temp workers/intra company transfers

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temp workers/intra company transfers


The government spends approximately $35.5 million per year processing applications, at a cost of approximately $342 per application, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada told a pre-budget briefing earlier this year.

interesting little corporate subsidy where the government is literally paying them to screw canadian workers!


In 2012, some 213,516 people entered Canada via the temporary foreign worker program, more than three times the number admitted a decade ago.

Put another way, the private sector brought in 25 per cent more foreign labourers last year than the number of economic immigrants accepted by the government, which has long insisted caps on its own programs are necessary so as not to flood the Canadian labour market.

whats REALLY interesting is that the department of immigration REFUSES to release the numbers on the real "temp foreign worker" program INTRA COMPANY TRANSFERS, which by estimates is even more used than the TFW program.  

in other words, the canadian government is in cahoots with large multinationals to screw our wages, benefits and decades of organizing, which to us might not be surprising but seems to me an amazing opportunity to organize workers and by extension everyone else in opposition.

i really hope the unions take advantage of this, as well as all activists, to reach out to the mainstream

Issues Pages: 

CBC News has interviewed Canadian workers who describe how multinational outsourcing companies have also abused the temporary foreign workers intra-company visas. These visas allow companies "to bypass time-consuming scrutiny of the Temporary Foreign Worker program by giving them an exemption to bring workers in under a visa called an “intra-company transfer. Under those visa rules, a company can transfer an employee to work in its Canadian branch office, if they have specialized skills or management ability. Once here, they can renew their work permit for up to five years.

In the meantime, they said, Canadians are shut out of almost all the available jobs, while others are laid off.

'They are supposed to render their services to the employer they are employed with,' said the former multinational employee.

In reality, insiders say, the Indian nationals then simply work in the offices of major Canadian corporations and have no exceptional skills. ... They may work at several locations, which lawyers confirmed would likely violate the visa rules."