New poetry collection published: "Prism of my Mind"

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New poetry collection published: "Prism of my Mind"

I recently published a collection of my poems, listed at Amazon at the following address:

The collection is organized in seven groups, each corresponding to one of the seven emotions, expressed by the poems in that group: hope, joy, humour, love, sadness, anger and despair. These feelings are also represented by the rainbow: from the happy warm colours to the sad cool ones. In addition, the poems also comment on the most important lessons the author learned in a long and adventurous life.


Here is a sample Haiku from the collection:


While thumbing his phone
he walks into a lamp post.
Evolution sighs.

A sample of a more serious poem from the collection is:

I had a dream last night

I had a dream last night:
I was a tree in pre-hominid times:
a giant red cedar
hugging the earth and the sky,
watching the birds and clouds float by,
stretching my leafy branches in leisurely comfort,
with not a care in the world,
knowing I would never die.

Then I was a bird,
a soaring condor,
being one with the sky
between the earth far below
and infinity above,
as I would fly over granite peaks
and desert dunes,
looking for food, mate,
landing on dewy meadow.

Then I was a whale,
embraced by the sea, the salty waves,
as I dove, and then rose again,
to emerge from the water,
celebrate the sunshine above
and the translucent green below,
wanting to live, in this splendor,
for ever and ever.

I was on the peak in every dream,
no one to hunt me, kill me,
no one to fear...
...not knowing that the end
of this beautiful existence
was soon, very soon,

Prism of my Mind


PS. Feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated. Smile