Another preventable construction tragedy

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Another preventable construction tragedy



This is what happens when safety procedures are not followed We had a similiar preventable tragedy in BC not too long ago

Three dead while working in a trench in Key Largo Monday morning

In April, 2002, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection of a Higgins project in a Marco Island manhole resulted in a $2,500 fine that got settled for $1,875.

The citation said, among other violations, that atmospheric testing wasn't performed; a confined space entry program wasn't implemented; confined space entry permits weren't implemented by a qualified person; a rescue plan wasn't implemented; rescue services weren't available in a timely manner; and rescue equipment wasn't available at the site.

Douglas N. Higgins Inc., founded in 1966 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has 17 projects in progress around Florida, three of them in the Keys.

Monday’s work in the area involved four workers going inside a drainage manhole to investigate a dip in a newly paved road, said Monroe County spokeswoman Cammy Clark.

The fourth worker was treated at the scene.

"He's more upset than anything else," Clark said.


One by one, 3 utility workers descended into a manhole. One by one, they died.



Dozens  could have died because of owner's negligence in B.C. mushroom farm incident: investigator