Kill the Tpp petition-Please sign on

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Kill the Tpp petition-Please sign on

Dear Friends :

 The TPP(Trans Pacific Partnership) is going to be ratified in the next few months. It is the most important issue now facing the country.  It is clearly not in the best interests of our country and we as Canadians.

Here is a quick primer of what it is about:

If you want to know more, many authoritative voices have spoken out against the TPP and they can be accessed simply by Googling  “critics of the TPP.”

Below is the link to my petition.  Please sign on and pass the link to friends and family.

This is our Canada. Let’s keep it that way.

Thank you, Robert Billyard, Mission BC





TPP Redux: The Monster Returns...

Walkom: Canada Takes Out Insurance Against NAFTA's Collapse With Pacific Trade Deal

"By agreeing to a new Pacific trade deal, Canada's Liberal government has taken out what it hopes is an insurance policy against the collapse of NAFTA. The revamped Trans-Pacific Partnership isn't a good deal for Canada, writes Thomas Walkom, but it is politically useful.."

Jerry Dias is skating on thin ice and leading his members like sheep to the slaughter — into the hands of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Justin Trudeau. Dias led Unifor out of the CLC and into The Liberal machine. As Justin wipes labour’s blood from his blade after TPP, the NAFTA shoe will fall next. Jerry needs to go.


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i signed it too, again; this issue keeps coming back . If there must be a trade deal with foriegn countries then we have to insist on open process with factions of populace other than corps making the decisions re 'minimum and maximum tolerances' as they relate to our standard of living. Thanks for posting.