What are the advantages of baking your own bread?

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What are the advantages of baking your own bread?

You might be asking yourself why it's advantageous to bake your own bread when you could just walk to a local grocery store and purchase the bread. Undoubtedly you have noticed that many people would just instead buy bread because it is the fastest option. But, as you read this article, you'll learn good reasons why it is best to learn to bake home grown bread.

Waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread each day can put you in a good mood. Oven fresh bread has a truly inviting and mouth-watering smell. Even when it won't rise as much and look like a brick, it will undoubtedly taste better than what you are accustomed to buying from the local bake shop. People that have tried baking bread at home have a better knowledge of what this means.

The process of bread making is a challenge in itself. It is, actually, vital to bake bread frequently when you are just starting to ensure that you will develop a feel for the ingredients. An important ingredient you have to be knowledgeable about which will provide you with outstanding results, is yeast. You will find other challenges that can provide you with a sense of fulfillment when you successfully get over them. You'll always attempt to increase the quality of the bread every time you bake until you are satisfied with the outcome. You will endeavor to get the best tang, size, shape and grain. When you go through these issues, you will become more addicted to creating delicious fresh homespun bread.

Bread that you have baked yourself will always be better-quality than bread sold in stores. To start with, you are able to be in charge of ingredients. Generally, bread that are sold in grocery stores, are laden with preservatives. It is always a good idea to read the label before buying. Despite just essential ingredients like yeast, flour, water and salt, you possibly can make a good artisan bread. If you are the one who makes your own bread, you can always add in ingredients that are good for your health and reasonably priced. Apart from having a healthy, affordable loaf, your bread will always be fresh from the oven. Unlike bread bought from the store which almost certainly have been on the shelves for a few days.

Homemade bread would come out less expensive than store bought bread. If you'd like to buy bread that is the exact quality as the one you make at home, you will spend more money. Even with a single bag of flour, you can bake five large loaves.

If you have a freezer, loaf pans and a huge mixing bowl, it will be a lot easier for you to make bread in one day that can last a few weeks using skillset you have already gathered. All you need to do is mix sizeable capacity of bread flour then cut it, place it in the baking pans and bake them at once. Once the bread has cooled, put them in plastic bags and freeze them. Every time you need your bread, you can choose one from the freezer and defrost it. You may be stunned to discover that your bread still tastes like it was freshly-baked and you will not need to bake bread frequently.

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I loved baking my own bread, but I find it very difficult to find the time nowadays. I've been thinking about starting it up again, at least occasionally, because it is such a great way to get grounded mentally. I find it so meditative. Oh, and delicious.


That's so weird. I picked up active yeast this morning because I plan on baking bread this week. I have an amazing recipe that only requires one rising period before the dough is punched down and allowed to expand in the loaf pans and baked. If you don't have time to spend half a day to bake bread, it's a handy recipe, and each loaf costs a fraction of what you'd pay for an industrially produced bread that doesn't have a particle of the taste, texture and freshness of home baked bread.

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I baked our bread for a while, but that was years ago. Fortunately, we have an awesome bakery around the corner here, so we have a standing order we pick up every week. Once in a while, the girls and I like to make challah bread, braided with a sprinkle of poppy seeds on top. And I want to make cinnamon buns one of these days soon, but again, time has been pretty tight.

I always found kneading dough a good way to get rid of bad energy.


I used to bake a bunch of loaves once a week steady. Water, yeast, salt, oil. Now I usually just do it for pizza or foccacio. The one thing I did back then was put in one tablespoon of madras curry for about six loaves. Gave it a bit of colour and a slight savoury edge.