Zombie apocalypse manual

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Zombie apocalypse manual

Who knew? Only my id knows why I did a google search on this, but the results were both amusing and surprising.


Oddly enough, there are no rabble tags or existing issue pages for zombie apocalypses. A serious editorial ommission.

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I would take the zombie sites more seriously if they would address the really important issues -- like why a conical spear tip with a base diameter equal to the shaft to which it is attached is superior to the more traditional leaf shaped spear tip when defending yourself against a zombie swarm. I also think this thread should be moved to the one where Alberta politics is discussed, and sub-titled "slow zombies vs. fast zombies".


Actually the CDC did it as a lark with real instructions of what to do in a emergency (like a pandemic)


The important thing is to be prepared







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*waves at bagkitty* Also runs away.

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*waves to Maysie* (interesting timing, I am looking after my neighbours two rescue cats while she is on vacation.... they are both very, very food motivated. I don't dare stretch out on the couch when I go over to feed and visit with them... they pounce when I come through the door and I am sure they are mistaking me for a jumbo pack of tender vittles)


Yes, it's a real comic.



It appears the brainless zombie spammers have taken control of the forums. I don’t see much hope left in this bleak over educated world. The rednecks always survive because of our knowledge of hunting and firearms.




Well, the first sign of apocalypse, I'm heading for the nearest gun nut.


We're the zombies actually, ie: regular people of little or no influence within the Capitalist societies, being slowly but surely dispossessed of the conditions for life, wandering or being led around after anyone who might tell us what is going on and how it all happened.




Located in the epicenter of the Walking Dead story line and built on the bones of a cold-war era nuclear missile plant lies an incredible 840 acre disaster preparedness training facility.  This facility boasts a multi-story 75 acre urban cityscape, over 300 vehicles, a dual rail subway system and a built-to-DOT-specification interstate highway.

And this is the location of Zombie Run on October 25, 2014.

The minimum age to be a runner is 11, and the minimum age to be a Zombie is 14.  At Zombie Run our runners are given a flag belt and three flags. They attempt to navigate the course and avoid having their flags taken by the zombies.  Runners who survive with at least one flag receive the “survivor” medal and those that don’t receive the “infected” medal.


Rabble team?