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[url=]Riot police move in on N Dakota pipeline protesters[/url]


Riot police have begun removing protesters from private land in the path of the Dakota Access pipeline.

Dozens of officers in riot gear, some armed, moved in on Thursday assisted by trucks and military Humvees.

Two helicopters and a fixed-wing airplane flew overhead as officials made warnings over a loudspeaker. [...]

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said the protesters were a "public safety issue" and their actions had "forced law enforcement to respond".

"We cannot have protesters blocking county roads, blocking state highways or trespassing on private property," he said in a statement.

But Robert Eder, a 64-year-old Vietnam War veteran from the Standing Rock Reservation, said protesters were not scared.

"If they take everybody to jail, there will be twice as many tomorrow, and every day that passes more will come," he said. "If they raze these teepees, tomorrow we will be back."



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Derrick O'keefe wrote the following on Facebook earlier this afternoon:

Derrick O'Keefe wrote:

Right now militarized police and security forces are moving in on the land defenders in North Dakota. The thousands who have gathered there are not just defending the land and water of the Sioux and Lakota peoples; they're defending the future of our species. Salvaging a liveable planet from global capitalism requires these kinds of brave and determined struggles multiplying worldwide.

Wishing solidarity to those on the front lines of repression feels totally insufficient at a time like this. May we have the collective strength to follow their example. Two, three, many Standing Rocks.


What I´d love to hear are initiatives for international solidarity especially amongst the Indigenous.......

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iyraste1313 wrote:

What I´d love to hear are initiatives for international solidarity especially amongst the Indigenous.......

[url= Mohawaks blockaded the Mercier bridge into Montreal last night.[/url]


Thanks for this swallow!
We will do what we can in support! International solidarity must be complementary, not just on the streets, but in the halls of power within the international institutions of power!
Whatever may happen on the streets, in the camps, before the forces of repression...this struggle must never be forgotten, and the perpetrators of these violations to the indigenous peoples, not to mention the safety and security of the settler communities, must be brought o justice! 

No doubt a boycott movement is essential vs. the corporates, the financiers and supporters of these violations, including the msm for thier silence!

My congratulations to the people occupying the Canadian banks complicit in these violations! May the secondary actions against those complicit grow!

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Indigenous Youth Occupy Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters to Demand She Take Stand on #DAPL

Just minutes before the the police raid on the camp in North Dakota, here in New York City Native American youth flooded the campaign headquarters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to demand that she oppose the Dakota Access pipeline. Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic primary, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has come out against the pipeline. But Clinton has so far refused to take a stance. "We wanted to bring our songs and prayer to tell [Clinton] that the Native youth of this nation do not want this pipeline," says our guest Daniel Grassrope of the Lower Brule Sioux Nation in South Dakota, who was part of the group who set up a tipi in the entrance to Clinton’s office....

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..oct 27

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Police from 5 States Escalate Violence, Shoot Horses to Clear 1851 Treaty Camp

Over 300 police officers in riot gear, 8 ATVs, 5 armored vehicles, 2 helicopters, and numerous military-grade humvees showed up north of the newly formed frontline camp just east of Highway 1806. The 1851 Treaty Camp was set up this past Sunday directly in the path of the pipeline, on land recently purchased by DAPL.  Today this camp, a reclamation of unceded Dakota territory affirmed as part of the Standing Rock Reservation in the Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1851, was violently cleared.  Both blockades established this past weekend to enable that occupation were also cleared.  

In addition to pepper spray and concussion grenades, shotguns were fired into the crowd with less lethal ammunition and a sound cannon was used (see images below).  At least one person was tased and the barbed hook lodged in his face, just outside his eye. Another was hit in the face by a rubber bullet.


Kandi Mossett, Indigenous Environmental Network stated, “I went to the frontline in prayer for protection of the Missouri River & found myself in what I can only describe as a war zone. I was sprayed in the face with pepper spray, the guy next to me was shot by something that didn't break the skin but appeared to have broken the ribs & another guy beside me was randomly snatched violently by police shoving me into the officers who held me off with batons then tried to grab me.  I'm still in shock & keep waiting to wake from what's surely a nightmare though this is my reality as a native woman in 2016 trying to defend the sacred.”

Ladonna Bravebull Allard of Sacred Stone Camp says, "My people stand for the water, and they attack us. My people stand up for the graves of our people, and they attack us. My people stand up for our sacred places, and they attack us. My people pray, and they stop us, dragging us from our prayer, and throw us in the dirt. I know this is America- this is the history of my people. America has always walked though the blood of my people.

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Mark Ruffalo Delivers Solar Panels to Camp Where Thousands Are Fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline

Actor Mark Ruffalo and Native Renewables founder Wahleah Johns presented Standing Rock Sioux tribal elders with mobile solar panels on trailers, bringing clean power to the protest encampment where the largest gathering of Native Americans in modern history is taking a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.


The solar trailers will provide clean energy to power medical tents and other critical facilities for Native American protesters and their allies at the encampment. The trailers symbolize a healthy, equitable, prosperous energy future made possible by clean renewable energy.


Real Video From North Dakota

"What you will see in this video is really going on, the true front-line. Little or none of this is appearing on mainstream media."


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Why Dakota Is the New Keystone

Bill McKibben


The courage of those protesters managed to move the White House enough that the government called a temporary halt to construction. But the forces that want it finished — Big Oil, and its allies in parts of the labor movement — are strong enough that the respite may be temporary.

In coming weeks, activists will respond to calls from the leaders at Standing Rock by gathering at the offices of banks funding the pipeline, and at the offices of the Army Corps of Engineers, for protest and civil disobedience. Two dozen big banks have lent money to the pipeline project, even though many of them have also adopted elaborate environmental codes. As for the Corps, that’s the agency that helped “expedite” the approval of the pipeline — and must still grant the final few permits. The vast movement of people across the country who mobilized to block fossil-fuel projects like the Keystone pipeline and Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic need to gather once more. This time, their message must be broader still.

There are at least two grounds for demanding a full environmental review of this pipeline, instead of the fast-track approvals it has received so far. The first is the obvious environmental racism of the whole project.


So far, the signs are not good. There has been no word from the White House about how long the current pause will last. Now, the company building the pipeline has pushed the local authorities to remove protesters from land where construction has already desecrated indigenous burial sites, with law enforcement agents using Tasers, batons, mace and “sound cannons.” From the Clinton campaign, there’s been simply an ugly silence, perhaps rooted in an unwillingness to cross major contributors like the Laborers’ International Union of North America, which has lashed out against the many other, larger unions that oppose the project. But that silence won’t make the issue go away: Sioux protesters erected a tepee in her Brooklyn campaign office on Thursday. If Mrs. Clinton is elected on Nov. 8, this will be the new president’s first test on environmental and human rights.

What’s happening along the Missouri is of historic consequence. That message should reverberate not just on the lonely high plains, but in our biggest cities, too. Native Americans have carried the fight, but they deserve backup from everyone with a conscience; other activists should join the protest at bank headquarters, Army Corps offices and other sites of entrenched power.

The Native Americans are the only people who have inhabited this continent in harmony with nature for centuries. Their traditional wisdom now chimes perfectly with the latest climate science. The only thing missing are the bodies of the rest of us joining in their protest. If we use them wisely, a fresh start is possible.

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WPG Standing Rock Solidarity Meeting

Friday, November 4

5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

WestEnd Commons

641 St. Matthews Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The only way we can make sure that the water protectors win is by stepping up to support them. This is a call out to everyone who supports them to join us and take the next step.

Meeting to organize & coordinate solidarity actions, supply convoys, fundraising, and other forms of support in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux tribe opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Standing Rock needs a sustained campaign for support from us to hold out over winter and stop the pipeline from drilling under the Missouri River. While a one off action might be nice we need to lay the groundwork for sustained support.

There is a role for everyone, from big to small, so please come out and discuss how you can make a difference. You are not powerless, together we are powerful. Think about what you would want from people around the world if we have to stand up to protect Shoal Lake & the Winnipeg aqueduct from the Energy East pipeline. Those are the types of ideas we need. Those are the types of actions we need to take now.


UN Expert Will Visit Standing Rock To Gather Information on Human Rights Violations


The good news is the UN will go to Standing Rock. The bad news is that they're sending  BC's 'Trick or Treaty' Grand Chief, Ed John...

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..just came across this short news story.

Emergency Commission to consider an additional $4 million to help law enforcement efforts in Morton County

BISMARCK, ND - ​The North Dakota Emergency Commission will meet Tuesday to address the costs of law enforcement efforts related to the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests.

A spokesperson for Gov. Jack Dalrymple's office says the commission will consider authorizing an additional $4 million to help with law enforcement efforts.

The state has almost used up the $6 million the commission authorized in September.

To cover those costs, the state borrowed funds from the Bank of North Dakota and asked for federal help.

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..there are small actions popping up in different places. 

Activists with Food & Water Watch, NJ Industrial Union Council and the Green Party of NJ entered the corporate headquarters of TD Bank in Mount Laurel for a demonstration calling on CEO Mike Pedersen to withdraw the bank’s financial support of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

4 activists were arrested as they sat in prayer for the hundreds of tribes and thousands of water protectors who have been resisting pipeline construction.

Here the doors are tied shut at the Bank of 'Murica in Santa Barbra.

Activists lock down in @Citi headquarters in San Francisco to protest funding of Dakota Access pipeline. Citi is the lead arranger of the largest loan. #DakotaAccess #NoDAPL #noDAPLsolidarity

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Massive North Dakota Oil Leak Proves Native American Protesters Right For Fighting ILLEGAL DAPL Pipeline

Are you still wondering why So many people support the #NoDAPL protectors? This spill is part of the reason. Imagine, if you will, tens of thousands of gallons of oil pouring into the river that provides the drinking water for over 10 million people. Would you want to drink it? or swim in it? or eat anything from it?

A North Dakota oil well owned by Oasis Petroleum Inc blew out over the weekend and has yet to be capped, leaking more than 67,000 gallons of crude so far and endangering a tributary of the Missouri River, according to Ernest Scheyder of Reuters. The cause of the blowout remains unknown, though state officials surmise it may have been caused by hydraulic fracturing of a nearby well in a situation referred to in the industry as “communication” between wells.


A light sheen of oil was on the nearby river, and a Reuters reporter counted at least 16 absorbent booms that had been installed in an attempt to keep the oil from moving downstream.

State officials reported approximately 84,000 gallons of saltwater also leaked from the well. Crude oil extracted from the state’s Bakken shale formation typically contains high concentrations of brine (salt water) that must be separated.


Colonial Gas Pipeline Explodes In Shelby County, feed from zerohedge

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North Dakota pipeline protesters raise more than $1M through crowdfunding

The crowdsourcing goal was modest: $5,000 US, enough to help a few dozen people camping in North Dakota to protest the nearby construction of the four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline. The fund has since topped a staggering $1 million US.

The fund is among several cash streams that have provided at least $3 million US to help with legal costs, food and other supplies to those opposing the nearly 1,900 kilometre pipeline. It may also give protesters the ability to prolong their months-long encampments that have attracted thousands of supporters, as the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe pursues the fight in court.


But demonstrators are quick to note that the amount of money raised and what they have left isn't the same.

"It still feels unreal sometimes because it is such an astronomical figure to me," said Ho Waste Wakiya Wicasa, the protester who set up the GoFundMe account that has raised more than $1 million US mostly for operating expenses at the camp, which took root in April.

"The money goes as quickly as it comes, but without it having been as much as it is, we certainly wouldn't have been able to be as productive as we have been in the fight," he said....


Status Symbol: Dakota Pipeline Protest Facebook Check-Ins Fail To 'Confuse' Police (and vid)

"While Sacred Stone Camp did not know who started the FB trend, they told Ars Technica, 'We support the tactic and think it is a great way to express solidarity."


Fighting At Standing Rock: Abby Martin Interviews AIM Founder Dennis Banks (and vid)

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..from democracy now headlines

Obama: Army Corps Considering Rerouting Dakota Access Pipeline November 02, 2016 Headlines

President Obama says the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is considering rerouting the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline, amid months of resistance from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and members of more than 200 other Native American nations and tribes from across the Americas.

President Barack Obama: "My view is that there is a way for us to accommodate sacred lands of Native Americans. And I think that right now the Army Corps is examining whether there are ways to reroute this pipeline in a way. So, we’re going to let it play out for several more weeks and determine whether or not this can be resolved in a way that I think is properly attentive to the traditions of the first Americans."

During his interview with the news outlet NowThis News, President Obama also addressed the issue of the harsh police crackdown against the resistance movement, which has included riot police deploying tear gas, mace, pepper spray, bean bag rounds and rubber bullets against the Native American water protectors.

President Barack Obama: "I want to make sure that as everybody is exercising their constitutional rights to be heard, that both sides are refraining from situations that might result in people being hurt."


Cost of Policing Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Swells to $10 Million November 02, 2016 Headlines

Obama’s comments come as, on Tuesday, North Dakota officials approved an additional $4 million for policing—bringing the total cost of the police crackdown to $10 million. On Monday night, oil was poured on the North Dakota state Capitol building, along with a sign reading "You can’t drink oil." Meanwhile, in New York City, hundreds of people protesting the Dakota Access pipeline flooded Grand Central Station during rush hour, holding banners reading "Indigenous Sovereignty: Protect Land and Water."

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Nurses Condemn Attacks on Water Protectors Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline Project

National Nurses United today sharply condemned police and armed guard attacks on members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, other First Nations, environmental activists, and other protectors who have bravely participated in protests against the Dakota Access pipeline project.

Reports of police using pepper spray, military grade equipment, and other military style tactics follow physical attacks on protesters by armed security guards who have who have used dogs in ways reminiscent of assaults on peaceful protesters during the Civil Rights movement, as well as arrests of media covering the protests.

“This has become a seminal battle over the First Amendment protection of public protest. It is also a challenge for everyone who is concerned about the rights of First Nation people and their sacred sites and water sources, as well as the threat the pipeline poses to environmental degradation, public health, and to accelerating the climate crisis,” said NNU Co-President Jean Ross, RN.

NNU, through its Registered Nurse Response Network, a national network of volunteer RNs, has deployed nurse volunteers to assist with first aid needs for the land and water protectors. NNU remains committed to continuing that program in support of the DAPL protests as needed, said Ross....

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"I Do Not Play for Oil Interests": Jackson Browne to His Biggest Fan, the Billionaire Behind #DAPL

When Kelcy Warren of Energy Transfer Partners is not building pipelines, he runs a small record label that puts out folk music. In December 2013, Warren’s record label, Music Road Records, released the album "Looking into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne." It was a passion project spearheaded by Warren himself, a longtime fan of Browne’s. In a press release for the album, Warren is quoted as saying, "I don’t know of anybody that admires Jackson more than me." Jackson Browne is now one of 13 artists who signed on to a letter to Warren vowing to no longer play in Warren’s Cherokee Creek Music Festival or participate in Music Road Records recordings. In a statement released to Indian Country Today Media Network, Browne also pledged to donate the money he’s received and will receive from the album to tribes opposing the pipeline. Browne writes: "I did not know anything about Kelcy Warren’s other business as the production of this album went forward. Although as a music publisher there is no legal way to deny permission to a record company to cover a song that has been previously published, I could have dissuaded the artists from appearing on this record had I known." Browne goes on to say, "I do not play for oil interests. I do not play for companies who defile nature, or companies who attack demonstrators with trained attack dogs and pepper spray. I certainly would not have allowed my songs to be recorded by a record company whose owner’s other business does what Energy Transfer Partners is allegedly doing—threatening the water supply and the sacred sites of indigenous people."

Mr. Magoo

The only thing growing faster than the public's urgency to oppose more pipelines and more oil wells is the public's urgency to denounce fossil fuels and rush to buy a transit pass, so as to live their principles.  Nobody wants oil pipelines any more than they want to drive their kid to the hockey rink in the SUV. 

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Over 300 clergy walk to the front lines to denounce the Doctrine of Discovery at Standing Rock



#NoDAPL flash mob round dance, subverting the heart of capitalism in the West Ed Mall. No pipelines. No exploitation. Yes community, song, dance, joy. Yes water, yes life, yes people.

(This is Dallas Arcand of the Alexander First Nation in Treaty 6 Territory, doing a beautiful hoop dance after we finished a round dance with 400 or so people in Solidarity with Standing Rock) #WaterIsLife #MniWiconi



#IdleNoMore in Solidarity with Standing Rock at Edmonton West Edmonton Mall #YEG


Ken Burch

Uh, do realize that NONE of the people in the Standing Rock movement drive SUV's, don't you? 

Then again, anytime anybody takes a stand on anything, fights for anything, puts themselves on the line for anything, you are ALWAYS there to imply that they must be a full-of-shit hypocrite, because you can't accept that ANYONE could ever be sincere in their commitment to anything.  Why is that?



Just once...just once...treat this board and the rest of us here with enough with respect to engage and actually give some straight, real answers.  That's not asking too much. 


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Obama, Extortion and the DAPL: Joye Braun Explains Why “There Are No Acceptable Rerouting Options”


Yet, according to Indigenous Environmental Network community organizer Joye Braun (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe), President Obama’s theoretical attempts to appease Native communities are off-target. 

Joye should know. The Indigenous Environmental Network has been organizing around this pipeline since there was still snow on the ground last winter.  Her and Wiyaka Eagleman were the first two campers at the campsite. She said the point is not simply to put this ticking timebomb somewhere else to explode.  “There are no acceptable rerouting options, there is only one solution: stop this pipeline. Obama's administration is forcing a consultation process on infrastructure projects without recognizing the inherent rights to free, prior, informed consent. This is pure extortion on behalf of a company that has hired guns from the National Guard and different sheriffs departments. We are the eye witnesses to the atrocities happening right now today, but these same atrocities can happen to anyone at anytime.”

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..2 days ago


A historic demonstration of indigenous unity for land, clean air, water

In Toronto, on Saturday, November 5, we participated in an event that could be called historic.  About five thousand indigenous peoples and supporters from many different communities from across the city united in support of the Sioux in North Dakota. Their fight is against a pipeline that would carry dangerous oil sands on their territory without their consent.

The event was organized by the indigenous peoples themselves, speaking in their own voices, in the largest indigenous outpouring I have witnessed. A panorama of homemade signs told the tale: Among them were, “Water Is Life; Mother Is Earth; Stand with Standing Rock; No Pipelines on Indigenous Land; Leave the Oil in the Soil; We Can’t Drink Oil; Stop the Slaughter.

“First Nations communities in Canada have been under boil-water advisories for years,” said a speaker, Patti Pettigrew, a caseworker at Aboriginal Legal Services in Toronto. “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, keep your damn word,” she shouted, alluding to the promises he made to respect agreements made with Indigenous peoples...

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Six Nations protests in solidarity with Standing Rock at Brantford mall

Brantford's Lynden Park Mall was filled with dancing and drumming on Friday evening as people from Six Nations participated in a "flash mob" in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Nation's fight against the construction of a contentious oil pipeline in North Dakota.

The project is the Dakota Access Pipeline and is intended to transport light sweet crude oil from the Bakken oil field near the Canadian border to Illinois.


Six Nations has been extending support for Standing Rock for months. Six Nations elected chief Ava Hill sent a letter expressing support in August.

"As the most populated First Nation in Canada with more than 26,000 members; Six Nations of the Grand River is honoured to stand with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in opposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline," the letter states.

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'Pipelines Leak': Expert Finds Government Downplayed DAPL Impact on Tribe and Water

An independent pipeline expert has concluded that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' environmental assessment (EA) of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is insufficient and fails to account for the impact on tribal members, prompting the Standing Rock Sioux to demand that the federal agency "revisit" its approval of the controversial project.

The review, commissioned by the tribe, found that the Army Corps' EA "understates the risk of pipeline failure and related oil release from this pipeline impacting Lake Oahe and the Missouri River," determined (pdf) Richard Kuprewicz, a pipeline engineer with the consulting firm Accufacts, Inc..

Earthjustice, which is representing the Standing Rock Sioux in its litigation against the Corps, outlined additional "areas of deficiency" identified in the review:

  1. Shoddy pipeline construction
  2. The risks posed by landslides were underestimated
  3. Lack of proper safety constructions to contain spills
  4. Failure to review impact to residents and environment downstream of the site
  5. A risk review of industry spills and containment at similar sites that document problematic regulatory oversight of the industry in North Dakota

In a letter (pdf) sent late last week to Jo-Ellen Darcy, assistant secretary of the Army for Civil Works, Standing Rock Sioux chairman Dave Archambault II presents Kuprewicz's findings in contrast to the EA's determination that building a pipeline across Lake Oahe "will not affect members of the  Standing Rock Sioux Tribe or the Tribal reservation."

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Sheriff in Wisconsin pulls deputies back from North Dakota pipeline deployment

Deputies from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin who were sent to North Dakota this week to aid police efforts at a contested pipeline site will return by Sunday and will not be replaced, as earlier planned, Sheriff Dave Mahoney said Wednesday.

After talking with “a wide cross-section of the community who all share the opinion that our deputies should not be involved in this situation,” Mahoney said, he decided to stop the Sheriff’s Office’s participation after one week.

The original plan was to rotate three teams of deputies Sunday-to-Sunday over three weeks, he said. He said reduced reimbursement of costs also played a part in the decision....

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Olympia, WA: North Dakota Fracking Equipment Blocked, Train Tracks Barricaded

Around 12:30 on the afternoon November 11th, 2016, a small group of people blocked a train carrying hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) proppants* from exiting the Port of Olympia. The two Union Pacific engine operators claimed that the grain cars were carrying corn, but the group knew better and stood their ground. As word of the action spread and more and more people arrived, the blockade gathered in strength. Eventually the engine reversed back into the Port of Olympia yard, the gates locked, and the engine operators went home.

Fracking proppants are tiny ceramic beads resembling sand. The fracking process involves injecting high-pressure fluid into the ground; the pressure fractures the rock and allows natural gas or oil to flow into a well. The proppants are used to “prop” open the cracks during extraction. Without them the cracks would collapse and no gas or oil extraction would be possible. These particular proppants are bound for North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Fields; Bakken oil is set to flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline. The blockaders have joined Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock and Mississippi Stand in Iowa in the fight against the Black Snake.

There is only one set of tracks into the Port and it runs straight through the center of downtown Olympia. The first blockade camp was built and maintained at State and Jefferson, a major intersection. Though police circled and surveilled the crowd, they did not intervene and have thus far been very hands-off. This will likely change, however, as the blockade has no intention of moving....

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Come out to the four corners of Portage and Main during rush hour on Tuesday, November 15th, international day of solidarity with Standing Rock, from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. We will have signs for you to hold.

Calling all drummers and dancers!

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Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Spread to 300 Cities as Pipeline Owner Sues to Continue Construction


Actions were held in hundreds of cities worldwide Tuesday to protest the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline. Many protests targeted the offices of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which has so far refused to grant Energy Transfer Partners the final permit to drill underneath the Missouri River. This comes as a joint statement by the Army and the Interior Department announced they had "determined that additional discussion and analysis are warranted in light of the history of the Great Sioux Nation’s dispossessions of lands." Meanwhile, the company wants the court to order that Energy Transfer Partners already has the right to build the Dakota Access pipeline without any further actions or permits from the Army Corps of Engineers. We get response from Tara Houska, national campaigns director for Honor the Earth, who helped organize the call for Tuesday’s day of action.


..tara houska has a lot to say.

Indigenous Activist Zip-Tied & Locked in Dog Kennel

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AMT's Candiac-Montreal service stopped during First Nations DAPL protest

Train service is expected to be interrupted into Wednesday evening as protesters blocked the CP rail line in Kahnawake, used by freight trains and the Candiac commuter train.

The protesters launched a 24-hour demonstration, starting Tuesday at 6 p.m., in support of opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline, an oil pipeline that is scheduled to be built under a reservoir on the Missouri River in North Dakota. Anti-DAPL protesters in the U.S. are based in Standing Rock, N.D.

“Standing Rock sent out a call for support and we answered the call,” said protester Roxann Whitebean.

While train traffic was halted as of Tuesday evening, one freight train attempted in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday to pass through the protest, as very few people were camped out by the tracks.

“We saw the light, and then we saw the barriers come down, so we stood in front of the train,” said one protester who declined to give his name. “The conductor stopped and told us his boss told him he had to try to come through. He said he did it so he could keep his job.”

The train eventually turned back, and no other attempts were made as of mid morning. A spokesperson for CP could not be reached Wednesday morning for comment.

“We’re asking the governments and corporations to listen, and to sit down with us and start a dialogue. There’s no need for it to get to this point for people to listen,” said Melissa Montour, who lives near the level crossing where the protest was staged. She was among a group of six protesters camped out beside the tracks at 9 a.m. Wednesday. “We’re sorry we’re inconveniencing everyone for a day, but we’ve been inconvenienced for 500 years. We don’t want to be here either.”...


'DAPL Protesters Rely on RT, Citizen Journalists, as MSM Goes Missing in Action' (and vid)

"Demonstraters protesting the DAPL have resorted to social media and outside news sources to get out their message as N Dakota police reportedly use tear gas, water cannon and concussion grenades, says political analyst Elizabeth Murray."



re Obama's legacy...

On Contact: Standing Rock Resistance

"On a special edition of On Contact, Chris Hedges travels to the Standing Rock encampment in North Dakota to listen to the frontline voices of those fighting to block the Dakota Access Pipeline. DON'T MISS


Army Corps of Engineers Issues Eviction Notice to Standing Rock Protest Camp, Tribal Chairman Says

"Protesters or 'water protectors' were notified that land north of the Cannonball River will be closed on DEC 5, IN ROUGHLY 10 DAYS,' he said."

President Barack Obama

US Embassy, Ottawa

[email protected]


Standing Rock Responds To Army Corps December 5th Eviction

"We are here to ask Barack Obama to honour his step in now and stop the DAPL."


Tyranny At Standing Rock

"...Divide and conquer.

But remember, when that rifle (or taser, or water cannon, or bully stick) finally gets pointed in your direction - and it will - when there's no on left to stand up for you or speak for you, remember that you were warned."

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The Young Turks continue to post very good on the ground coverage of the Standing Rock confrontation on this page. More actual facts than I've seen anywhere else.


'Wanna Burn the US Constitution? Shoot at Us First': Veterans Prepare to Aid DAPL Protesters (and vid)

"US military veterans continue to arrive at Standing Rock with up to 3,500 expected in total..."


Woops! This will change the dynamics overnight.

Army Halts Construction of Dakota Access PipelineIn a big win for the Standing Rock tribe, the Corps of Engineers says other routes should be explored.


NDPP wrote:

'Wanna Burn the US Constitution? Shoot at Us First': Veterans Prepare to Aid DAPL Protesters (and vid)

"US military veterans continue to arrive at Standing Rock with up to 3,500 expected in total..."


I'm of two minds with this.

One on hand I think it's awesome that US Vets are supporting the DAPL protestors and hopefully make it a lot more politically difficult to go in there using force.

On the other hand it bugs me that they're using previous military service as some kind of special badge of honour. Like uh oh, the vets are involved, stand back ya'all.

Maybe I'm just being a poopy pants.

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Unfortunately I have a feeling things will be different on DAPL when Trump takes office. Trump is after all a DAPL shareholder.


sherpa-finn wrote:

Woops! This will change the dynamics overnight.

Army Halts Construction of Dakota Access PipelineIn a big win for the Standing Rock tribe, the Corps of Engineers says other routes should be explored.

A great victory for the water protectors, but I wouldn't get too excited. As Montrealer points out, things could change under Trump.


Trump can undo it. But not just by snapping his fingers. And my hunch is that the Obama administration picked this last minute to make the undo as difficult as possible.


And as predicted in the previous three posts:

New headline is: "Trump Vows Prompt Review of Rejection of Dakota Pipeline", but they haven't changed the URL yet.

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Standing Rock supporters shut down Hwy 401 overpass in London, Ont.

Supporters of the lengthy Standing Rock protest shut down a Highway 401 overpass near London, Ont. Monday morning.

Wellington Road overpass, between Exeter Road to Wilton Grove Road, was closed for less than an hour during the peaceful demonstration in support of Standing Rock....