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Louis Riel Day


In March of 2013, following 32 years of lengthy court deliberations, the Supreme Court found that Section 31 of the Manitoba Act was never properly implemented. The provision of a land grant of 1.4 million acres, inside of which the entire city of Winnipeg sits, was to be set aside for the children of the Metis (in other words, for Metis families).

It has now been almost a year since the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in their favour, yet no government action has taken place with respect to the court decision.



Any views on why it hasn't been implemented?


It may have started when Riel had to flee for his life, expecting to be lynched when the Canadians arrived.

Even though the red river settlement voted to join confederation the Canadians sent in the Canadian army, largely made up of Orangemen, to take the settlement in a military campaign.

Even the province's own website acknlwoedges that the army terrorized the community when they arrived.


As for the new ruling? If Harperism has shown one thing, It's one thing to get a ruling or legislative decision, another to enforce it. That hasn't changed in 140 years.

Not the same issue, but they haven't even sorted this one out yet:



Know the history, just wondered why the SC decision hasn't shown any signs of being implemented.


Yeah, I figured. I mentioned it because one would think that an Act of Confederation would be enforced, and not simply torn up. But that is exactly what happened.

As for the current situation, where does one even begin when people get freaked out about the prospect of turning a small parcel of city land back to First Nations? Clearly they are going to have to fight every step of the way on this.


Wow. Happy Louis Riel Day indeed!

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..happy louis reil day!


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