Anglosphere (US, UK and Canada) blocks Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in Middle East

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Anglosphere (US, UK and Canada) blocks Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in Middle East

The US, UK and Canada have blocked the establishment of a nuclear-weapons free zone in the Middle East, thanks to their votes at the UN Conference on the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

RT wrote:
Washington has blocked the final document of a UN conference that reviewed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, accusing Egypt of manipulating the gathering to target Israel. Moscow has slammed the US for rendering the four-week meeting futile.

The 9th international conference was held in New York from April 27 until May 22. A total of 162 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) participant states were in attendance. These conferences are held every five years to assess the worldwide disarmament process.

The blocked document included a plan to establish a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East. To do this, Egypt, who first proposed such a zone in 1980, suggested a regional UN conference on banning weapons of mass destruction. The gathering would have no pre-determined agenda and would go ahead with or without the presence of Israel.

Russian Foreign Ministry: "We regretfully acknowledge that because of the positions of the US, Britain and Canada, we could not adopt the final document which included provisions on fulfilling the 1995 resolution on creating a Middle East zone free of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction."


Way to go, Canada! Making the world save for Israeli nuclear weapons and a future Armageddon! And still more obsequious boot-licking of the master in Washington! Win win all around!

US, UK and Canada block nuclear disarmament, oppose NWFZ in Middle East.


Israel Thanks US For Blocking UN Nuclear Disarmament Move

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has thanked the US for blocking a UN measure that could have forced Israel to disclose its arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The talks ended in failure after the US and its allies, INCLUDING CANADA, and Britain rejected a proposal made by Arab countries to establish a nuclear weapons free zone in the ME by March 2016.

Israel is believed to be the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the ME with more than 200 undeclared nuclear warheads. Tel Aviv has rejected global calls to join the NPT and does not allow international inspectors to observe its controversial nuclear program."

This disgusting move rivals Canada's opposition to a Dec. 2014 UN resolution opposing Nazism. Canada, US and Ukraine were the sole opposers. Meanwhile 'progressive' ostriches simply bury their heads deeper into the sands of domestic bourgeois politics where ignorance really must be bliss, and where 'Heil Ukraine!' and  'Israel Uber Alles' is supported by all.


Not all parts of the Canadian state are part of the "Anglosphere". Some anglosuprematists have marked "Canada" as such, but that is racist crap. Beyond Québec and other francophone regions, there are also regions and even territories (Nunavut) where the dominant language is an indigenous one.

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No doubt you're right at one level. However, I have no doubt that if the parts of Canada in which the dominant language is not English had a larger role in foreign policy, then our foreign policy would be quite different from the policy of what's called here "the Anglosphere".