Indications Canada may buy overbudget F-35 lemon jets?

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Indications Canada may buy overbudget F-35 lemon jets?

Canada To Stay in Program of F-35 Jet Buyers Despite Pledge To Withdraw

"The Canadian government intends to make a payment this spring to remain part of the consortium of F-35 Lightning fighter-jet buyers, despite a Liberal election promise to exclude the aircraft when selecting this country's next warplane.

The move raises questions about whether the Liberal government is reconsidering its ban on purchasing the controversial F-35 jet..."

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I suspect the Liberal government, as with many issues, simply promised the sky and is now reflecting on what it actually wishes to do. And the militarist, "warrior nation" impulses are still there. 

On foreign policy, is this government really any different from the last government, with better messaging? 

voice of the damned

swallow wrote:

On foreign policy, is this government really any different from the last government, with better messaging? 

On foreign policy per se, I'm not seeing much difference, unless you think that assisting bombers on the ground is somehow better than flying them in the air.

On certain issues that sort of overlap with foreign policy issues, they're a little bit better. For examaple, it looks like they really will reverse the denial of citizenship thing that the Tories had implemented.


Lockheed Martin Says Not Buying F-35 Jet Would Be Wrong Choice For Canada

"Lockheed Martin is bluntly warning that Liberal government that it will make a mistake if it does not follow the lead of its allies and fails to buy the F-35 to deter Russia and China from threatening Canadian sovereignty..."

And even if that bs was actually true, the F-35 is one of the worst designed, most expensive jet fighters ever made.

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Matthew Fisher: Why the Super Hornets will force Canada out of its own north

I have doubts about the F-35, but if it's any kind of approval stamp, other countries are putting it into service. 


[url=]P... MacKay says he regrets Conservatives' failure to buy new fighter planes[/url]

Former Conservative defence minister Peter MacKay told a Senate committee that in his mind, there's no question the F-35 is the right plane for Canada — from defending the Far North to helping to confront the threat of terrorism around the world.


Concealing F-35 Costs: A Scandal At Last

"The important questions remain unanswered. Why does Canada need to pay $29 billion or more for first-strike jet aircraft? Who do we intend to attack with our 65 F-35 fighters? As a junior partner to the US, Canada is preparing to go along, without asking too many questions about what it all means..."


The Pentagon's Official F-35 Bug List is Terrifying

"The F-35 isn't just the most expensive fighter plane ever built, with total program cost estimates over the lifetime of the aircraft now between $320-$400 billion..."

Pressure to purchase this ridiculously overpriced and seriously flawed failure emanates from the Imperial military industrial complex to find suckers among their vassals to subsidize their war machine. There are many articles archived on Babble detailing the jet's deficiencies, as well as statements by high ranking US military officials muscling Canada to purchase. If you're really interested, do the research and see for yourself.

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I know the F-35 doesn't have a good development history, and the funding model is a part of that. Paying a single fatcat corporation in advance and just trusting it to develop the product and deliver on the contract you've already locked yourself into, does not sound like wise procurement. It's certainly not how "free markets" are supposed to work.

From the countries now flying the F-35, I'd like to see honest reports on its performance and maintenance costs from pilots and ground crew, especially after real missions. More data on that is yet to come in. Russian jets look like they're a quantum leap ahead in the area of maneuverability. If the F-35 is truly a lemon (or if all its touted gadgetry can be neutralized) and the Sukhoi PAK FA isn't...will North Americans have Lockheed Martin and crony military-industrial capitalism to thank for having to learn Russian? Just a rhetorical question on this highly technical topic.


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A test pilot's criticisms from January 2015.

The F-35's Damning Dogfighting Report - has problems against the plane that it's meant to replace.

...can’t turn fast enough to defeat other jet fighters in close aerial combat. In other words, the F-35 is dead meat in a real war against a determined foe.

That's what it looks like in youtube videos, especially compared to Sukhois with their advanced thrust vectoring.

Forget the Russians and Chinese. The expensive, under-performing F-35 is the gravest threat to U.S. air power.  'Your New Stealth Fighter Is Really, Really Awful' collects all our best articles about the Joint Strike Fighter into a slim, 100-page volume and adds some nice photos. Think of it as a handy guide to how not to build a new warplane...available from print-on-demand service Blurb.

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The Canada Pension Plan Is Now Investing $374 Million in F-35 Warplane Contractors

ilha formosa

Disgusting. Looks like the F-35 program is not even about building a warplane, but about subjugating populations to pay and pay and pay for this lemon. And there won't be any money left for the Russian language teachers. Maybe this Potemkin Village in the sky is an inevitable destination for the west's corrupt military-industrial complex.

I quote a large chunk of this webpage because who knows it might be taken down.

DOT&E Report: The F-35 Is Not Ready for IOC [initial operational capability] and Won't Be Any Time Soon (excerpts) (Source: Project On Government Oversight; posted March 12, 2015)


...the latest report from the Defense Department’s Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) provides a litany of reasons that conventional wisdom should be considered politically driven propaganda.

The press has already reported flawed software that hinders the ability of the plane to employ weapons, communicate information, and detect threats; maintenance problems so severe that the F-35 has an “overdependence” on contractor maintainers and “unacceptable workarounds” (behind paywall) and is only able to fly twice a week; and a high-rate, premature production schedule that ignores whether the program has demonstrated essential combat capabilities or proven it’s safe to fly. All of these problems are increasing costs and risks to the program...the F-35 has reached a stage where it is now obvious that the never-ending stream of partial fixes, software patches, and ad hoc workarounds are inadequate to deliver combat-worthy, survivable, and readily employable aircraft.

This year’s DOT&E report also demonstrates that in an effort to maintain the political momentum of the F-35, its program office is not beneath misrepresenting critically important characteristics of the system. In sum, the old problems are not going away, new issues are arising, and some problems may be getting worse. Below are some of the key issues raised...

Cooking the Numbers:  The Joint Program Office, led by Air Force Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, is re-categorizing failure incidents to make the plane look more reliable than it actually is. This kind of number-cooking has been done in other important areas of the program, such as using gimmicks to lowball acquisition costs and operating costs per flying hour.

…/… Section headings:

-- Testing Being Deferred, Not Completed
-- Significant Safety Risks Are Still Unresolved
-- Wing Drop Concerns
-- Engine Problems Continue to Hold the F-35 Program Back
-- Dangerous Helmet Failures
-- Initial Combat Capabilities for the Marien Corps Variant Will Be Even More Limited Than Planned
-- ALIS Software Failures
-- Software Snarls Jeopardize Combat Suitability
-- Hiding Today's Failings While Building a Huge Future Cost "Bow Wave"
-- A Maintenance Nightmare
-- Conclusion: Exquisitely Limited Capability


Ottawa's Planned Fighter Competition Incompatible With F-35

"US officials have warned the Trudeau government that its plan to hold an open competition to replace its aging CF-18s is incompatible with Canada's obligations as a member of the F-35 stealth-fighter program."

lemons away...

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Canada needs two engine fighter jets and the F-35 is a single wjgine.

i think I read somewhere that the F35s cannot fly in extremely cold weather and that the US will not have them in Alaska.

if this is true then WTF???

the Conservatives will buy into this program.


Canada Invests Another US $70 Million in F-35 Development Despite No Commitment to Buy

"Given the overwhelming danger we face from climate-change and environmental devastation, security priorities must change and the alleged need for 88 fighter jets reassessed with fresh eyes."

'No commitment to buy'? We'll see...


F-35s stealth planes can really beat the crap out of climate change.