The late Pam Barrett would have been so PROUD today

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The late Pam Barrett would have been so PROUD today


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It's kind of sad that the late Pam Barrett is not around to see this historic win.

Nicknamed "Mighty Mouse" for her aggresive style in and out of the Legislature, she was the FIRST woman to lead the Alberta NDP. I bet she would have been thrilled to see the Alberta NDP form government. And led by only the second woman to be leader of the Alberta NDP

Did Rachel mention the incredible Pam Barrett in her victory speech?



Clearly we need a bigger catch-all thread to cover all the things she is doing wrong.

Those right-wingers don't know the half of it.


This thread is about the INCREDIBLE late Pam Barrett


Indeed. With a little aside about how people are snubbing her memory and ignoring that she helped get them where they are. You heard the speech, I presume.



Not in its entirety, just clips.

Let's face it Rachel would not be where she is today, if it wasn't for trailblazers like Pam.

Jacob Two-Two

She'd probably be dead! Pretty ungrateful of her not to mention the woman who saved her life.

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lol. now that we've settled that, let's close this thread.

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