What does the Fox say?

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What does the Fox say?



The forum description does say "high brow or low brow", so...

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/arts/the-buzz/2013/09/ylvis-asks-what-does-t... asks, 'What does the fox say?' in surprise viral video hit[/url]

If you're not among the 43 million who have already viewed this, please do:


If you loved it (full disclosure: I did), you should watch their "Stonehenge" too.



Okay, that squicked my brain in a good way.

I must confess, I was expecting a scholarly critique of FOX News.

Or the fox saying this:



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Unionist, step away from the bong....


Two minutes of my life gone forever ... where do I apply for a refund?

(Though the Bill Reilly video was worth 30 seconds.)

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Ok, I lol'd at "will you communicate in mo-o-o-o-orse." Thanks Unionist!

Francesca Allan

6079_Smith_W wrote:
I must confess, I was expecting a scholarly critique of FOX News.

And I was hoping for a review of Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl.


My 12 year old can always be counted on to pester me into watching the latest viral video, and this was no exception. "It's Norwegian," she said, as if her image of Scandanavians was forever tarnished. Clearly, she's never seen Aqua's Barbie Girl video.


The Fox song is catchier, but the Stonehenge one is funnier, I think (the sheer ridiculousness of the part about the jalapenos and calamaris, "all bought from the local store"; "what do you mean, of course I would have given them a car", etc.)