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Gabriel Sinduda
New Canadian Independent News & Views Aggregator Site

Please give it a try. Share it around. Make it your go-to site for quick access to Canada's library of independent journalists, magazines, news, opinion, and more.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Interesting. A lot of those sites are excellent. I dunno how more get added, but please consider adding a pro-labour source as well. The Communist press - the People's Voice - still puts out a monthly newspaper that is online as well - is one such example. They have a specific labour section and links to international labour news, reporting, etc. There are others as well - but I mention the CP paper because they are pro-labour AND critical at the same time.

Labour is the largest group of organized, socially conscious people in the country. 'Nuff said.


Gabriel Sinduda

Thank you ikosmos --

This is exactly how more sites get added; by recommendation, by folks like you.

We've added a feed to TPV Canadian bureau news under "Canadian News" and it's a great fit.

Please share the MediaRare Canadian news aggregator widely. It's only going to get better.

Thanks again.

Gabriel Sinduda

ikosmos -- Now added a feature from TPV to Home page as well. Smile