'Canada's Harper's,' The Walrus Magazine, hires whitest, rightest editor-in-chief they can find

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'Canada's Harper's,' The Walrus Magazine, hires whitest, rightest editor-in-chief they can find

Longtime rabble.ca fan, Jonathan Kay!

Meet #TheNewWalrus

The Walrus, previously on babble. And previouslier.


I unsubscribed to The Walrus many years ago. Too elitist, rightist, and boring. I love Maisonneuve, and Geist has suddenly improved drastically in the last couple of issues. Both are edgy and captivating. In my humble opinion. The Walrus? It's best before date was best before. Nothing to see there.




Haha, from ygtbk's link:


Current editor and co-publisher Macfarlane said The Walrus foundation thought Kay was “far and away the best man for the job.”

"Best man"? That's the sensitive and inclusive Walrus style that drove me away.

He said he wouldn’t know what to say to anyone calling the choice controversial.


“The Walrus can’t and doesn’t want to occupy any single place on the ideological continuum and he’s done a very good job of running his pages in a way that is consistent with that principal.”

"Principal" is, like, a main investor, right? I can see Kay being more loyal to his principal than to any principle. So on that point, I'll give Macfarlane his dew.



Don't read much of The Walrus so not sure what's happened there journalistically but this is disappointing at best, alarming at worst. Kay is also known as one of the more virulent anti-9/11-truthers. There alone he's demonstrated extremely poor journalistic integrity. And his book was a flop. Not to mention some of his bleatings on "poltical correctness".

With a wide career zig zag starting in metallurgy (yup), then law (yup), he ends up in journalism? Why? Or should I say, why bother?


I never used to like Geist, it seemed sort of self-obsessive, but I turned up a story about the fence along boulevard de l'Acadie, separating TMR/VMR and Parc-Ex: http://www.geist.com/fact/essays/the-great-wall-of-montreal/

A friend who had bought a tiny "veterans' house" in Parc-Ex joked about the fence to "keep the rich bastards out"...