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Week 19 of the Russian Intervention in Syria: Would Russia Use Nukes...(and vid)


"Frankly, this situation is far from resolved. It is no coincidence that just when a ceasefire was supposed to come into effect, two terrorist attacks in Turkey are oh-so-conveniently blamed on the Kurds.

It sure looks like somebody is trying to set Turkey on a collision course with Russia, doesn't it?"


US Ignores Own UNSC Resolution - Tells Russia 'Stop Bombing Al Qaeda'


"The US now demands, contrary to the UNSC resolution, that the terrorist group Al Qaeda in Syria should no longer be fought. The breathtaking new US condition to let A/Q continue its slaughtering without interference is directly based on demands by the Saudis submitted through the Saudi controlled opposition.

The foreign-sponsored terrorists in Syria are on the run and need a pause to resupply and reorganize. The US is now ignoring or even contradicting the UNSC 2254 resolution it had endorsed just weeks ago."


Basement Dweller

Erdogan is a danger to all of humanity.


Syria Truce Deal Must Guarantee Terrorists Don't Regroup or Receive International Support - Assad


"Damascus is ready for a ceasefire but will not tolerate terrorists exploiting it to restore their positions or receive support from abroad, Syrian President Bashar Assad said as the top Russian and US diplomats discussed 'practical cooperation' in implementing the truce.

The document will 'come into force within a week after is is adopted.' A source close to peace talks earlier told Reuters that one of the conditions was that Al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front would not be targeted by the government forces and their allies..."


Multiple Blasts Hit Damascus Southern Suburbs, Over 30 Feared Killed (and vid)


"Several explosions have rocked the Sayela Zeinab (Shia) district in the southern part of Syria's capital Damascus, Syria state television reported. Over 30 people are feared killed, suicide bombers are suspected behind at least two of the blasts.

A police source told RIA Novosti, at least 80 people were killed in the blasts, with 200 injured. The Islamic State (IS) terror group have claimed responsibility."


Russia Lances the Poison in Syria  -  by Finian Cunningham


"Not only is the Syrian state pulled back from the brink of collapse into a terrorist-run entity, as befell 'NATO liberated' Libya, but the Russian airstrikes, like a surgical operation, have lanced the noxious inflammation festering in Syria. All sorts of poisons are now oozing and being exposed, primarily the roles played by Western powers, their regional allies, and the toxic lies propounded by the Western news media to cover for crimes against peace.

It it were not for the gravity of human suffering, the situation could be seen as almost comical, owing to the Western contortions to hide reality. Western governments and their servile media are falling over themselves with ever-changing stories and spin, accusing Russian military operations of all sorts of crimes; killing civilians, hitting hospitals, exacerbating the refugee crisis, targeting 'moderate rebels' or 'propping up a dictator.'

This week, the Western media rushed to implicate Russia  or the allied Syrian army in striking hospitals and schools in Azaz and Maarat al Niman near the Turkish border. Some 11 people were killed at the latter facility, which is supported by the French medical group Doctors Without Borders (DWB). No evidence was presented to support the high-flown charges in the Western media accusing Russia, Russia denied any involvement, while the Syrian government said that the US-led forces carried out the attacks.

Meanwhile, all week, Turkish military were launching hundreds of artillery volleys across the border into the very area around Azaz where the hospitals were hit. But Western media did not question Turkey about its violation of Syrian sovereignty or the possiblity that the errant strikes could have been inflicted by Turkish forces, perhaps even as a false flag to impute Russia.

Last week, the US military spokesman, Col Steve Warren blamed Russia for air strikes on 2 hospitals in Aleppo city. RF spokesman, General Igor Konashenko responded by saying Russian aircraft were not active in the city that day, Wednesday, and that Russian surveillance data in fact showed that two US warplanes had bombed Aleppo.

Any and all narratives are hastily churned out, it seems, to avoid the obvious, real story. Russia has saved Syria from a covert war of aggression waged by foreign powers who have been using terrorist proxies for the objective of regime change. That's it in a nutshell. Russia should be commended, if objective analyses were to prevail. But objective analyses must not prevail in Western media narratives, because that would expose the toxic role of their governments and their own criminal complicity in distorting the conflict in Syria."


BBC Report Explains How USA & UK Weapons Flow to Al Qaeda & Other Terrorists in Syria


"In a Dec 17 episode of the BBC Radio series 'The Report', investigative journalist Peter Osborne documented disturbing evidence that the UK and US continue to support the Syrian opposition, particularly the Fee Syrian Army, despite ample evidence that they work closely with extremist groups NATO has traditionally thought of as enemies.

He also explained how the US has aided al-Qaida's efforts to 'rebrand' its Syria branch, the Nusra Front, as a moderate group able to be safely financed and 'managed' by the US. As Osborne noted, government officials as high-ranking as the vice president have admitted that 'the US and al Qaida are on the same side, at least when it comes to fighting Assad.."


Syrian Army Victorious in Eastern Aleppo as ISIS Faces Utter Collapse - Map Update



Assad Interview with Spain's El Pais - Feb 21, 2016


"President Bashar Al Assad asserted that the cessation of military operations requires preventing the terrorists from using it to improve their position, as well as preventing other countries, especially [NATO] Turkey, from sending more recruits, more terrorists, more armaments, or any kind of logistical support to terrorists, adding that the Russian and Iranian support were essential for the Syrian Army to make its advance.

This came in an interview given by President Assad to Spanish newspaper El Pais. Following is the full text of the interview..."

Basement Dweller

An important Thermal Power Plant is east of Aleppo, and is now back in Syrian government hands. This should be fired up soon, and the civilians of Aleppo will rejoice. Cool


Ceasefire in Syria To Commence At Midnight on Feb 27 - Russia & US


"The US and Russia have adopted 'Terms for a Cessation of Hostilities in Syria,' and propose that a ceasefire start on Saturday at midnight Damascus time. Terror groups such as ISIS and Al Nusra are not part of the truce.

President Vladimir Putin said he had a telephone call with Barack Obama and both leaders welcomed the plan, praising it as an important result of several rounds of closed talks.

The document also announces the establishment of an International Syria Support Group (ISSG) Ceasefire Task Force under the auspices of the UN..."


Assad Calls Syria Parliamentary Election for April


"The parliamentary elections in Syria will be held on April 13, 2016, said a statement issued by Syrian President Bashar Assad. Syria holds a general election every four years, with the previous vote taking place in 2012..."


Yaalon said, “The United States and Russia, both of which are currently active in the Syrian civil war, recognize Israel’s freedom to act in defense of its interests.”
While the two powers may indeed recognize this freedom in principle, Israel will be certain to avoid any action that makes it liable to being accused of damaging the chances of a ceasefire going into effect in Syria on Feb. 27. Both the US and Russia will also make sure that no outside power, whether Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Israel, intervenes militarily in the Syrian conflict whatever their security interests may be....from Debka

...this ceasefire agreement undoubtedly is consequence of Erdagon`s insane drive to invade Syria supported by Saudi Arabia and Israel...and no doubt will go to extreme lengths to prevent Israel et al from further attacks...we shall see!


'Obama Must Tell Turkey, Saudi Arabia & Israel Enough is Enough!' - Former CIA Officer Ray McGovern


"The good news is that the US has decided to cooperate with Russia and use their considerable influence and their considerable power to force this thing to stop. There are still considerable obstacles, namely Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel..."

Basement Dweller


The Aleppo Thermal Power Plant looks quite damaged, but hopefully the funding will find it's way to getting it operational.


US, Turkey Support For Terrorism Undermining Syria Ceasefire: Pundit (and vid)


"It's very troubling that a staggering 80 countries support terrorism in Syria, some of them directly with financial aid, logistical suport, armaments, recruitment in various political forms..."


Russian-American Agreement on Syria?


"The recent agreement between the USA and Russia really solves nothing, it does not even end the war, and both sides are experiencing a great deal of caution about its future application. And yet this is a huge victory for Russia.

The other big winner here in my opinion are the Kurds, who according to British officials appear to be coordinating  their military operations with the Syrian army and the Russian Aerospace Force, and who might well even achieve their dreams of joining the Iraqi and Syria regions of Kurdistan.

Which is just about the worst nightmare for the Turks come true. And then there are the Saudis. They are very, very angry..."


CrossTalk: Truce in Syria?


"Is it for real this time? Putin has delivered, Can Obama?"


Partition of Syria Part of 'Plan B' if Ceasefire Fails - Kerry


"In case truce fails US has 'Plan B'

...Which has in fact always been US Plan A



from South Front

According to reports, Jeish al-Fatah militants backed up by Turkish artillery fire, gained control over the villages of al-Dorra and al-Saraf in the Northwestern parts of al-Rabia’a town in the province of Lattakia. After taking control of these two villages, the militants receive reinforcements and a large cargo of weapons and military equipment poured through via the Turkish borders.


Some 30 Saudi Air Force officers with a cargo of military equipment have arrived to the Incirlik military airbase in Turkey to prepare for a joint air campaign in Syria. The deployment of Saudi fighter jets is expected in next 24 hours.

....so more violations of the ceasefire agreement...if and when it collapses.....?!



CrossTalk: Partioning Syria


"Even before the agreed ceasefire deal goes into effect, Secretary Kerry is talking about the possible partition of Syria. Is Washington really interested in a ceasefire? Is regime change still front and center?

And will the international community stand by as ISIL is given its own state?"


The ridiculously non-existant "ceasefire" is just a pretext for Kerry's "plan B", the partition.

How can a "ceasefire" exist when both the most the most effective fighting collections against the Syrian government refuse to participate-- ISIL and Al Qaeda?
Russia of course will be blamed.

"Plan A" is "Plan B" is the result of the "F[eldman] Plan", the plan leaked from the hacked STRATFOR files.

The $2 billion Saudi financed Feltman Plan is outlined here:


21.02.2016 Author: F. William Engdahl
Mr President, Sir, Are You About to Blow Up the Middle East?

First it’s useful to look a bit more closely into the UN-sponsored Geneva III “peace talks” which began the first week of February. The talks, despite Russian and Syrian efforts, have been a farce from the onset. The key UN point-person guiding the Geneva sabotage agenda is UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey D. Feltman.

.... in 2008, Feltman authored a secret plan with former Saudi Ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, nicknamed “Bandar Bush” by George W. Bush for his intimate ties to the Bush family. That Feltman-Bandar Plan was revealed in internal documents hacked in 2011 from the thousands of files of STRATFOR, the murky US “strategic intelligence” consultancy to the Department of Defense and military industry.

The Feltman-Bandar plan called for dividing Syria into different ethnic groups–Alawite, Sunni, Shi’ite, Kurd, Christian, and dividing the country into three areas: big cities, small cities and villages. Then the USA and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and selected allies would begin covert training and recruiting of five levels or networks of actors, controlled by the CIA and Saudi intelligence, which Bandar later headed, to execute the destruction or national dismemberment of Syria. The plan outlined the five networks they would manipulate:

1- The “Fuel”: educated and unemployed youths who are to be linked in a decentralized way.

2- The “Thugs”: outlaws and criminals from remote areas, preferably non-Syrians.

3- The “Ethnic-Sectarians”: young people with limited education representing ethnic communities that support or oppose the president. They must be under the age of 22.

4- The “Media”: some leaders of civil society institutions which have European funding not American, to conceal US role.

5- The “Capital”: traders, company owners, banks and commercial centers in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs only.



The ridiculously non-existant "ceasefire" is just a pretext for Kerry's "plan B"...

what it did was give us a breathing spell, for a few days?

Turkey and Saudi interventions and preparations into Syria, brings the threat of nuclear war back on the table...there won´t be any plan B, in spite of the USA´s deceptive 2 faced actions...we are back in a very serious threatening situation!

Basement Dweller

Some analysis of Erdogan's meddling in Syria. Is he backing down?



'Too Many Players in Syria Crisis - It's Like the Thirty Years War in Germany' - Eric Margolis


"A ceasefire has come into force in Syria. Along with the government - almost 100 opposition factions have confirmed that they will respect the truce. However ISIS and al Nusra Front - along with other terrorist organisations are not part of the deal..."


Pentagon Update: US, Not Russia Responsible For Breaking Islamic State


"Whether you like Putin or not, his decisiveness in Syria was a game-changer. After years of pretending to chase ISIS, the US was suddenly shown to have been merely simulating activity for different ends. Russia, on the other hand, went in to clean house and has worked effectively with the army of Syria to that end.

The fact that the US-led 'coalition' has no legal mandate in Syria; that Assad is the democratically elected head of that country; that the US is engaged in destroying arbitrarily and unilaterally, yet another foreign state that has done it no harm; that - finally and emphatically - it is thanks entirely to the efforts of the Syrian Army and the air support provided by the only outside country to have a legitimate role in Syria: Russia."



George Galloway's Comment Show: Why Did the West Arm Militants in Syria Despite Peace Efforts? (and vid)


"The West has no interest in peace. Only in regime change in Syria, as they had achieved in so many countries before. It became apparent that regime change was not going to happen. And now they are scrambling to bring the war to an end, before the Syrian government and its allies can win a complete, convincing and comprehensive victory. That, I'm afraid, is the long and short of it."

Basement Dweller

I believe this is an ISIS prison/torture chamber captured by the Kurds. Documentation of Erdogan's war crimes.



Syria's Truce and the Race for Syria's War: Decoding Political Talks in the Levant  -  by Catherine Shakdam


"Now that we know what the US and its legions of 'moderates' [rebels] would like you to believe, what is it they actually unwittingly revealed? Because somewhere in there lies the realpolitik of Syria's war.

Syria's moderates have agreed to a truce - that's the line played by Washington. Is it me or did Western powers actually admit they are in fact in bed with terrorism? Or are we still under the impression these moderates are choir boys playing democracy-building?

So what is Plan B? Well the partition of Syria of course. If you can't beat them, break them, they say.."


From Lion Tamer to Female Fighter: Combating Terrorists in Syrian Aleppo



CrossTalk: Bullhorn Patrol


"The ceasefire in Syria is holding - surprising many. What should be made of John Kerry's plan B for Syria? And finally, the basket case known as Ukraine."

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

This is absolutely a remarkable sea change. Of course the most important thing is the well being of the Syrian people.Every day that passes that the ceasefire, such as it it, holds, fewer Syrians will die.

The role for Canada is simple: get the phuck out of Syria, which you have no business in (nor have you been invited!) , and get out of the brutal NATO military alliance while you're at it. Turkey? The US? These are our allies?

Meanwhile, the Canadian Trudeau regime approves, with their "hands are tied" excuses, billions in military sales and aid to the barbarous Saudi regime - the same regime making war on the poorest Arab country in the world (Yemen) and preparing for war and/or invasion of Syria.


This is absolutely a remarkable sea change.

Yes thank you for this....so would be good to try understanding what is going on here! How has the Alliance of Russia, Syria, Iran and Hizbollah prevailed over the 2 faced monster of the US and its more straight shooting allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, with of course Canada and Israel in the background!

Are we watching a sea change in the balance of powers on this fragile planet?

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

iyraste1313 wrote:
Are we watching a sea change in the balance of powers on this fragile planet?

Usually it is historians who can answer that, long after the fact, by identifying incipient trends in their infancy. One hopes. Certainly for the Syrian people, whose well being is what matters here, the ceasefire couldn't come soon enough.

My own view is that this trend began back in 2008, when the brutal Saakashvili regime in Georgia was rebuffed in South Ossetia, then later when, following the coup d'etat in Kiev, Crimea re-joined Russia and the Donbass resisted. But don't forget it is not just Russia; China, Iran, and other countries have been the target of the US hegemon. And they are starting to work together, in trade- including, critically, trade outside of US dollar hegemony - in mutual defence, and so on. It's heartening to see the Chinese and the Russians working together, and a bigger role for the Iranians, and the BRICS member states. These are still capitalist countries, often implementing the same austerity that we rightly oppose in Canada, but their intra-capitalist challenge to the hegemon can, and often does, play a positive role internationally.

It is a shame that Canadians are so deluded when it comes to foreign policy. In general, we imagine ourselves to be peacemakers, when the opposite is the truth. I quote rabble blogger Yves Engler on this ...

Yves Engler wrote:
There is no other domain of political life in Canada where the disconnect between policy and perception is remotely close as Canadian foreign-policy. Canadians overwhelmingly, including far into the left, believe Canada is broadly a good force in the world while evidence overwhelmingly suggests otherwise.





[NATO] Turkey 'Protects and Supplies' Al Nusra Camps - Syria YPG


"Jabhat Al Nusra terrorists have pitched their camps right next to the border and receive regular supplies from the Turkish side."

Given Turkey is Canada's NATO ally as well as a partner in the US-led anti-ISIS coalition, Canucklheads should draw the appropriate conclusions about the seriousness of our own 'anti-ISIS' activities....



Week 21 of the Russian Military Intervention in Syria


"The ceasefire in Syria (which is not really a ceasefire but rather a 'focusing of combat operations') is holding surprisingly well..."


meeting at Russian Airforce base Hmeimim....from Southfront

....The participants, who represented about 10 various movements and groups, agreed on the need to create an initiative group to craft the new constitution for Syria. Which would then be subject to a general discussion. There are still many disagreements with Damascus, however, they are in agreement on the most important: the need to preserve Syria’s integrity and sovereignty as a secular state.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

A fascinating development is that some of the Opposition political/military forces are asking for Russian AF protection from the jihadists. This is really great news. It means that there is room for political opposition, even now, in Syria, and that the SAA and the (invited!) Russian AF are playing a positive role. I'm really heartened by this development.

Hooray for the Syrian people!!


Syria - Preparing For the Next Major Push


"There seems to be some progress in the regional 'games' around the conflict in Syria"


New Best Friends?


"US building two air bases in Kurdish-held north Syria..."



Report: NATO Praises Russia's Operations in Syria (and vid)


"German media say a confidential NATO analystical report has praised Russia's anti-terror airstrikes as accurate and efficient."


Russian Strikes Made Syrian Militants Accept Truce: Analyst Manuel Ochsenreiter (and vid)


"Press TV has interviewed Manuel Ochsenreiter, to discuss a confidential NATO analytical report, praising Russia's anti-terrorist airstrikes in Syria as 'accurate, efficient and professional."




Iraq Redux: US-Led Sanctions Against Syria Are Hurting Real People, Helping Real Terrorists   -  by Eva Bartlett


"...The first thing the West should do in this battle against terrorism is to lift the sanctions from the Syrian people. The sanctions are helping terrorists against the Syrian people, who are suffering doubly from the terrorists and from Western measures against the Syrian people..."

Which was always the intention.

'I agree with Minister Baird that more pressure should be put on...I think the international community has to continue putting on pressure. And increase the sanctions if possible.' Helen Laverdiere NDP, on Syria, 2012, CBC


A Who's Who of the Syrian Civil War and Ceasefire


"While it is difficult to keep track of the estimated 1500 rebel groups fighting on the ground, it has never been a secret that the main rebel factions, Jabhat Al Nusra, Jaysh Al Islam, Harakat Ahrar-Al Sham and the Free Syrian Army, have cooperated, carried out joint missions and occupied towns and villages together against the Syrian Armed Forces. These groups intermingle deeply..."


Canada's Attempts to Derail UN Peace Process in Syria


"Right in the midst of UN-led peace talks to try and bring Syrian forces together to establish a political resolution to the conflict, Canada announced it was providing technical and advisory support to certain groups in the negotiations instead of supporting the peace process itself.

Then on February 24, Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Dion met with one of the main foreign-backed self-proclaimed opposition groups in Syria, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary andc Opposition Forces, also known as the Syrian National Coalition. In the meeting the group advocated to Canada to ensure that regime change would be the outcome of any political transition process in Syria..."


CrossTalk on Syria: Calm Before Storm?



Pentagon Hopes to 'Resurrect A Dead Horse' By Retraining Syrian Opposition


"The head of US Central Command, General Lloyd Austin proposed to re-start training for Syria's so-called rebels. 'Are they going to fight ISIS? No, they are going to go after Assad."


Russia Says No to Syrian Federalization as Former NATO Commander Talks Partition


"Former NATO Supreme Commander Europe, James Stavridis wrote in his article for the journal Foreign Policy that dividing Syria into three parts - an Alawite state, a Sunni state and a Kurdish state - is a viable idea. The expert echoed US State Department John Kerry, who said that Syria couuld be partitioned as a 'Plan B' in the event the ceasefire fails..."

This was always the Western plan - still is.


Syria: Another CIA Supplied Group Hands Its Weapons To Al Qaeda


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

The Russian President has just ordered the beginning of an orderly military withdrawal from Syria.

Objectives Achieved. Western sponsored terrorists pounded.


What's that I hear? Wailing and knashing of teeth?

It's simple really. If the Russians are involved, then they're bad. They bomb hospitals, you know? Some MSF friends say so anyway. No evidence really. But if the Russians aren't involved, then they're still bad.

What's the bet that Western MSM will, within days, maybe hours, find some reason to denounce the Russians for the military withdrawal? You know, the same media that denounced them for coming in the first place.

Basement Dweller

ikosmos wrote:

What's that I hear? Wailing and knashing of teeth?

For now, most of the media is still guessing Putin's motives.

If the Russian bashing starts again, it will be lead by Al-Jazeera. I don't know why, but I've noticed a lot of lefty progressive Canadians seem to like Al-Jazeera even though it's partly owned by the Qatari royal family. At least with Russian Television or Iranian Press TV, it's obvious they are state propaganda.

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

ikosmos wrote:

The Russian President has just ordered the beginning of an orderly military withdrawal from Syria.

Objectives Achieved. Western sponsored terrorists pounded.


What's that I hear? Wailing and knashing of teeth?

It's simple really. If the Russians are involved, then they're bad. They bomb hospitals, you know? Some MSF friends say so anyway. No evidence really. But if the Russians aren't involved, then they're still bad.

What's the bet that Western MSM will, within days, maybe hours, find some reason to denounce the Russians for the military withdrawal? You know, the same media that denounced them for coming in the first place.

I was a bit surprised by this story, but not by the fact that Putin has made such a masterful geopolitical move. In my opinion, he has proven himself to be the most skilled statesman of the 21st century so far. If he were as compassionate to his own people as he is clever in his statecraft, he would be an excellent leader. Unfortunately, this great statesman is also an authoritarian thug.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Basement Dweller wrote:
For now, most of the media is still guessing Putin's motives.

If the Russian bashing starts again, it will be lead by Al-Jazeera. I don't know why, but I've noticed a lot of lefty progressive Canadians seem to like Al-Jazeera even though it's partly owned by the Qatari royal family. At least with Russian Television or Iranian Press TV, it's obvious they are state propaganda.

I noticed a big change in Al-Jazeera over the last year or so, with a lot more Russia-bashing than hitherto. I don't know what to attribute it to. By the way, Al-Jazeera America is closing down by April of this year. I actually liked them myself, as anything outside the Anglo-sphere is already interesting, different, and typically less willing to blatently toady to the wishes of the (US) Empire.

By the way, RT has the ocassional critical piece about Russian political life. But they are sorta like the Marxist Monthly Review out of New York ... they simply don't focus much on domestic politics. If you want a comprehensive look at Russian political life then you have to look elsewhere. The most successful political opposition to Putin in Russia is still the Communists, by far. But their English-language material is very limited.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Michael Moriarity wrote:
I was a bit surprised by this story, but not by the fact that Putin has made such a masterful geopolitical move. In my opinion, he has proven himself to be the most skilled statesman of the 21st century so far. If he were as compassionate to his own people as he is clever in his statecraft, he would be an excellent leader. Unfortunately, this great statesman is also an authoritarian thug.

Can't fully agree with the latter but yeah, foreign policy is pretty impressive. I've once or twice attributed it to a legacay of the "good part" of the old Soviet regime. Objectively, Russia is part of the BRICS counter-weight to the US Empire, so they're bound to develop policy critical of the Empire which coincides with what those of us on the left also support. 

One other thing. Russian President Putin has very cleverly not been very specific about what is leaving Syria, in what time frame, and so on. He's leaving the door open to all sorts of possibilities. That is no accident in my opinion.

Some commentators believe that having mostly accomplished what they set out to do, which was to prevent the overthrow of the current Syrian government by the jihadists, [and thereby deny them the base from which they could attack Russia directly, etc.] the Russian government not having any compulsory long term loyalty to Assad, will strike a deal with the US and the other NATO regimes and move towards solving their problems with the Ukrainian regime and related NATO country sanctions. The governments may not publicly make a connection, but if this is true then the next few months may show some big, unexpected progress in Ukraine.

And, frankly, that would be a good thing.

I think the Russians understood very well that another secular Arab regime overthrown by sectarian fundamentalists (with Western and sectarian Sunni help) would have been bad news of the kind that Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan turned out to be. I think they were preventing more Empire of Chaos horrors (Pepe Escobar's term) rather than just propping up Assad. But time will tell.



The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives's latest "Monitor" contains a "blame Assad for everything" article by some "revolutionary" that omits mentioning the West's $multimillion military support for the armed "revolutionaries". Though he claims to speak for "Syrians", most Syrians did not want a violent overthrow of the Regime.


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Rikardo wrote:

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives's latest "Monitor" contains a "blame Assad for everything" article by some "revolutionary" that omits mentioning the West's $multimillion military support for the armed "revolutionaries". Though he claims to speak for "Syrians", most Syrians did not want a violent overthrow of the Regime.



The CCPA has excellent domestic stuff but, as another babbler pointed out (maybe you?), there aren't any unions that really care about foreign policy with the enthusiasm that they care about domestic policy. So I'm not surprised that they get this all wrong.

The internationalism [like the anti-war sentiment] of the Canadian labour movement seems pretty fake or shallow. I'd like to be proven wrong about that. Yves Engler and others have addressed this in general (about Canadians) and kudos for them.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Peter Lavelle in his most recent show had a few guests on talking about the Russian plans to pull their troops and military out of Syria. It was mostly softballs, and a little annoying (same thing getting said again and again) , but there were a few aspects that bear repeating.

The Russians have shown how military action and diplomacy can be combined. And they've done, frankly, a spectacular job. It wouldn't be so jaw-dropping, but the thing is is that the USA has failed to do this in such a long time that it appears astonishingly novel and remarkable.

It shouldn't be so surprising. We're just used to the Empire conducting itself like a bull in a china shop.

Another important point is that US President Obama and Russian President Putin spoke to each other. And maybe there is something in the works, regarding Ukraine in particular, that we should keep our critical eyes open for in the coming months.

Lastly, by pulling (some) troops out, Russia has provided both the Saudis and the Turkish regime with a face-saving way to ratchet down the volume on their nefarious actions and plans. Even the Kurds have cleverly argued for a Syrian Federation, rather than some other arrangement, and addressed Turkish concerns about a contiguous Kurdish state on their border.

I'm not holding my breath but I'm really happy for Syria. They deserve some peace. ETA: the cartoon I've added above shows the birds, like the Russian AF, flying south for the winter ... and returning in the spring.

I think maybe the Russians have made some friends for life. Good on them for showing a different way from that of the Empire.


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Matt Lee and State Department idiocy: Syrians can decide everything. Except if we disagree.

USA! USA! How many kids did you kill today?!!


Analysis of the Russian Military Pullout From Syria


"Vladimir Putin has ordered the withdrawal of the Russian forces in Syria. 'I consider the objectives that have been set for the Defense Ministry to be generally accomplished. That is why I order to start withdrawal of the main part of our military group from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic starting from tomorrow.

In a short period of time, Russia has created a small but very effective military group in Syria. The effective work of our military forces allowed the peace process to begin..."


Hybrid Wars 2: Testing the Theory - Syria & Ukraine  -  by Andrew Korybko ( 3 parts)


"The traditionally secular Arab Republic was sucked into the theatre-wide, Color Revolution scheme when the 'Arab Spring' was unleashed in 2011. To concisely summarize the strategic operation, the concept was for the US to assist a transitional Muslim Brotherhood clique in coming to power from Algeria to Syria via a series of synchronized regime change operations against rival states, (Syria), untrustworthy partners (Libya), and strategic proxy states set for inevitable leadership transitions, (Egypt, Yemen).

It can be argued that Syria was always seen as, the most strategic project of all the 'Arab Spring' affected states, and this is proven by the desperate nearly five-year-long Hybrid War that the US [and vassals/allies like Canada]  unleashed against it in response to its inititial regime change attempt failing there..."



Clinton's Email: Israeli Intel Claims Sunni-Shiite War Good For West


"The intelligence service of Israel considers a potential Sunni-Shiite war in Syria a favorable development for the country and the West, according to an email archive of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, released by WikiLeaks.."


Canada supports


Is there a US-Russia Grand Bargain in Syria?  -  by Pepe Escobar


"Only the proverbially clueless Western corporate media was caught off guard by Russia's latest diplomatic coup in Syria."

Along with their deluded, Western, Russophobic aficionados of course...