to cooperate in a range of other defense related areas...

Speaking after signing the deal with visiting French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Cameron said: 'Today we open a new chapter in a long history of cooperation on defense and security between Britain and France.."


World Geopolitics And the Battle for the Mediterranean  -  by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

"NATO and EU expansion and control: Projected inclusion of Israel in EU and NATO - Emergence of a new order


Washington - Tokyo Axis: US Supports Japan, Confronts China and Russia Over Island Disputes  - by Rick Rozoff

"In a 6 day span the US State Department has bluntly affirmed unequivocal backing for Japanese territorial claims against both Russia and China, even invoking a defense treaty provision that could lead to direct military intervention and war..."


World's Sole Military Superpower Extends Its Reach[email protected]/3199-1-In_Context_1...

audio - interview with Rick Rozoff - STOP NATO


Threatening Russia and Iran? US and NATO Deploy Missile Defence System in Turkey

"Turkey's decision to allow the United States and NATO to deploy elements of the European missile defence system on its territory has triggered a negative reaction across the region and the rest of the world.."


Lisbon Summit: NATO to Retain Nuclear Arms, Build Missile Shield in Europe

"At the summit the world's only military bloc will endorse its new Strategic Concept, the first since 1999 and as such the first for the 21st century, a doctrine which will formalize NATO's role as an international military -security-political force and a rival to the United Nations in that regard...

The Lisbon summit will further commit to training Afghan military and securing forces to allegedly assure control of the war in their country in the next 4 or 5 years, even as US and NATO troop strength is at a reord high and yet more troos are arriving,

but the most significant decision to be formalized in Portugal is that of subordinating all of Europe to a US global interceptor missile system.."


NATO's True Role in US Grand Strategy  - by Diana Johnstone

"The one thing missing from the Strategic Concept Summit agenda is a serious discussion of strategy. This is partly because NATO as such has no strategy and cannot have its own strategy. NATO is in reality an instrument of United States strategy. The main threat to NATO is its own obsolescence. The search for a 'strategic concept' is the search for pretexts to keep it going...

The implicit strategy of the United States, as percieved by its actions, is a gradual military conquest to ensure world domination. Currently the main explicit 'enemy' is Iran.

'Israel and NATO share a common strategic vision. In many ways, Israel is the front line defending our common way of life.."



NATO Making Russia 'Subservient'

"A Paris based journalist says NATO invited Russia into their missile system program just to 'neutralize' it, stressing that problems between Russia and NATO are not yet solved.."


The Great Game and the Conquest of Eurasia: Towards a WWIII Scenario?  - by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

"The chess pieces for a colossal geo-strategic project are being put into place and coming together. The ultimate goal is the encirclement and control of Eurasia through the jackboots of an ever expanding military machine. While these developments are barely covered by the media, the fate of humanity literally hangs in the balance.."


North Korea As Pretext: US Builds Asian Military Alliance Against China and Russia  - by Rick Rozoff (Stop Nato)

"On Dec 1 the US and its  South Korean military ally completed 4 days of naval maneuvers in the Yellow Sea where China claims a 200-mile exclusive economic zone...Washington is proceeding at a breakneck - alarming - pace with plans to politically and militarily polarize East Asia, using the crisis on the Korean Peninsula to do so.."


US Builds Military Alliance with Japan, South Korea for War in the East  - by Rick Rozoff

"The Washington-Tokyo-Seoul military axis is preparing for war. And not only on the Korean Peninsula..."

When North Korea's Threats Become Reality  - by Kim Myong Chol

"A resumption of hostilities on the tiny Korean Peninsula would mean immediate war between two nuclear powers, North Korea and the United States. The latter keeps a nuclear-armed garrison of some 20,000 troops with a sprawling network of military bases across South Korea...

Acting for supreme leader Kim Jong-Il, the young general is one click away from issuing a long awaited order to the Korean People's Army (KPA) shiny and sleek, quick-response global strike force. This would see the torching of the bulwark of the US empire, the skyscrapers of New York City and other centers of metropolitan America..."


NATO Weaves South Asian Web  - by MK Bhadrakumar

"In sum, TAPI is the finished product of the US invasion of Afghanistan. It consolidates NATO's political and military presence in the strategic high plateau that overlooks Russia, Iran, India, Pakistan and China. TAPI provides a perfect setting for the alliance's future projection of military power for 'crisis management' in Central Asia."

Towards A New Iron Curtain: The US-NATO Missile Shield Encircles Eurasia  - by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

"Western Europe through NATO and the EU forms the primary bridgehead of America into Eurasia. According to Brzezinski: [NATO and the EU consitute] America's most important global relationship. It is the springboard for US global involvement, enabling America to play the decisive role of arbiter in Eurasia - the world's central arena of power - and it creates a coalition that is globally dominant in all key dimensions of power and influence.

The secondary bridgeheads of American into Eurasia are: (1) Japan and South Korea; (2) The Arabian Peninsula; and (3) The US and NATO military forces in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.

That is why the expansion of the US missile shield from a US project to a NATO project should come as no surprise. The globalization of NATO is part of that process.."


NATO And Russia Must Stop Targeting Each Other - Dimitry Rogozin

"Russia's ambassador to NATO has invited the alliance not to draft military plans against each other in light of wikileaks revelations...Rogozin added that the revealed plans 'are an indication that within NATO there are violent processes determining attitudes toward Russia. It also suggests that NATO and its member countries continue to conduct military planning against Russia.."


America's Star Wars: NATO Surrenders Europe to US Global Missile Shield Project  - by Rick Rozoff

"On January 27, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization took the most decisive step yet toward the implementation of the decades old project first proposed by Ronald Reagan's administration for a Strategic Defense Initiative, popularly known as Star Wars..."


US To Dominate All Europe, Mediterranean, Through NATO  -  by Rick Rozoff (STOP NATO)

"Cyprus joins Atlantic alliance. The parliamentary action of last month is the culmination of several years of a concerted campaign by DISY, NATO and the EU to incorporate the last truly neutral European nation into the Pentagon-nATO global mlitary nexus. Six years ago, Canada's General Raymond Henault, at the time the chairman of the NATO military committee, said in relating to 'Cyprus's strategic importance in the eastern Mediterranean' that 'NATO has a very open policy for countries that want to work with it and Cyprus could be one of these..."


BRICS Leaders Issue Joint Declaration Urging Avoidance Of Using Force

"We are deeply concerned wtih the turbulence in the Middle East, the North African and West African regions..."



How The Empire Will Prevail: Will Washington Foment War Between China and India?  -  by Paul Craig Roberts

"...What is Washington's solution for the rising power of China? The answer might be to involve China in a nuclear war with India..."


Lining The Chessboard Against The Resistance Bloc: War With Syria, Iran and Lebanon In the Works?  by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

"In their counter-revolutionary push to roll back any democratic changes arising from the Arab Spring, the US/Israeli/Saudi troika is out to destabilize the countries in the region that refuse to abandon their national sovereignty. In this game, Turkey is emerging as a key, albeit ominous player. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya deciphers the multiple facets of this explosive scenario.."


Clinton Lectures Russia on Election, NATO Chief on Missiles  - by Rick Rozoff, John Robles

"Interview with Rick Rozoff, manager of the STOP NATO website.."


Obama Raises the Military Stakes  - by James Petras

"...Obama has adopted a provocative offensive military strategy right on the frontiers of both China and Russia..."


Empire's Double-Edged Sword: Global Military and NGOs  -  by Tony Cartalucci

"Tearing down sovereign nations and replacing them with global system administrators. There are several pertinent examples illustrating how imperialism is still alive and well.."

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NATO Rehearses For War In The Arctic 23 April 2012


To the world's military leaders, the debate over climate change is long over. They are preparing for a new kind of Cold War in the Arctic, anticipating that rising temperatures there will open up a treasure trove of resources and long-dreamed-of sea-lanes. Rick Rozoff scrutinizes the feverish military activity taking place in the High North, under the official label of a joint Norwegian-NATO-Partnership for Peace endeavor, including preparedness drills against terrorist threats, mass demonstrations...and spies coming in from the cold!


Part 1 of 3: Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Syria: NATO and Global Resource Diversion/Control

"...A set of exchange control measures more reminiscent of Latin America or Africa? What should they tell us? That an imperialist agenda is at play? That we are witnessing the tyranny of global empire? It does appear to be the case..."


Interview: NATO's Global Expansion Unparalleled in History, Fraught With Catastrophe

US controlled NATO dangerously and relentlessly continues its global expansion. Interview with Rick Rozoff of the STOP NATO website


Enemies Seek to Disintegrate ME: Iran president

"Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned of plots hatched by arrogant powers to create discord among regional nations and to disintegrete regional countries. 'All nations must be vigilant because arrogant powers want to pit everyone against each other...We are aware of their plots."


China Invades India's North (and vid)


Border Dispute with China Can Be Solved Peacefully: Indian PM

"Indian Defense Secretary Shashikant Sharma and other military officials said in a report that Chinese troops advanced nearly 20 kilometers (12 miles) into the Indian claimed territory on April 15, and pitched their tents there..."


NATO Will Make Sure Russia is An Enemy - Rozoff

"NATO and the West have an agenda, and that agenda is complete and total military domination of the world. NATO, as an organization, should have been disbanded after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. But they have done quite the opposite and have continued with a global expansion that made NATO the single-largest military power in the history of the world..."


The Changing Contours of US Imperial Intervention in World Conflicts  -  by James Petras

"Zionists are deeply committed to pushing the US into more wars for Israel..."


All in Play in the New Great Game  -  by Pepe Escobar

"...essentially the scenario points to the Central-South Asia crossroads as the second-largest geopolitical - and sectarian - battleground in Eurasia after the Levantine-Mesopotamian combo..."


Past and Prologue: Great War Centenary Prelude To WWIII  -  by Francis Boyle

"This current bout of US imperialism is what Hans Morgenthau denominated 'unlimited imperialism'..."


The Special Ops Surge

Nothing especially new in this article, but it describes the more than doubling of special ops in more than twice the countries, with more than twice the personnel, and more than twice the budget that occurred with GW Bush.  US Imperialism hasn't changed course under Obama, it has simply become more intense and is arguably more successful in terms of interventionism in support of US interests.


CrossTalk: 1914 Repeat? (and vid)

"How does the international system today compare to the system a hundred years ago? How stable is the post Cold War system? What does the averting of attack from the US and its allies on Syria say about the international order? And could the great powers once again find themselves going to war against their will?"


Pepe Escobar: Blowback After Blowback For the 'Empire of Chaos' (and vid)

Lars Schall spoke with Pepe Escobar, foreign correspondent at Hong Kong based Asia Times online. Escobar discusses his new book 'Empire of Chaos'...

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Interesting thread and links. I would argue that the issues can be usefully understood as the contrast/conflict between the unipolar world of the US Empire vs. the multipolar world that is coming into being, against the feverish wishes of the Empire to "freeze" things in place.

An Empire in decline. Then, some of the idiotic actions of the US make a kind of "sense". 

See the other thread I started: unipolar vs multipolar world.

ETA: I see that NDPP has posted there already. The link may be useful for other readers here.


The Imperial Collapse Playbook  -  by Dmitry Orlov

"Some people enjoy having the Big Picture laid out in front of them - the biggest possible - on what is happening in the world at large, and I am happy to oblige.

The largest development of 2014 is, very broadly, this: the Anglo-imperialists are finally being forced out of Eurasia..."


China-Iran-Russia-Alliance Ending US Unilateral Global Hegemony

"The maritime security belt trilateral four-day drill between Iran, China and Russia in the sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean will mark the Middle East for decades to come. It signals the end of US absolute hegemony and control of the ME - and of the world. The maritime 'message' addressed to the world this December 2019 realistically is that the period of global dominance of the USA as the sole and self-elected 'policeman of the world' is coming to an end..."


Pepe Escobar: You Say You Want A (Russian) Revolution?

"American Invulnerability is over - for good..."