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Warm Welcome

I've lurked here on and off for years, especially since the Gazette starting linking to Rabble. I generally come whenever there is some particularly hot topic that I want to read absolutely everything about then it passes and I retreat to my usual news sources. 

I knew what to expect but it was still illuminating to experience it. The behavior that regulars seem comfortable exhibiting astonishes me but I suppose it shouldn't.

I would have been interested in discussing federal politics and feminist topics but it is not worth it. The place drips hostility forcing me into self-defense mode. A couple of posters tried to stick to the topic but the attacks were over-whelming.

I will still lurk on occasion and someday I may post again because I do value hearing the thoughts of some of the posters here. It's just that engaging them doesn't make up for dealing with all the trolling and general attacks on my character. The very people who should be held to a higher standard as experienced posters are the ones that are allowed to behave abusively to new posters.

It makes it very difficult to behave in a civilized manner. I know if I stay I will eventually start firing back and I will be banned for it. I'd rather leave under my own steam so that's what I am doing.



Hey. I started posting here in 2005, and almost got run off the board for criticizing the NDP. Some of the attacks were pretty personal and hurtful, but I got over it, because on the whole, it was worth it. Not only that... some of the babblers that almost scared me off turned out later (sometimes much later) to be good mentors and friends, especially on areas where I was painfully ignorant.

Sorry to see you go, but I thought I'd share some of my experience in that regard. I hope we'll see you back.


Francesca Allan

This is a bummer, Pondering, but I do sort of see where you're coming from (judging from how you've been treated on recent threads). I too get frustrated with babble but, at this point, I think the benefits outweigh the downside. Please come back and see us soon.


Hey Pondering,

Sorry the toxic fumes were too much for you. Given the awful exodus of people fleeing or pushed out of here, it's sad to see another one go. Like U I suggest checking back. Perhaps there'll be some long overdue and positive changes before it's too late. One hopes so...

Catchfire Catchfire's picture

Hi Pondering, I'm sorry about your experience with babble -- certain topics, particularly heated ones, can host complex emotions which bring on hurtful or loaded language. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know of course. I can only say that if you feel attacked by a certain post, please flag it as abusive using the button available and the moderators will do our best to address it. We don't have the time unfortunately to read every thread as carefully as we'd like, so often feelings like the ones you've experienced go unnoticed. I hope you stick around and I hope you and your fellow babblers find a way to interact respectfully.

Sean in Ottawa

Well I lost interest in being here last month and moderator comments were part of the problem rather than the solution.

But you are right it is not a comfortable place to be and there are alternatives.

I came back before, maybe will again. For now it just does not seem worth investing in what can come back as a mod-supported shit-storm. I don't consider myself a masochist so that is why I do other things than hang out here.

So it is not just new people who feel this way-- I was here for more than ten years.


I am on multiple discussion boards (political, chess and religious related). Each site has its own culture. I try to adapt to the culture of the boards as best as possible.  Conflict is inevitable and a thick skin required on some of them.