Would you work in a munitions factory?

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Not a bomb factory, and not a shutdown, but workers taking action rather than just doing their jobs:



sherpa-finn wrote:

Unionist wroteI would pick the U.S. landmine factory, unionize it, and shut the fuckers down forever. That's what we unionists are known for!

Can we safely assume that's an example of Unionist's well-known biting sarcasm, - or might he share with us examples of unions shutting down their employers because the industry itself is somehow unethical ... be that military, extractive, tobacco, whatever.  Just wondering ...

Sarcasm. This is a juvenile ethics game - 5 people to rescue, 4 seats in the lifeboat, do you drown the imam, the brigadier general, the Pope, etc. Oh, "all things being equal", of course lol!!

Sorry I had to spell it out. Carry on with the discussion.

Skinny Dipper

Question about working at a factory/plant that builds landmines is a really good one.  People do need to make ethical choices all the time.  Would you work at the Tar Sands, at a steel mill, or pulp and paper mill?  I did work four summers at a pulp and paper mill.  The pay was great!  If I didn't work there, I wouldn't have been able to afford to pay for my higher education on my own.

Yes, I can state that I would never be willing to work at a landmines factory.  Then again, I have the luxury in making that decision.  I have other economically reasonable choices in life.  Other people don't.  If I were on social assistance and someone offered me a job to make landmines for $20/hour, I would jump at the offer right away.


You can get PAID for strangling kittens?


Yup. That would be the violin factory he forgot to include (and which I have threatened family members with).

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Rebecca West wrote:
You can get PAID for strangling kittens?


Oh, and the answer to the riddle is: "and the scorpion answered: 'it's in my nature.'"