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Hybrid War, From Palmyra To Panama  -  by Pepe Escobar

"The Panama Papers, stripped to the bone, may reveal themselves, as I have argued, essentially as an infowar operation initiated by the NSA - which would conveniently target mostly 'Global South' 'enemies' (as in the BRICS nations) and selected, disposable, Western pawns..."


Putin Smear Backfires on Britain  -  by Finian Cunningham

"...Turns out, however, that the seeming attempt at smear has gone awry, and instead has backfired badly, with gooey egg running down the face of British PM David Cameron..."

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Mmm, delicious, gooey egg. 


If Putin's Not In It, He's Behind It: Western Media's New Spin on Panama Papers

"The story of the leaked Panama Papers and President Vladimir Putin has taken a new twist. The Western media is now suggesting that Putin has orchestrated it all...exactly because his alleged involvement in offshore schemes is not mentioned in the docs.."


CrossTalk: Bullhorns Incorruptible

"The Panama Papers - the huge story that isn't - a truly pathetic day for western corporate media..."

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If Putin's Not In It, He's Behind It: Western Media's New Spin on Panama Papers

"The story of the leaked Panama Papers and President Vladimir Putin has taken a new twist. The Western media is now suggesting that Putin has orchestrated it all...exactly because his alleged involvement in offshore schemes is not mentioned in the docs.."

That's the Brookings Institute, fyi. Genius neo-cons. They really are feverish. You just can't make this shit up. The only remedy for such stupidity is death. Sorry, I'm just calling them as I see 'em.

I even read a piece recently referring to "residual elites"or some term like that. As in, having outlived their time, etc., they linger, barking antediluvian slogans, etc.



So Clifford Gaddy represents the whole of "Western Media"

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bekayne - I'm not surprised Russian media like RT makes sloppy generalizations like that. Imagine if Canada and our public figures were treated as bogey-men for years by foreign media. We might be inclined to lump them all together as well.

What's interesting today on the Panama Papers hack is more blowback. The Canada Revenue Agency, with its recent history of politically motivated audits (continued under the Liberals, until the current investigations are complete, I might add!) is now looking at hiring more staff to "crack down on tax cheats".


Mind you, we really need to hold this Liberal regime's feet to the fire. For example ...

A three-year effort to estimate the amount of tax revenue lost to Ottawa because of offshore tax havens and other dodges appears to be stalled again, despite a Liberal election commitment to "immediately begin" an analysis of the so-called "tax gap."

The Parliamentary Budget Office has locked horns with the Canada Revenue Agency since 2013 in its attempt to get tax data needed to make an independent estimate, repeatedly rebuffed by arguments that the information is confidential.

See Revenue Canada Still Witholding Data

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More CRA-related news here: the CBC has rejected a request from CRA to turn over data from the Panama Papers.

WTF? Aren't both of these institutions required to respect privacy matters where they apply? Mind you, it's clear enough that the CRA is rife with problems, still overcoming the jackboot Harper legacy of politically motivated audits, with their staff in revolving doors with KPMG while the latter were under investigation, and so on.

Dissenting Soviet citizens used to mock their servile press by noting that "The News" is not the truth and "The Truth" is not the news. ("Pravda" in Russian is truth and "Izvestia" is news.) Now Canada has a new version of this, to wit;

the CBC hides the truth while the CRA give the truth a hiding. The CBC acts as Soros-inspired gatekeeper and the CRA targets truth-tellers (those who criticized or disagreed with the Harper regime) while lobbing softballs to corporate crooks.



CIA Behind Panama Papers Leaks

"Financial whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld, who helped expose American tax evaders hiding assets in Swiss banks has little doubt the Panama leaks scandal was crafted and orchestrated by the CIA..."


'This Is Global Insider Trading Ring, CIA is Playing the Game' - Max Keiser on Panama Papers


Brookings Launches Unguided Missile - The Panama Papers as Putin Plot  -  by John Helmer

"...the purpose of the Panama Papers a message directed at the Americans and other Western political leaders who could be mentioned but are not.

The message is: 'We have information on your financial misdeeds too. You know we do. We can keep them secret if you work with us.' In other words, the individuals mentioned in the documents are not the targets.

The ones who are not mentioned are the targets..."


Why the 'Panama Papers'?  -  by Thierry Meyssan

"Contrary to what may appear to be the case, the 'Panama Papers' campaign will not lead to restraining embezzlement of funds, nor to expanding liberties, but the exact opposite..."

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"The rich are their own nation."


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CBC: What's in the Panama Papers database and how to search it


Is this a fake, or a sop, or the real thing?

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Offshore Leaks Database

This ICIJ database contains information on almost 320,000 offshore entities that are part of the Panama Papers and the Offshore Leaks investigations. The data covers nearly 40 years up to the end of 2015 and links to people and companies in more than 200 countries and territories.


Guy Caron has been releasing articles about tax havens.  There will be six articles in total.  So far he's published four.  Here are links to the first four:

1.) Politicians Have No More Excuses For Perpetuating Tax Avoidance


A basic principle of any modern democracy is equality before the law. That principle includes tax law.

Nobody likes to pay taxes. [..] However, the pill is easier to swallow when everyone pays their fair share.


It's increasingly clear that in Canada -- and in most industrialized countries -- many are not. We have a two-tier system where the wealthy and the corporations can escape their obligations, and the rest of us can't.


According to Statistics Canada (2015), affluent Canadians and corporations have about $200 billion stashed away in various tax havens that saves them -- and cost us -- up to $8 billion a year in tax revenues.


But clearly, the system is broken. Why don't we fix it?

There has been, and still is, very little appetite by successive governments to tackle it.

In the next few weeks, this series of op-eds will clearly demonstrate that half-baked measures, reassurances by the minister or announced spending measures cannot work. And will not work.

The problem is systemic in nature.

To put an end to tax evasion, aggressive tax avoidance, double standards and the culture of secrecy, we need to reform the system in Canada and on the international scene.

2.)  Tax Evasion Will Persist Until Parliament Hill Steps Up

3.)  Tax Agreements: From Double Taxation To Double Evasion

4.)  From Liechtenstein To Panama: The Era Of The Leak


Fifth article from Guy Caron on tax havens (see post above for links to previous four articles):

Canada Has A Two-Tier Tax System And CRA Is Part Of The Problem


The sixth and final article in Guy Caron's series on tax havens (see above two posts for links to the previous five):  Parliament Must Not Back Down From Fight Against Tax Evasion


Guy Caron wrote:

There is no doubt that fighting tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance will mean confronting very powerful interests who will push back with a large arsenal of resources, from public relations to lawsuits. We, as parliamentarians, cannot be intimidated. We have the responsibility to end this two-tier system, a system that is lenient and permissive with the powerful while harsh and unforgiving for the rest of us.

Let's get to work.


Sunday Screening: 'The Panama Chronicles' (and vid - 2018)

"The first installment of The Panama Chronicles - investigators look at the argument of the alleged 'hack' and how it went public. Most importantly, though, they expose who is really behind The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a group of 'journalists' who managed to mainstream media publication of the leak. 

The second installment of the Panama Chronicles filmmakers take an in-depth look at the offshore legal firm and speculates on who could have 'stolen' the information and why. Finally, the film looks at who might have ultimately been behind the leak and what were the underlying political and geopolitical motivations."

voice of the damned

Those guys need to do a google on "Streisand Effect". Since about the time that this thread was last active, I don't think I've seen more than a couple of media references, if that, to Putin's friends being named in the Panama Report.