What NDP Politicians Have You Met?

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terrytowel wrote:

So who has met Alexa McDonough? She is my favorite NDP person! Smile

I doubt I will ever forgive McDonough for this crap:

Svend banished to purgatory for doing his job 

Svend Robinson has been benched 


There was also some other Dipper from BC who was disgusted or something about Robinson standing up for the rights of the secular. Such a shame the CBC article mentioning that isn't around any more, as I recall the guy owned a business as of 2010 (I'd like to know where not to shop if I visit the west coast again).

EDIT: It was Nelson Riss.

Nelson Riss wrote:

It's worse than poor political judgement. I think it's absolutely stupid,


He had no right to raise this in the way that he did and we find it to be disgusting, [...]


 So, secular folks of the West Coast, what do you think of Robinson's "disgusting" attempt to stand up for your rights?  


For Svend the actual issue was that if his constitutents give him a proper petition he felt he should present it to the House. When he presented the petition he made it clear that is all he was doing. Alexa and the Leader's Office didn't seem to understand the difference in Svend proposing removing god from the constitution and Svend tabling a petition brought to him in his role as an MP by others who were proposing it.


Yes. But Svend had courageously opposed the addition of "God" to the constitution in the first place. Anyway, here's what I posted on babble many years ago in another context:

Unionist, on February 13, 2006 wrote:

I sent Svend a supportive email at the time. Please indulge the following quotes from his lengthy response (I think they're still on topic) dated June 28, 1999:

Svend Robinson wrote:
I am writing to thank you for taking the time to communicate your words of support following my tabling of a petition on June 8 last on the subject of the reference to God in the preamble to the Constitution of Canada. It meant a lot to me, especially after your earlier zinger on Kosovo!

There are two fundamental principles at stake here, I believe. The first is the issue of freedom of speech. [...]

On the substantive question, as a member of the Special Committee on the Constitution in 1980-81, I spoke out against the proposed preambular reference to God. My federal caucus colleagues at that time, and today, took a different position, even though there is no party policy on the issue. I believed then, and continue to believe, that the constitution should reflect the full diversity of our society, a secular society, with people of many different religious faiths and other people, including humanists, of no religious belief. [...]

I am pleased that my tabling of this petition has led to a national debate and discussion on the issue of separation of church and state. Unfortunately, too much of this debate has been characterized by distortion and misrepresentation of my position. I particularly regret, of course, the response of my leader and some caucus colleagues in these circumstances. I should make it clear that, despite media reports to the contrary, at no time did I "apologize" to anybody for my actions in presenting this petition. I was pleased that Alexa McDonough made it clear during the recent B.C. New Democrat convention that we are putting this "family feud" behind us, and moving on to deal with other serious issues that confront our country and our globe. In doing so, I trust that we will be guided by the words of our federal NDP mission statement adopted in 1993: "We pledge ourselves to working with those the world over who seek to build a global society respectful of human rights and cultural diversity: a society in which every world citizen shares sustainable prosperity, democracy, equality, and peace."


Anyone who would like the full text of Svend's reply can send me a private message.


In terms of currently elected politicians, I've actually sat down and had a conversation with about two.  One of them was pretty guarded, the other was cool and sincere.

I've met and shook hands with a few.  Gary Doer seemed a little smarmy, but beyond that they seemed like more or less normal people.

Speaking of Gary Doer, I had a friend who used to work at the LC that he went to, and from what I gather, the rumours of his affinity for beverages are true.

One time I saw Selinger at the mall - I don't know whether or not he recognized me from holding up signs in protest during his speeches at a couple labour conventions.