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'They Failed': 6 More Michigan Employees Charged In Flint Water Crisis

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has announcedcriminal charges against six more people — including the state's former water quality chief — in connection with lead-contaminated water in the city of Flint.

All six people are current or former state employees in the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services or the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

People participate in a national mile-long march in February to highlight the push for clean water in Flint, Mich.THE TWO-WAY Lead-Laced Water In Flint: A Step-By-Step Look At The Makings Of A Crisis

A total of nine people are facing charges, accused of causing or covering up the crisis. The state has also filed a civil suit against two companies that allegedly knew about the poisoned water and failed to act



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"Flint Gov caught faking water tests."

(Democrat Congressman)