USA Judicial System:'Rotten to the core"!

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USA Judicial System:'Rotten to the core"!

Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor and founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, had this comment:

"As I have said and written repeatedly, the legal system is corrupt to the core. It favors the establishment and covers up its misdeeds – by both Democrats and Republicans. It is a club that divides up the riches and shares power at the expense of the people...

"This latest example of how the elite protect each other comes as no surprise. Had FBI Director Comey recommended prosecution, his career would have been over. The Democrats could have blocked any future appointment. While Comey has more integrity than most for a government official, he would have been frozen out of official Washington had he taken strong action, particularly in the face of President Barack Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Personal interests thus likely took precedent over the state of the nation......

"The bottom line is this: the citizens of this country have again been betrayed. This is our final lesson that change will not come through the legal system, but that the nation is indeed in a revolutionary state. While I pray for a non-violent revolution, the die is now cast and we without any doubt are back to 1776, ironically one day after the nation celebrated Independence Day on July 4th."......

...yes the die is now cast...a ruthless psychopath world warrior will soon ascend the throne!


I'm assuming you don't know who Larry Klayman is?