Wallin feared CPC put a spy in her office: new book

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Wallin feared CPC put a spy in her office: new book

June 18, 2014

Jordan Press

Pamela Wallin believed Conservative senators had placed a spy in her office as part of a plot by members of her own party to “get her,” a new book alleges.

“Wallin believed, as she told me in October 2013, that hard-core right-wing elements in the Conservative caucus had it out for her because she didn’t ‘have an “R” branded on my forehead’ — she was not Reform enough,” writes Patrick Boyer in Our Scandalous Senate.

“Revealing her expense claim materials … was, Wallin feared, their plot to get her,” Boyer writes in the new book, which he said reflects his conversations with Wallin.

Alison Stodin had come to work for Wallin in July 2012 on the recommendation of the Conservative Senate whip’s office. Stodin was also a long-time acquaintance of Sen. Carolyn Stewart Olsen, whom Wallin has publicly suggested was a rival within the Tory Senate caucus. Stewart Olsen helped pen a damning report about Wallin’s travel last year, and it was Stodin who first alerted senators to what she considered to be questionable expense claims by Wallin.

“She now saw Stodin as a plant, sent into her office to nail down incriminating evidence,” Boyer writes. “Wallin believed that whatever mess she had with her accounts paled in comparison to her personal vulnerability and political isolation among back-stabbers on The Hill.”






 Tory treachery got to love it.


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