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You didn't make that comparison, and I never said you did,  but I'll repeat myself, for clarity's sake. The Russian government and the rebels in eastern Ukraine are spinning this story to make them look like persecuted victims, just like those who pine romantically for the dignified old antebellum South.

And they have managed to pull it off in a way that others have not, mainly because they have a huge disinformation campaign, military support, and a lot of people willing to wear blinders and buy a strictly ideological interpretation of this situation.



Donetsk State Employees Driven To Celebrate V-Day At Gunpoint: Ukraine Propaganda

"We are much more free than Ukraine. No one will ever put Donbass on its knees."


DPR Liberty Referendum Celebrations

"Exactly a year ago, we all said 'NO' to fascism, 'yes' to independence, for liberty and a happy future for our children!"



Ukro-Nazi Kiev Strangles Donbass, Blockades Food

"That side was seized by terrorists. If you feed terrorists, then you support them." - UkroNazi official


Facing The War (documentary) *must see*

"70 years after WWII there were few people in Donetsk who still remembered living through war, seeing atrocities committed in the name of fascism or how hard it was to restore peace.

Those same veterans, now in their twilight years, watch in dismay as younger generations fail to resolve their differences peacefully and resort to military action.

Once again, young people fight and die and lay buried beside those who gave these lives for peace in WWII."

'They are fascists, real fascists, women and children mean nothing to them. Nothing's sacred.' 'It's a war waged for oligarchs who are pulling the country apart. 'There is no power on earth that can defeat miners.'


Republic Day Interview with DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko

"We need to be like the keepers of a forest and clean away this fascist disease, like rabies..."


Kiev Vows to Fight 'Till the Last Drop of [somebody else's] Blood' Despite Minsk Ceasefire


Fights in Donbass: 15-05-2015

"Fights on almost the entire frontline from Mariupol to Lugansk. Now in Gorlovka, fighting in progress between Donetsk Militia and Ukrainian Army. Ukraine is using heavy equipment..."


Kiev's Military Operations Inflicted $100 M in Damage on Donetsk Region - Ombudsman

"Kiev's military operation in east Ukraine's Donetsk region has damaged over 9,500 facilities, inflicting a total damage of over 2 billion hryvnia, according to a report published by DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova on Friday.

Overall, Kiev's military operation has destroyed over 5,300 houses, 605 electricity transmission lines, 53 health care facilities and 252 educational establishments in the DPR, the report said."


The Women of the DPR-GRU Spetsnaz (and vid)


Humanitarian Crisis in Donbass

'How long will this ordeal continue?'



'Scars' - Humanitarian Aid Dispatch #6 (little hiroshima)

"Nastia was hit by Grad rockets on August 10, on the street of her village Yasnoe. Almost everybody near her, including two of her cousins, were killed. She was also hit. The fragments tore her stomach, her shoulder, her legs. Some of them were never removed. She still carries them.

She was lying down and watching Grad rockets landing nearby. They fell and exploded. She was laying down next to her dead cousins. Can you imagine that? In the same village, one man couldn't take the death of his family and hung himself.

She remembers everything down to details.

I have never seen anybody so strong.

The aunt says without pause: 'Show your scars'...


Please Help Novorossiya!

"The war is going on. People are suffering. Any help is priceless..."

especially since hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars and 'humanitarian aid' and DND trainers are being given to the Nazi 'punishers' side in Kiev and only bombs and shells and starvation blockades to the people of Donbass



Interview: Two 'Vostok' Soldiers



The Restoration of Ukraine: A Clash of Interpretations  -  by Alex Donetsky

"Signs of a civil war are definitely in evidence..."


TV News: 'Ghost' Brigade Commander Alexey Mozgovoy Murdered


While Revolutionaries Can Be Murdered, You Cannot Kill Ideas

'It is war that is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the ones responsible: Those who finance, who stir it up, who through the media set one people against another. It is these whom we must fight.'   - Aleksey Barisovich Mozgovoy

'It is a gift to die in May' - ABM


The Saker: A Few  Thoughts About the Murder of Mozgovoi

"It is too early to establish who killed Mozgovoi. Those who are already pointing the finger at this or that person or group are only making things worse and, objectively, doing Kiev's bidding."


'If we are to live by our conscience, everything will work out for us. But oh, how hard it is to live by conscience.'

RIP Alexei Mozgovoi

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Russia Insider also had a piece about the BBC dancing on Mozgovoi's grave.

The BBC. Objective. And spiteful.

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Ghost Brigade Communist Commanders'statement on the assassination of Alexei Mozgovoi

YouTube video of same.

Alexey Markov: With great sorrow we have to communicate to our friends of Western Europe, the U.S., Latin America and Africa, that today around 17:30 an assassination attempt happened against our brigade commander Mozgovoi.

His car was hit by an explosive and there were several machine-gun shots. Unfortunately, all the people in the car are dead: our brigade commander Alexei Mozgovoi, his spokesperson Anna, the guards Holst and Metla, the driver Pesnya.

We are not going to build a castle of conjectures about who stands behind this barbaric crime. The police will think about it. The command of the brigade will do everything possible to help the Republic find the murderers, those ones who, I am sure, will be punished. From our site we will assist in all possible ways.

Pyotr Biryukov: The Ghost Brigade, and communist unit as part of it, will not disappear as a force against fascism. Our volunteers are the proof of this fact, and the people who help us, who trust us and rely on us to defend them.

One of the combatants of the brigade has been killed; the commander. But his work lives with us. We will carry it on.

AM: Our flag resists. I am sure that the brigade flag will be seen in Lysichansk, Kharkov and Kiev very soon, and will be the best memorial for our commander.

PB: This will be an authentic memorial for him.

However, if the enemy on the opposite side is happy, they are happy for nothing. We are not scared. Fire tempers steel. As communists, we declare it simply and unequivocally.

AM: They will not scare us. We know very well where we are going and what we can lose along the way – and what we are fighting for. Anyone who thinks we will be scared or stop or get lost is going to be disappointed very soon.

We feel pain and grief now, but soon our pain will turn into anger. And on the front line our “very hated friends” from the opposite side …

PB: … will feel this anger on themselves. The anger of our combatants.

AM: A person can be murdered, but not his ideas. The idea Alexei Mozgovoi had been carrying on since last year, the one which brought thousands of people to join us. With the death of one person, the ideas will not die. We are going to carry them through the war, through the misery, through the death. With these ideas, we will live, and build a better life. 
Unfortunately, the best things civilization brings are paid for with the blood and lives of many brave people.

PB: The best people.

AM: But if we were not ready to pay this price, humanity would still be wearing furs and smash each others heads with stone hammers.

PB: Or split the community into nationalities or measuring the noses …

AM: Or skulls …

PB: Or burn itself in the furnaces of Auschwitz.

AM: Our foreign friends can be sure that the communist brigade exited, exists and will exist as long as it serves Novorossiya, and we suggest to our enemies not to celebrate ahead of time. Not much time remains to you.

PB: And I would add, not only “as long as it serves Novorossiya” but till it serves all the people. All the people want justice. All the people need the truth.

We are not afraid to die for this.

AM: Sometimes it is necessary.

Both: '¡No pasarán!


Ukraine's 'Teni' Saboteurs Claim Responsibility For Murder of LPR Commander

"Alexei Mozgovoi was killed in a special mission of Ukraine's Teni (Shadows) commandos, the detachment's head Alexander Gladky said on Sunday. He wrote in Facebook, 'We fled immediately'."


A Mother of Donbass to Mothers of Ukraine

"My son was killed in Shchastya last year. He was a Cossack. He refused to kneel and say, 'Glory to Ukraine!'. He said, 'Glory to Donbass!' and was shot at close range.

I ask all the mothers who can see and hear me: Take them [your sons] away from here. You won't put us on our knees. Your sons won't come back. I want you to understand me as a mother, I still mourn the loss of my only son.

Don't try to scare us, it's for nothing. No, you won't be able to..."


Donetsk Republic Warns of Kiev's Possible Chemical Weapons Provocations

"A DPR spokesman said an addional group of US military chemical experts arrived at the airport in the southern port city of Mariupol on May 26. The Ministry's official spokesman Eduard Basurin, told reporters that 'works are underway on the territory of a chlorine storage base, to the north-east of Kochetok settlement in the Kharkiv region."


I know these kinds of ideas are sure hard to kill:


If tomorrow I see in a cafe, in a pub even one young lady, she will be arrested ... А woman should be the guardian of the hearth, the mother. And what kind of mothers do they become after pubs? ... A woman should stay in the house baking pirozhki and only celebrate [meaning "drink" in this context] on the International Women's Day. It is time to remember that you are Russian! It is time to get your spirituality back!


Official Ceasefire Conceals a Raging Special Ops War in Novorossiya

'Everything must be done to draw Russia into a war with Ukraine.' Lieut-Gen John Mulholland, Deputy-Director CIA for Military Affairs

"The recent events in Donbass deserve a closer look. The disturbing chronicle is as follows..."


'All of Donbass is Family to Us'  -  by littlehiroshima

"The geography of aid keeps growing...

If you want to contribute to humanitarian aid contact me..."



'All of Donbass is Family to Us'  -  by littlehiroshima

...thanks for this...we haven`t yet worked out our own aid program...I will try getting in touch...spasiba!


Great Iyra. Yeah, looks like the real thing too. A good grassroots operation. And although there's hundreds of millions and various Canadian private sector and ngo initiatives for the Nazi West, which is blockading food and necessaries to the East, of course there's nothing from here going to where it is truly needed, the resistant people of Donbass.


Mozgovoy: 'The Oligarchs Remain Our Principle Enemy'

"This is one of the last interviews given by Aleksey Mozgovoy - the commander of the Prizrak Brigade, who openly asserted that the residents of the Donbass and of Ukraine should act together to end the rule of the 'super-rich' capitalists on both sides of the front line..."


Funerals for Mozgovoy and Fighters


Gorlovka - All the Murdered People : This is What Canada/US is Supporting

"What kind of people do this? What kind of person are you? This is your responsibility. Are you going to side with the Nazis? What are you going to do about it?"


Sunday in Donetsk: Not As Depicted by USA Today

Calling out the Western media


One Year Ago Today: The War in Lugansk Began

"A year ago, June 2, 2014...the war began in Lugansk. The Nazis in Kiev recognized LPR independence. According to the Ukrainian constitution, the airforce cannot be used on Ukrainian territory against citizens of Ukraine."


Special Report From the Shirokino Frontline

'Azov' Nazis break Minsk protocols with artillery shelling


'Ukraine Was A Totally Oligarchic State'

Interview with Aleksander Vladimirovich Kolesnik, Deputy of the Parliament of Novorossiya, by Roger Annis and Halyna Mokrushnya at on April 16, 2015 in Donetsk.

"...I didn't share the so-called values that Maidan proclaimed. It was an aggressive movement of fascist youngsters, proclaiming a Nazi ideology at the state level. Such slogans as 'Ukraine for Ukrainians,', Glory to the nation - death to the enemies', and so on I cannot view as anything but a Nazi ideology."



E Ukraine Sees Surge in Violence Amid Fragile Truce

Nazis target Emergency Services


DPR Troops: "We Will Not Be As Evil As They Are'

"Indpendent journalists working in Donbass, John Trust and Graham Philips talked to Viktor Korobkov, who lost his index fingers in Ukrainian captivity. 'Typical Right Sector members' shot off his fingers and made footage of the act in order to intimidate militiamen."



Donetsk Under Ukrainian Shelling - Kubishevsky Market

More Bandera barbarism from Canada's favourite US rogue puppet regime


Zakharchenko: 'We Watched Ukraine Destroy Their Own Battalion'

"We reserve the right to punish any battery firing at us. And another thing. I consider all Donetsk territory under control of Ukraine to be occupied. And we will use all means to liberate it."


Czechs and Slovak Volunteers Form 'Czechoslovak' Unit For Donbass


June 9: Donetsk Ablaze!

Oktyabrskiy Village - Donetsk suburbs

"Everyday shells hit. We live here and they shell it as they wish. What did they do to deserve this? Children can't go to school, can't go to a hospital because we have nothing!"


Zakharchenko: 'Ukraine Does Not Leave Us Any Alternative...'

"If we can't resolve the question peacefully, we will resolve it by war. Ukraine leaves us no alternative because it is Ukraine who has violated the Minsk agreements."


EU Volunteers in Donbass Fighting For a Noble Cause - German Media

"While there are no Russian troops fighting in eastern Ukraine, one can still find many volunteers from Europe fighting alongside the pro-Independence militia in Donbass, a German newspaper wrote on Thursday..."


Novorossia Military Report 11/12-06-2015 (and vid)



Nikolai Starikov - Why Putin Doesn't Recognize D/LPR As Sovereign States (and vid)

"A crucially important video statement by Nikolai Starikov..."


Students in Lugansk Appeal For Peace

"If you really want to know the truth, it is here. A civil war is taking place. And if you want to know the situation, come visit.."


Commander Givi Interview: 'A War is Coming...' (and vid)

Graham Philips asked Givi, DPR-Commander Somali Battalion about the front-line situation on June 12, 2015

"...Next will be war and our advance most likely. Because it is impossible to endure this. Once again the Ukrainian authorities show they cannot take Donbass with their bare hands, especially Donetsk. This blind shelling conducted by them once again proves their helplessness, and that not everything is right with their heads."





Women at War: Militiawoman 'Lyolya'

"...I wanted to defend my Motherland. I've met many women here. We just want to liberate our land. Our piece of land that's all."


Zakharchenko Meets Angry Residents of Donetsk Front-line Districts


A Message From Ukraine-Bombed Gorlovka: 'I Ask the World Public, Dear People Please Wake Up'

"...I don't want to live with fascists! Don't bomb these children! Why is it only Russia sees this? How long can these two regions suffer? Give me a stick, a gun - Poroshenko you b*tch, I'll kill you!

And OSCE,  the 'guarantors of our safety' are asleep, they don't matter in the least. What is this organization for?

They cry! The children cry at night! They want to exterminate us! Here, the last toilers of this damned Ukraine are exterminated. There'll be no 'United Ukraine'. You must be blind if you don't see that Ukraine doesn't exist - it's sold, sold! They sold their souls, conscience, Motherland!"

Press Conference: Two Defectors from Ukraine to Lugansk

"No one forced us to do this. We can't put up any longer with the dominance of people who took control of the Ukrainian government. Actual traitors. Foreign intelligence agents and fascists are gathered there now.

Do not believe the Ukrainian propaganda. They systematically exterminate the country's people leading Ukraine to crash..."


The Ecological Dimension of the Donbass Conflict

"There is ample and clear evidence of Kiev's deliberate targeting of key infrastructure in the Donbass region."


Zakharchenko: Ukraine Wants to Cut off DPR-LPR

"Ukraine does everything it can to undermine the Minsk Agreements. They want to force us to upset them. They want to rehabilitate themselves, announcing us guilty in undermining Minsk.

Kiev needed Minsk for one thing only. These agreements were signed when the Debaltsevo pocket shut and they tried to bring out their soldiers. After this pocket, Ukrainian forces lost 70% of its power.

Now they have received new equipment and are restoring. Their subunits were trained by US paratroopers [and soon CF also]. Now, again, they want to try to resolve our problems by force. These attempts will go on.

The USA ordered this war by driving their puppets. Kiev, as an obedient US puppy will do everything Washington wants."

And without any opposition or resistance, so will Canada..

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Ukrainian General,  former assistant Sec of Defence, Alexander Kolomiets defects to the Donetsk Armed Forces.

This is the 4th major defection in a week.  [u]Talk about the wheels coming off the blood-thirsty NATO-sponsored junta. [/u]

"He is not the first senior official of Ukrainian military and law enforcement agencies who has defected to the militias. Earlier, the former chief of the Lugansk Customs, Oleg Chernousov and two officers of Ukraine’s foreign intelligence, and staff members of the Ukrainian embassy in Paris: the Miroshnichenko brothers (Aleksei and Yuri) returned to Lugansk to declare their disagreement with Kiev’s policies."

Ukraine’s Defense Minister official, Aleksandr Kolomiyets, has defected to Donetsk People’s Republic.

"I am Aleksandr Kolomiyets, a major-general of the Ukrainian Armed Force, and my latest position was that of a chief military analyst and aide to the Ukrainian defense minister," Kolomiyets told at a press-conference in Donetsk. He added that he had been the regional military commissar of the Donetsk Region for the last 19 years.

Kolomiyets also told that he had to evacuate his family from Kiev for fear of persecution by the Ukrainian authorities.

Video with English subtitles.




World Famous Ukrainian Pianist Lisitsa Plays Donetsk (and vid)



'Fuck the Fascists!' Cancelled in Toronto, Enjoyed in Donestsk: Valentina Lisitsa Full Concert

"June 22, Day of Remembrance, the day Nazis attacked my country." - VL


DPR Serb Volunteer Dejan Beric: The Situation on DPR Frontier

"Artillery strikes continue all the time."


Fighting for A Free Donbass: 'Masha'

'Tank Operator' 18 yrs old


Fighting for A Free Donbass: 'Chingiskhan'



'Donbass is Returning to its Russian Roots'   - Sergei Baryshnikov

"...As we look back today, one year later, there were two social forces driving events forward. One was young people with different professional backgrounds, including high school students, university students and unemployed youth.

These were the most active participants due to their unstable social situations. The second was people of the so-called third age - the elderly. These two polar groups were the most active, driving forces of the Russian Spring in Donbass.

I would like to say and emphasize, and maybe you can pass this on to your readers, that almost 24 years ago, Moscow, as the capital of the Soviet Empire, let Ukraine go and obtain its sovereignty. That was done without a single drop of blood spilled.

Therefore, Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, should treat Donbas as they were treated 24 years ago. They should act peacefully. If Donbas wants to live without Ukraine, either as part of Russia or with its own sovereignty, let it be. There is no point in trying to forcefully keep us as part of the Ukraine..."


Ukraine Shells Donetsk Hospital: Patrick Lancaster Reports 19-07-15

"You see what Poroshenko and the Ukrainian Gov does to people? Someone gave him money to kill us. [Canada $600 M] They shell schools and hospitals, they know no troops are here. They are bastards." [No, they are Nazis]


'Unbowed': Donbass Under Fire (doco)

"We didn't go to Kiev. They came here to Donbass. Cut-throats. Damn bandits. No one will ever put Donbass on its knees. Our cause is just. Victory will be ours.."


Stash of US Arms Found in Luhanst Airport

"Another proof lethal weapons of foreign production are supplied to Ukraine, despite the fact that officially no country admits to such supplies."


Donetsk: Messages to OSCE Monitors

"Are you blind?"

(no, just spies for the west)


Ukraine Shells Donetsk Hospital: Patrick Lancaster Reports 19-07-15...

....thanks for this! when the Ukraine army is forced to flee the Donbass and all of greater Novorossiya and it becomes a recognized autonomous country...may we not forget this! And lay charges to the political and economic leadership of Canada for their crimes against the Peace!


Ukrainian Forces Shell OSCE Monitoring Mission in Luhansk

"Soon after the OSCE delegation arrived, the Ukrainian forces opened fire with mortars..."



Valentina Lisitsa: To Donbass With Love (and vid)

"What is happening is Bandera nationalism, 'blood purity' and fascist ideas. That is what is happening to Ukraine. How fast our country failed. How fast our people turned into animals.  I hope people come to their senses. And there is the same in the West but they shut their eyes.  Fascism is lifting its [ugly] head. It is time to wake up.

To Donbass, hang in there. You have the support of thinking people everywhere. Our hearts are with you. We pray for peace to come soon for you and your children to not know the names of the Ukrainian missiles by their sounds and can play outside instead of being forced to hide in their basements..."



Why Did The Times Publish An Article About A Novorossia Dirty Bomb?  -  by Oleg Tsarev, Novorossian Parliament

"...But the fact is, that when someone wishes to commit a crime - he must first create an alibi. Or, in our case, to create the background information to blame the enemy.

In other words, if the Times - and perhaps with the help of Ukrainians and Western intelligence agencies - publishes leaks about a 'bomb', that means Kiev is contemplating a big provocation with its curators.

What to do if Minsk doesn't work...?"


Fighters from 'Prizrak' Brigade

Why we fight


'Blood of Civilians on OSCE Observers' Consciousness'

OSCE are highly biased western spies


US Congress & President Obama Officially Recognize Donbas Freedom!

"It's true! President Barack Obama beat Russia's President Putin to the punch by recognizing the right of Donbas to ascend to the fraternity of nations first. He has reaffirmed this every year he has been in office..."